Friday, September 18, 2020

Gotta Get Me Some AR Sights...

 ...for my latest and third AR-15. Just picked this up at my local dealer where it was shipped from PSA for the ATF paperwork to get done. It's a complete PSA lower with Magpul grip and stock. I got it for an okay price considering all of the frenzied gun & ammo purchases that have been ongoing for the past few months.

Once I got it home, I slapped it together with this. 


Stag Arms ORC Upper


It's the Stag 15 O.R.C. I had the high bid on at GunBroker last month. I was not too sure I'd like the look of the olive green Magpul furniture with the black of the metal parts of the lower & the upper but once I mated them all I can says is: I like it. 

My third AR. I like the contrasting green of the grip & stock & love the collapsible stock. I need to add sights and probably will look to Midwest Industries for them as I did for my first AR a Stag 15 ORC.

If the folks who say: "Ridin' With Biden" somehow get him elected, probably by way of the biggest case of voter fraud in history (I mean how could he legitimately be elected - he is seemingly brain dead), then what I - along with this and many of my others guns - will be "Hidin' From Biden" and his minion.

Now to do something important and think of which sights to get for it. My leaning is toward something from Midwest Industries like the sights I got for my first AR. 

All the best,
Glenn B