Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oh Baby It's Cold Inside...

...and if that's true, I will love it even more than I do now. Got a free (as in no cost to me) GE refrigerator a couple of hours or so ago - delivered by my brother-in-law (the elder) and the friend who was giving it to me. I just got done cleaning it up and it looks virtually brand new. If it runs as good as it looks, I will be a very happy man indeed and if lasts a couple of years I will be that much happier. I was in the market for a new fridge for the basement, I have had my daughter's mini fridge from her college days down there but it holds very little. So, I had been thinking of getting a 3/4 sized fridge or maybe a smaller full sized one. Figured I would wait until January or February when some of the the bills for Christmas presents were paid off. Then, my brother-in-law (the older) called to say a friend was getting rid of one - no charge!

The new one is pretty big, while I don't know the cubic footage it looks like it would easily hold a few cases of my favorite beverages or the food my wife would rather put into it. I guess we can compromise and I can reserve one shelf for beers and ales. The freezer is a decent size too which means I can have a good stock of ribs and other pork products on hand for future smoking or BBQ'ing and still have room some bacon for the frying pan!

Not being a total Grinch or tightwad, I went out two days ago to do some Christmas shopping and made sure to buy a gift certificate, at Zum Stammtisch, for the friend who was about to give it to me. Should be enough for a meal for him and his wife at what is a great German restaurant. Then again, he could spend it all at the bar too. Either way, he (and maybe his wife) is sure to make a good time of it. Of course, while there buying the gift certificates (I bought some for other folks too), I enjoyed a meal and a few good German Biers. I got to see an old friend who works there and had a very good time. Could not have been better. If you are ever in that neighborhood, I strongly recommend you making a stop there for lunch or dinner.

All the best,
Glenn B