Monday, October 22, 2018

So I Bought My Son A Vortex...

... 4-12x40 AO Crossfire II Riflescope (Dead-Hold BDC) for the Savage 93 BTVSS I sent to him. Not a very expensive scope by any account but one that should be decent on that rifle. I ordered it at B&H Photo and had it and a pair of rings shipped directly to him. They also sent a Celestron Elements TrekCel 3300 power pack/flashlight as a freebie (the sell anywhere from $18.00 to $37.00). B&H had the best price on the scope that I could find, average price in the rings, included that free charger/light - and it all came with free shipping. Got the three items for the price I would have paid for the scope alone elsewhere, good deal it was.

He mounted the scope as I would have done - slapped in in place by sight and tightened whatever - no levels, no torque wrenches just good guesswork. He must have done it okay. Within a week of receiving the scope and rings, he sent me this photo of a target he shot after he had mounted the scope and sighted it in. This is what he said about it: "10 rounds with the 22 at 25 yards", the 22 being the Savage which is a 22 WMR.

All I can say is sweet & I love how well he shoots.

I told him to do that at 50 and 100 yards. Damn, I'd be happy with a group 2x as large at 25 yards and 3-4x as large at 100 yards. Anyway, he loves the rifle and the scope - the scope and rings were very early Christmas presents; after that all he gets is coal in his stocking. The rifle was an I miss my best shooting buddy kind of a gift.

All the best,
Glenn B