Monday, March 25, 2013

I Don't Know If I Want To Blog Anymore...

...because, truthfully, I see little to blog about and much more to get ready for what I believe is the inevitable revolution. I find it hard to fathom that the America in which I grew up and that f our forefathers is lost to us and future generations forever because of the likes of liberals like William Jefferson Clinton, George W. Bush, Barrack Hussein Obama, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others. Yes, I believe that George W. Bush was a liberal, in fact almost a raving leftist; I base that upon his domestic policy especially with regard to the bailouts and his implementation of what I think is the patently unconstitutional Patriot Act. The others are all extreme leftists for certain, hard core leftists at that. I see them as nothing less than full-fledged socialists and communists wanna be's.

They violate the Constitution, seemingly, at every turn. For those of you who think the Constitution is a living and fluid document, the interpretation of which can change at your desire - try to bear in mind that the framers of the Constitution allowed for it to change by way of a 2/3's majority of the Congress voting in favor of an amendment and then the president agreeing on the amendment. It is not alive and growing and getting older and failing as an aged creature might begin to fail in health. What has failed seems to be the ability of the American people to believe in liberty because many want to restrain the liberties of their political opponents while keeping their own liberties free from infringement,  such as the likes of major Bloomberg of NY (deceitful pompous ass that is he).

Today, many Americans celebrate diversity and think that celebration of it means we must embrace being different above everything else. The fact is that the United States of America has always been a nation of diverse peoples. We all have differences, yet we were all American first and thus were, for the most part, united in our love for America and in our patriotism. now the left sees patriotism as the equivalent of terrorism; it is shocking in how much leftists try to denigrate patriotism. As a country, if our citizens and legal resident aliens cannot see beyond our diversity and unite with the common cause of keeping our nation one of liberty, freedom and true justice for ourselves, we will be divided and that will only lend to our inevitable destruction because in essence we will be standing against one another at every turn. That destruction can be avoided, must be avoided, in order for us to survive as a nation with our Constitution as our basis. If all else fails, such as political, legal and grass roots attempts, then all that will be left to us may be revolution. It looks as if all else is failing and I fear that revolution is inevitable within the next few years at most. I pray I am wrong but am preparing as best I can to survive what I think must come to pass. Blogging does not even come in a close second to what I need to get ready.

I am not saying I will stop blogging for certain but that I am seriously considering such to make more time for other activities; those that will go toward protection of our rights, liberties, my family and our well-being should what I fear come to pass. Of course, I could make those preparations and remain active on my blog. I have been preparing to survive a bad situation for the past couple to few years. I am not a prepper, per se, but have gotten ready on a much smaller scale than being able to survive a year or more independently. But I see there is more that needs be made ready. Yet, I could never see me and my family being the Swiss Family Robinson; we are more like the families of our nation's firsts patriots, they who fought in the original revolution that formed our nation. Just a father, a mother and our children among many others of like mind - yet, who are diverse in our origins, customs, religions and other beliefs -  all wanting to make the best for us, and for other Americans of diverse origins, all united by the same cause. That cause - the protection of our natural and God given rights and liberties against tyrants and others who would strip us of them.

All the best,
Glenn B