Friday, May 22, 2015

Gun Maintenance Reminder & Incentive

Once again, spring has sprung and is upon us with its fine but fickle weather and summer will soon be here. There has been a decent amount of rain in many areas of the country (sorry CA, nothing personal) and there have been several cool to almost cold days as well as quite a few very warm to hot humid days around where I live in the less than Constitutional state of NYistan. So far, the spring weather has been unpredictable as it oft can be but as usual it is all leading up to hotter and more humid days in many parts of the USA as summer draws nigh.

Thus it is a good time to get some firearms maintenance completed. Humidity and gun metal, especially for blued firearms, do not mix and that means it is an excellent time to give your guns a good cleaning and lubrication. If you do a field strip or a complete breakdown of your guns, when you reassemble them, it is a good idea to also do a function check of each. I am not going to get into this as much as I have in past years except to stress how important it is to do this for all the guns in your collection anywhere from 2 to 4 times per year whether or not they have been fired or stored (or both) and whether or not you regularly clean them after firing them and that this time of year is an excellent time to do it especially since many folks don't shoot as much over the summer and their guns get forgotten in the safe or wherever for those months. Taking care of them now, with a  little preventive maintenance, can save you a lot should  you neglect them and they rust.

As a little incentive for you (at least for my straight men and lesbian readers), allow me to repost a pic here I found on the web  and just imagine she will be your gun cleaning helper.

I don't know about what you think but she
could help me clean my guns anytime!
All the best,
Glenn B

Could Be An Interesting Book

As far as I can tell this one was published in 1962 and thus was just perking up the curiosity of me and my friends. Back then, in those more innocent years, thrills for pre-teenaged boys were often found on the covers of pulps like this one and what little is shown on this cover was quite the tease back then.

All the best,