Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another Résumé - This One With A Bit Of A Bang

If you read my blog, with any regularity, then you know I have been putting in for a lot of jobs over the past few months. I finally got one too and I like it.

Yet, I sent out another résumé just today. The job I have set in my sights with this application is a bit different than most. It is as a writer for The Firearm Blog. They are seeking writers and I figured why not me. I don't know if they offer any type of compensation but regardless, it sounds like there would be the potential of receiving firearms and other firearms related items for reviews. That might make it worth it without any compensation. It would also be a welcome change from my usual blogging in that blogging for them would mean no political blogging, just firearms related posts. Well, on their site anyway, I imagine I would continue with my usual in BallseyesBoomers. 

Wish me luck, I am guessing there will be plenty of competitors who all are shooting for the same position.

All the best,
Glenn B