Friday, November 30, 2018

A Duffle Bag Full Of Cash...

...was not found outside of a bank in Westchester County, NY. Instead, a suspicious duffle bag found outside of a Wells Fargo bank reportedly was found to contain the remains one Deshawn Cortez-Seaborne who allegedly had been stabbed.

Someone's dreams of being the next found a bag of cash millionaire came crashing down with that find! More at the source.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sending Off A Handgun Is Getting Expensive

It used to be, even in this semi-communista type of a tyrannical armpit called NY, that I could sell a handgun to someone out of state and it was not all that much of an expense to ship it and to do it legally. All that has changed over the years. Now to sell any of my handguns, to an out of state entity, I have to ship it not only to an FFL on their end but have to go through one on my end who is also a registered NY State Dealer in Firearms (or whatever NY calls it). Right there that is about a minimum charge of $30 on my end to go through a dealer, then $10 to get it off of my pistol license at the county PD, then UPS overnight air to wherever it is going (and that can be cost prohibitive for either the seller or the buyer depending on who pays for shipping) and then there is the fee at the buyer's and for his FFL (usually paid by the buyer).

Of course, that all also applies to sending someone a handgun as a gift. I was thinking of sending my son a pistol but I figure to send him  $400 pistol, as a gift and thus have me taking care of the FFL fees, the licensing fee on my end, the shipping and all, it would cost me an additional $125 plus and that, of course, is over and above the cost of the handgun. That is crazy but so to is the rabid manner in which the minds of anti-RKBA politicians work.

NY has made it more and more difficult to not only to purchase a handgun but to sell one as well. You would think that they almost want to keep them here and that would make you wonder why since NY is, overall, such a gun-unfriendly state. My guess would be that once they legislate a law calling for seizure of all handguns, and believe me that day is coming sooner or later in this leftist haven of a state, they figure they will be able to scoop them all up and thus remove them from the hands of the people.

When it comes to gun rights and liberties - NY SUCKS.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all decent folks (and my definition of decent is pretty broad but definitely excludes scum like terrorists).

My daughter is cooking today and we are going to her and her hubby's house
for dinner. My wife made fresh cranberry sauce and also made a butternut
squash casserole, I baked an apple pie and the brothers-in-law will bring
some scrumptious delights as usual. I am thankful for all that and more.
A special Happy Thanksgiving wish especially to our troops who are on foreign soil, on the high seas or up in the air protecting us on this day. I wish you all a swift and safe return to American soil.

As a friendly reminder, don't forget what today is all about - make sure to be thankful for the things you have - family - friends - health - wealth - food - a roof over your head - there is almost always something for which you can and should give thanks.
All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, November 19, 2018

If You Ever Shoot A Deer...

...and it is considered illegal, say because it's antlers are too small to be a legal buck but you never saw them and honestly had thought it was a doe - at least until after you shot it and only then realized it was a spike buck - what would you do once you discovered your mistake? Would you just leave it in the woods to rot and walk away or would you gut it, tag it and call whatever agency in your state handles hunting regulations?

A coworker once told me, should I ever be aiming at a buck and my shot is off and it hits a doe, and I do not have a doe permit, I should just walk away. He spoke from experience based on his own case of self reporting and getting himself into bureaucratic hot water over a similar incident many years ago. He said it was a nightmare. Maybe his advice were words of wisdom! 

I wonder, how many people would do what he said to do or instead would do what they thought was ethically & legally the right thing to do like self reporting.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Me - I Enjoyed A Root Beer Tonight...

...but maybe you decided to enjoy some Flavor Aid or Kool-Aid in some weird type of memorial remembrance of November 18, 1978. It was on this date, 40 years ago today, that the Jonestown Massacre took place (more at the source). The Jonestown Massacre reportedly was the highest single day's loss of the lives of U.S. civilians due to a single act of violence prior to 9/11/2001 (more at this other source).

As I have often said, it's the weird holy-men (like cult leaders) and politicians (mostly lawyers) who will be the death of us all. Sadly, that was all too true at Jonestown.

Just thinking about it was more than enough to turn me onto a Root Beer.

All the best,
Glenn B

This Is A Cropped Area Of A Photo I Took In The Woods

The picture's main subject was something else entirely in the upper third of the original photo, that part has been cropped out of the shots I am showing here. As I looked over the original, I saw something that intrigued me so I zoomed in some to take a closer look.

