Sunday, January 7, 2007

Whether they said it or not, whether they really plan it or not...

...the word has gotten out, even if only rumor, and it does not matter at all in the one up-man’s-ship of the New Cold War whether this is a real threat or not. Now it is up to Iran to make its move.

Of course I am talking about Israel denying, a report in the TimesOnLine, that Israel has drawn up plans to attack Iran's nuclear processing sites with nuclear weapons. The denial can be seen in this article Israel Denies Claims It's Preparing Nuke Attack on Iran at @,2933,242261,00.htm

The original TimesOnLine article: Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran can be seen at @,,2089-2535310_1,00.html

It is all very interesting, and it is quite intense stuff; maybe more intense for the youngsters of today than for us almost over the hill old grumps; but we older folks have all lived through times like these before - yes terrorism running amok, war casualties mounting (much worse than the current one), and a Cold War making us all dirty our panties now and again as our knees shook with fearful anticipation of Armageddon. The Cold War has come and gone for us, but maybe has been born again - and the younger folk among you are new to it as it is new to you.
Right now though, let me say, the reported threats in the articles sound a lot like Cold War Rhetoric. Although I must also point out, as history has shown, a lot of the rhetoric of the first Cold War came all to close to: the buttons actually being pushed on both sides, the missiles flying, and the bombers bombing - all with nukes.

Let's hope all this amounts to is rhetoric, but if ever a country needed to be nuked, you can bet it would either be Iran or North Korea. No I am not advocating nuclear strikes if there would be another way to disarm Iran's nuclear capabilities; but if it comes down to the utter destruction of Israel, or to the destruction of Iran's nuclear capabilities, I would opt for the second option. Same would hold true for North Korea if they threaten Japan, or another country, with nukes.

All the best,

Glenn B

Light Ranting...

...will be it for this weekend, and I'll not get a chance to post anything else until tonight. I was out all day yesterday, and when I did get home, I had stuff to do that kept me away from the computer. It will be much the same today, at least until this evening when I'll try to get back to my usual self again with a bit of ranting, moaning, complaining, or philosophizing once again. Until then - later for you.

All the best,
Glenn B