Friday, May 19, 2017

Damn, It's Vampire Hour & Where Is My Rem 870 Folding Stock

It is well past the hour when vampires would start coming out around my place already; although, in AR where my son lives (in that other time zone), it would still be fairly bright sunlight at this hour. Heck, he is only one time zone west of here!!! I may have to move back to AR just for the sunlight. Of course, I may have to at least visit again soon just to get my OEM Remington 870 folding stock that he brought with him, then gave back to me while I was there, but that I apparently forgot to take with me when I left. I checked my car and cannot find it, so I am assuming I forgot it but he cannot find it in his apartment either. Maybe a vampire grabbed it.

All the best,

Home Again

I am happy to be home again but I must say that two days ago I did what made me just about the saddest I have ever been in my life. I left Brendan in Arkansas. Don't get me wrong, I am happy he is there and making it on his own and am quite proud of him for working to achieve the American dream. When he left NY, it was a bittersweet day for me; I was sad he was leaving but was also happy he was going out on his own and he happiness outweighed the sadness. I guess any parent who loved his children would feel likewise. There was something different though about visiting him in Arkansas and then leaving him behind. When I drove off of the Interstate highway, on the day I arrived, and got onto the local state highway a big smile broke on my face and I was exceedingly happy that I was about to see him. I cannot remember being that happy since my grandson was born. I had missed Brendan a lot after only less than 3 months so how could I not be happy.

The thing was though, when I left him on Thursday, I was sad, about as sad as I have ever been! Sure, I am still happy he is making it on his own, that he got a decent job and is working hard at it driving a big rig (and there I was thinking he was driving a box truck but he is driving 40 footers and larger), that he has a nice apartment, that he has made new friends and strengthened his bond with an old one, that he bought and own his first pistol and that we had a great time together (especially since I caught more fish than him for a change). What I am sad about is that I had to leave him. That feeling overwhelmed me when I got up to see him off to work at 330 on Thursday morning and again when I drove away from his apartment complex later that day. Still though, as I said, I am happy for him. That, and knowing I plan to visit him again, within a few months or so, makes the sadness over missing him somewhat bearable.

Oh well, enough of the emotional ranting. I will try to get in some blogging this weekend, then will be working all of next week. That is good because I need some way to pay for the trip, especially what I spent on guns and things at the firearms auction that I to which I detoured on the first weekend of my road trip. More on those guns in a later post.

All the best,
Glenn B