Thursday, February 1, 2007

So the Brits arrest 9 suspected terrorists...

... in a kidnap/beheading plot against a British soldier. Good for the Brits and better for the soldier; but maybe not so bad for the guys who got arrested. Their kind will probably soon rule in England if things keep going along the course they have been going, I mean just look at how comfortable they are that they would even consider such a plot in Merrty Olde England (maybe becaus eit is not so English any more). Even if an Islamic takeover does not happen, at least these bad guys have a good chance of getting to sit on thrones that face east to appease their religious beliefs. See one rant below. What a conflicted world is it in which we live!

Dazed but not yet confused,
Glenn B

Great Britain has likely lost...

...any hope of defeating Islamic terrorism on its own soil. Instead of kicking Muslim extremists in their asses so hard that they are expelled from the UK, officials in one of the largest, if not the largest city, in England are providing special seating for prison inmates while on the throne doing their dirty business while at the same time praying to Allah.

This is too absurd to make up folks, see it here: London Prison Changes Direction of Toilets in Respect to Islamic Law @,2933,248597,00.html. Can you imagine that the poor prisoners who were Muslims had to turn on the toilet seats in order to pray to Allah; but then heck - can you imagine praying while taking a dump. You see Muslim law apparently decrees that even while making a bowel movement you continue to pray if it is prayer time. I would think you would rather hold it in out of respect to your god, but what do I know.

Well, I do know this, I fear England is lost. There are possibly no more English traditions, laws, regulations or even toilet orientations that will stand up against Islam. All the Brits may as well get out their own prayer rugs and start facing east with stuff like this taking place. After all, this is what the Islamists want, so why not give it to them just like giving them east facing toilet seats. What a disgrace of political correctness, or should I say political insanity. If Great Britain comes out of all of this within the next 5 or 10 years as a non-Islamic country - with anything English left in England, and any of England left for the English - I will be amazed (and quite happy about it too).

All the best,
Glenn B