Monday, December 28, 2020

it's taken a turn for the worse

  I'll be going to the emergency room today as soon as I can get there. My covid has taken a turn for the worse, I...

I wrote that several hours ago. Am in ER now, been here maybe an hour, where I almost cannot believe the speed of care I am receiving. I guess Covid patients rate A1. Everyone being great. Waiting on CT Scan of chest.

Finally found a place to board Skye while I am in hospital. A&B Animal Rescue of SW Arkansas, the rescue where I got her. It is the only place that would take her and Corinna Alexander, the lady who runs the place, agreed without hesitation to take her in knowing I have Covid. 

My son drove down from Benton to.pick up Skye and they are on their way to rescue now.

I hope no one catches this because of me.

All the best

Glenn B