Monday, August 8, 2016

My Garden Poem

My back’s still sore
From my bending over
My knees ache more
From kneeling on clover
Yet holes were dug
And bushes are in
From wife no hug
Nor merely a grin
But chores are done
And now I'll smile
Cause I’m the one
Without work for awhile!


When I woke up this morning at 0610, my hips hurt, my shoulders ached almost as badly as my hips, my back and neck were sore. So, I went back to sleep for a couple of hours or tried anyway. My wife interrupted me at 0700 calling me to get me up because I wanted to be up kind of early for a retired guy and to get 4 or 5 bushes planted before it got too hot today. I went back to sleep again with all of the same aches and pains and again woke up at about 0830 and went right back to sleep. I finally crawled out of bed at about 0945, all stiff and creaking in just about every joint. I threw some laundry into the washer, grabbed a cup-a-joe and sat down at my laptop. Been there ever since dreading having to go out back and plant those bushes. It's not that it going to be a lot of work, hell it's only 4 or 5 of them and the soil I fairly easy to dig into; it is just that everything still aches. Got a tick bite on mine arse a month or so ago and started to ache in my joints within a week or two; doc swears it is not Lyme disease but I have not felt like this since the first two times I had it. Regardless, those holes have to get dug and those bushes need to be planted in them - otherwise I am going to get holy hell for not doing it as promised - no excuses will appease she who must be obeyed.
Then, after that, I am calling the doc to see if I can go in for another blood test. The first time I had it, the test came back positive but it was only after having been tested several times and suffering for well over a year. Then, the second time they told me: "It's definitely, positively, absolutely not a Lyme disease rash" but we will test you just in case. Of course, the test came back positive. It's a sneaky little disease that can cause different appearing rashes and sometimes no rash at all but it sure pains the joints the same each time (at least so far for me) and that is why I am pretty sure after those two previous episodes that I have it again or have something similar.

It's damned ironic, or at least it will be darned ironic, that if I actually have Lyme disease I have to plant those bushes today while in pain caused by a disease that I most likely got from a tick bite while dumping a load in the woods (next to a bush). Oh well, such are the joys of life. Now, I am going out to dig some holes.

All he best,