Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Leftist Loons Are Calling For More Assault Weapons Gun Control Laws...

...based upon the shootings at the DC Navy Yard. Have you wondered why? You really should be wondering especially since the shooter, that murdering bastard, did not kill or wound anyone with an assault weapon as per reports quoting law enforcement.

I was just at the local news stand and saw at least two local NY papers had pics of AR-15s on the front page with damnation from the left claiming that the shooter killed with one. I have heard the ultra leftists (I guess that was redundant) on the radio and seen and heard them on TV damning assault weapons, specifically the AR-15. Then, when I got home, I turned on the news to hear that the shooter only killed with his shotgun and possibly also with a pistol or pistols (that he obtained from one or more of his victims). According to the report, law enforcement is saying he did not have, or at least did not wound or kill anyone with, an AR15 or similar rifle. He did not use an assault weapon, not even the make believe assault weapon known as an AR-15 which technically is not an assault weapon (it is so only legally because foolish and ignorant politicians labeled them as such under the law).

Let me repeat that. He did not use an assault weapon. As a matter of fact, I guess he sort of took Vice President Blabbermouth Biden's advice - he purchased a shotgun. Yet, the politicians, the press, the media, the anti-gun nuts are calling for further assault weapons bans - heck Nancy Pelosi called for it yesterday. 

I would call for keeping violent felons and frigging crazy people from getting guns. To become a convicted felon would mean you would have to be successfully prosecuted for a felony. He was arrested more than once and charges dropped each time, or so it has been reported today. Maybe, had he been prosecuted for his past offenses, he never would have passed the NICS check that he had to pass to buy his shotgun (and yes he did pass it). Maybe he also would not have passed the 3 or 4 background checks he passed that allowed him to be employed as a contractor for the US Military. Everything was there, all that was needed to prevent him from buying a firearm except that no one ever prosecuted him.

Wait, there was more. Six weeks ago, police reported to U.S. naval officials, that the shooter had been encountered by them, he had identified himself as a contractor for the Navy and told police he was hearing voices, people were following him and they were sending vibrations into his body. Possible he was correct - sure if you are a conspiracy theorist. What is more likely - he was out of his frigging mind and suffering from an acute psychotic episode. Years ago, he would have been detained by police, in a mental hospital, for at least three days of observation and an appraisal of his mental status by health care professionals. Bless those liberal politicians and kooks who pushed to put an end to that evil abuse of a person's civil rights that could have identified him as a  crazy person and even possibly that could have resulted in his being committed to a mental health facility for treatment. It seems to me, that certainly would have prevented what happened yesterday. Anyway, the police notified the Navy of his less than normal behavior - why did the Navy not take definitive action to at least check him out.
See: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/09/17/navy-yard-shooter-heard-voices-through-walls-thought-people-sending-vibrations/ and see: http://www.cnn.com/2013/09/17/us/navy-yard-shooting-main/index.html?hpt=hp_t1.

Again though, let me get back to the claims being made about the weapon(s) he used. I reiterate - he did not shoot anyone with an AR-15 or any type of assault weapon. Yet the loons of the left want to create new, and strengthen existing, laws against what they call assault weapons. They are again trying to punish the law abiding gun owner and not the criminal. Not wanting to punish criminals is what allowed this guy to walk free when arrested in the past and is what allowed him purchase that shotgun. Restricting my rights, your rights, anyone's right to own a firearm would not have helped here since the type of weapon he used was on the approved list of the anti-guns loons - just ask Joe Biden about his recommendation for shotguns.

From my cold dead hands!

All the best,
Glenn B

Nothing Cooking The Last Few Days...

...at least with regard to me having anything in the oven regarding blog topics. Yeah, I know, lots in the news about Syria, non-stop about the DC Navy Yard shooters too, but why bother with it, it is all getting beaten to death. I will make one brief post on the aftermath of the shooting in the post immediately after this but that will be it for now. on the shooting.

All the best,
Glenn B