Thursday, May 10, 2007

Guess How Many Rounds Contest - A Little Tease...

...may or may not be in order, but I felt like pulling one off, so here is a list of the ammunition in my inventory by caliber, brand, weight and so forth that is the subject of my contest. No, I will not be writing down how many of each I had in inventory, that would defeat the whole purpose of the contest. So here is what was in those boxes; and i'll give the numbers at the end of the contest:

Ammo Type:

Mag-Tech .32 Auto 71gr. FMJ
Fiocchi .32 Auto 73 gr. FMJ
Winchester .32 Auto 73 gr. FMJ
Sellier & Bellot 32 Auto 73 gr. FMJ
Winchhester .380 Auto 85 gr. Silvertip HP
Gold Dot 9mm +P 124 gr. GDHP
Gold Dot 9mm LE 124 gr. GDHP
Gold Dot 9mm 124 gr. JHP
Federal 9mm Hydr-Shok 147 gr. HP
Federal 9mm yclad 124 gr. HP
Winchester 9MM Nato 124 gr. FMJ
Smith & Wesson 9mm 115 gr. JHP
Winchester.40 S&W 180 gr. JHP
Federal .45 Auto 230 gr. Hydra-Shok
Remington .45 Auto 185 gr. JHP
Western Super X .357 Magnum 158 gr. JHP
Remington .38 Special +P 125 gr. semi JHP
Federal .38 Special +P 110 gr. JHP
Federal .38 Special +P+ 147 gr. Hydra_Shok JHP
Winchester .38 Special Super-X 148 gr. Super Match W/C
Wichester .38 Special 125 gr. +p JHP
Remington .30 Carbine 110 gr. FMJ
Federal .223 Remington 55 gr. MCBT
Sampson .223 Remington 55 gr. FMJBT
Wolf .223 Remington 62 gr. FMJ
Wolf Military Classic 7.62x39 124 gr. FMJ
Mil-Surp 7.62x54R FMJ
Mil-Surp Blue Tip 7.62x54R
Remingtom Core-Lokt .35 Remington 200 gr. SP
Winchester Super-X .35 Remington 200 gr. Power Point
Winchester 12 Gauge Slug
Winchester Super X 12 gauge Slugs
Remington Sluggers 12 Gauge Slugs
Federal Hi-Shok12 Gauge Slugs
Remington 12 Gauge 9 shot Heavy Target
Estate 12 Gauge 7 1/2 Shot Game Load
CCI Maxi-Mags .22 WMR HP
Remington Thunderbolt .22LR
Champion .22LR target solid points
CCI Blazer .22LR
American Eagle .22LR solid points
One Remington Clollector's Tin With Knife
One Remington Collector's Tin

contest ends this Saturday night at 11:59 PM so click on the link, read the rules, and get your guesstimate in before then.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Little Annoyances...

... are the ones that have historically gotten me the most upset; but somehow that seems to be changing somewhat. Yes I still get upset the most by petty, mostly inconsequential, things that have a way of getting under my skin like: no soap in the shower and I'm already soaking wet, ditto for no shampoo, things moved from where I last put them so I can't find them easily, things I put somewhere other than I thought so I cannot find them easily, nothing ready to eat when I am hungry after a day at the office, traffic jams when I am in no particular hurry to get anywhere, being late when I want to get somewhere on time (usually caused by me), and the list goes on and on. Most of the time I would take out my frustrations by getting angry, and vociferous about it.

I am getting better though. I have been trying for years, and I guess it isn't easy to change a lifetime of the wrong way of thinking and reacting to things, but I am doing it slowly and surely. Today for example, just before getting ready to leave for work, I took the dogs for a quick spin in the back yard to answer nature's call. I pulled the door closed behind me and there was the problem - it closed all the way and locked. Not too worry, I went to look for the ever ready spare key that was ever so cleverly hidden in the super-duper secret hiding place; but of course, it was not there. Yes I got mad, for a moment, but no screaming, no name calling, no muttering (well a little muttering maybe), and I went around the house to see if any of the windows were left open. Sure they were not, except of course for the bathroom window that was about 20 feet over my head! Oh well, I tried to see if any of the basement windows had been left unlocked, so I could open one and squeeze in and lower myself to the basement floor hopefully without killing myself - nope no luck there. What to do? Maybe I could call the wife from a neighbor's house and ask her to come home and let me, the knucklehead who had slammed the door shut behind himself, into the house. As luck would have it, no neighbors were home.

What to do? I checked the mailbox. No one had gotten the mail yesterday, another past pet peeve of mine, but this was good. There was the local rag for me to read. So I sat down next to the two dogs, hoping the one left in the house was not peeing all over the carpet, and I read the paper. Then I thought, why not water the lawn, so I set the sprinkler and went back to reading. Once of twice, I got up to move the sprinkler. The paper was not very interesting, our local one usually isn't, so once done with it I set about watering the potted plants using a watering can so it would kill more time than using the hose. Done with that in too soon a time, I sat back with the dogs, and almost as soon as I sat, they perked up looking toward the front of the house. That usually means one thing, the wife is home or soon to be home. A few seconds later, our car pulls up and out pops the bride. She was kind enough to let me into the house without haranguing me for being a jerk and locking myself out for the better part of two hours in the first place.

So I did better today let's say than I would have done 2 years ago, much better. I was even pleasant to my wife when she arrived instead of venting on her. All I did was asked where the spare key was located, and she told me that the son of ours probably had it, and I imagine I can deal with that later by getting another super secret spare key to be hidden away in a super secret ultimate hiding place of which only I will know the hiding spot. Why I have never thought of this before, after having been locked out more than a few times, is beyond me. I guess all that getting upset blinded me, maybe that is why they call it 'blind rage'. Oh well, I have learned a little bit about how to control my emotions, and usually it centers on doing something else to distract myself - or simply walking away from whatever it is that might get me upset. Not walking away forever, just when I am getting upset, maybe even only on the mental level, sort of like Ralph Kramden when he would say: "Pins and Needles, Needles and Pins, Its the Happy Man That Grins"; then he would grin and count to ten. It works, really it does!

Now the back lawn is watered, the potted plants are watered, the dogs got to go (and the other one inside held it in), I filled the bird feeders, I read the local paper, the dogs and I got to bask in the sunshine of a beautiful and warm day, the dogs and I listened to the birds singing, and I missed work and a doctor's appointment. Yes I caled in to reschedule the appointment, and I called in to work take a vacation day because I had wasted too much of today locked out of my house, and it probably would not have been the best idea for me to drive into Manhattan and then deal with 6 hours of work after having recovered so nicely from my little annoyance. So maybe I had best make this a worthwhile day at home and get something else done.

All the best,
Glenn B