Monday, September 5, 2011

Is There Life After Cancer Treatment - I Am Planning A Hunting Trip...

...that should take place a couple to a few weeks after my therapy concludes. I may wind up being in a terribly dilapidated state when mid November rolls round but I am determined that I will go hunting with my son in November! So, I just finished making the hotel reservations in, of all places, one with the name of Horseheads, NY. Maybe even better than the name Horseheads is the name of the state forest in which I am planning to set up the hunt - Ketchumville State Forest. You see, a long time ago, when the Comminsky sisters, Stella and Agnes (real life versions of Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies) still lived on the farm, that my uncle had bought from them, they used to ask me if I was going out to catch a deer. It just seems right to be hunting in a state forest called Ketchumville because we sure do intend to ketch one or two of um!

I am going to plan this to the hilt during my therapy. It will be something to which I and my son can look forward. Hopefully I will be in good enough condition to pull it all off and to drag a deer or two out of the woods.

All the best,
Glenn B

What is it with Snarky, Snarkiness, Snarkier, Snark, etc.?

Perhaps it will be just a short lived fad but I have to say for some reason, unbeknownst to me, the incessant use of the word snarky and its derivatives, by some bloggers, simply repels me. For some reason it seems like akin to like the whole like Valley Girl talk type thing of the 70s (or was it the 80s) or maybe of the all to oft repeated use of the phrase 'you know' after everything someone says, you know.

The word was a new one to me when I first saw it, so I looked it up in an online dictionary. When I first saw it, it seemed appropriate in how it was used. Then I saw it again and again and again and again on certain cliquish gun blogs as if was the new buzz word for those among firearms bloggers who wanted to kiss each others' behinds to make each other seem cool through its overuse. Oh pahleeeeze, like don'cha know like what I mean, like can't ya just fergedaboudet, like cuz it's grodee to the max, like wow, like ya know baby gag me with a snarky spoon.

All the best,

My Blog Has Been Blacklisted...

...but not to worry as this blacklist seemingly is a good one called The Gun Blog Black List. Basically, it is a list, or blog roll, of gun bloggers. Not a bad thing from what I can see, since my blog appears linked on that site's blog roll, I guess it will give me a larger audience. That does not do anything for me personally but does get my blog out there for more to see and thus potentially passes on any firearms related info I have posted to more folks.

So, I am adding that one to the blog roll and I am also adding another blog, North, both blogs are run by the same person and both deal with firearms related topics among other things.

All the best,
Glenn B

Where Have All These Bloggers Gone?

Nope, that was not a rhetorical question. I am really wondering why all of the folks, whom I am about to mention, have not blogged in such a long while. Let's see, from the blogrolls on the right side of my blog page, there are several bloggers who have not blogged in a week, others who have not blogged in weeks, and others who have not blogged in a month or months, some coming close to a year.

The Breda Fallacy - 6 days ago (close enough to a week to be included here)

Double Tapper - 2 weeks

Gun Pundit - 2 weeks ago

Federal Review - 2 weeks ago

Do Over - three weeks

Lead Chuckers Blog - 1 month

Dakota Ranger - 1 month ago (and when I bring up his blog, the page stays there only a moment and then switches to an add for some sort of blog rolling.

The Law Dog Files - 1 month ago

Parallax Adjustment - 2 months ago

NY Firearms - 3 months ago

Heartless Libertarian - 3 months ago

Dog Snot Diaries - 8 months ago

Upland Feathers - 10  months ago

Rucking Fidiculous - 10 months ago

Now granted, it is the end of the summer. maybe some folks took a late vacation, maybe some are going back to school, maybe some just have the end of summer blues but yet, maybe some have writer's block, or maybe some of the above are just sick of blogging. Most of those reasons to stop blogging probably would be temporary from what I can tell about those bloggers, or so one would hope. Yet, I am also fearful that maybe some have stopped blogging altogether and forever since it has been way too long since we have been graced by their writings by way of their blogs. I am hopeful, in the case of those, of you mentioned above, who have been absent from blogging for many months or more, that you are all in good health and that someday you will return once again to your keyboards and grace us with your written words concerning your: interesting personal stories, wit and humor, knowledge on this subject or that, your political views, your interpretations of world events, your local stories, and on and on. I miss you all and am sure that others do too.

All the best,
Glenn B