Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If I Remain Within NYS And Do Nothing - I Will Become A Felon!

That is the way the latest gun control legislation has been written and passed in New York State. I was a legal firearms owner one day and now if I do absolutely nothing, in the time spans provided for under the new law, I will be guilty of both misdemeanors and felonies (of course, if convicted). I do not think I am long to remain a resident of the Empire State. How appropriate a name for it, isn't it? It would be more apropos if one added a single word before Empire - either Evil or Dark.

Anyone who resides in the following states, please give me some feedback about the overall political climate in your state: KY, LA, FL, IN, WV, TX, OH and PA. I am considering relocating to one of them. I would prefer one closer to NY but since PA has a pretty miserable score, on the Brady Campaign 2011 State Scorecards, I am leaning elsewhere. In other words, PA has a fairly high score indicating, as far as I am concerned, that they have too much gun control. KY and LA, on the other hand, have the lowest possible scores other than zero and that indicates gun friendly states from what I can see. So, I am interested to find out the general political climate in each of these states because I do not want to relocate to a state that may be heading toward becoming another NY, NJ, MD, MA or CA within a few years and also that is not a state that is gun friendly yet very liberal on almost everything else - like VT.

All the best,
Glenn B