In this first shot, only the upper third of the original photo is missing, it is unimportant except to give some idea of scale; the part in the cropped phot that is of interest to me was about 20" or so across. The area in question is the oval shape about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom in this cropped version. Do you see anything in that area? Click on the pic to enlarge it, look again.

A deer I was watching was heading right for that
spot as if curious about something in that area.
Here is a closer view, pretty much just the oval area. Do you see something of interest now. maybe it is just my imagination but I see something I never expected to see. Maybe just the shadows and light playing tricks or maybe there are a few surprises there. Again, click to enlarge.
I know, the picture quality is terrible, there was not enough light for
a good quality shot; but if you click it to big it you may see whatever
it is that I certainly think I see. Do you see them?
Here is the same shot, with the contrast adjusted a bit, maybe it will help.
A bit of contrast was added. See them now?
What I see, or at least what my imagination makes me think I see, are at least five dogs, four of them puppies and maybe one older although it too could be a puppy. The heads are the most visible thing on four of them but I will be damned if each I am seeing does not have the proper anatomical proportions and seem to have eyes, muzzle, snout and ears and on one it seems I can make out the forelegs, on another the whole body and its head & right legs. Now the imagination is a wonderful and wild thing but damn I'd swear I see them.
Nope, I have not been smoking any whacky weed nor taking any mind bending meds nor drinking. Use your imaginations a bit and you may see them too.
All the best,
Glenn B

It's A Little Difficult Believing An American Said This...

...but of course now that he has said it, and now that he has received thousands of comments criticizing what he said, he is claiming (in the typical manner of a politician) it was mere sarcasm. Somehow though, it makes one seriously wonder just exactly what has our government become with people like him in it.

The he in question is U.S. Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and what he in essence said was that firearms owners could never win in a war against the government because the government has nuclear weapons. He allegedly made that remark after a gun rights advocate said this about him on social media:
“So basically @RepSwalwell wants a war. Because that's what you would get. You're outta your f------ mind if you think I'll give up my rights and give the [government] all the power," Joe Biggs tweeted at Swalwell.
This prompted Swalwell to defend himself, saying it would be a “short war” because “the government has nukes,” implying the government would use its nuclear arsenal against its own citizens."
More at the source.
Guys like him, in government, are exactly the reason that they who wrote and signed the bill of rights included the 2nd Amendment.
All the best,
Glenn B


Friday, November 16, 2018

Going Hunting...

...which translates to a good belly laugh for the deer around my hunting grounds. Yet, it will be nice to be out in the woods even if I will be freezing my tuches (Either of the two rounded prominences on the human torso that are posterior to the hips and formed by the gluteal muscles and underlying structures {source}) off. Wish me luck, the deer have been winning for years now and my butt has been getting cold for nothing. 

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Speaking Of Jam-O-Matics

I have owned a few (or maybe a couple more than a few) guns, other than the RG 26 I own now and the one I owned previously, that I considered true pieces of dung. I thought so if only because of how frequently they jammed. One of them may have been the gun for which the name Jam-O-Matic was first thought up; then again - that name may be a lot older than I suspect but it certainly fit one of them.

The second truly clunker of a handgun that I ever owned, after the first RG 26, was a Charter Arms Undercover 38 SPL. I bought one in the early 1980s. While I am not certain, I am fairly sure it was the second handgun I ever purchased. Live and learn and better to learn early on when it comes to gun buying I suppose. I learned from the Charter Arms Undercover 38 SPL and I sold it pretty fast. The reason I offloaded it was that when combat unloading/loading the cylinder would ride up over the small half circle of a protrusion on the side of the frame that was meant to prevent it from doing just that. I am not sure what you call that little nub so little nub will have to do! It's on the left side of frame near bottom just behind the cylinder. Damned steel of the frame and that nub were so soft for it to have worn away as the cylinder would ride up over it and get stuck there whenever unloading with any force as in a combat reload. I told the guy who bought it about that - he did not care - he wanted it to practice his engraving. He was an excellent engraver of firearms and I guess needed crap guns on which to practice his trade. All in all though, if not for that, the Charter Arms Undercover 38 would have been an okay gun as far as I was concerned. If you look closely at the nub in this video, you can see where the metal of that nub is worn to the white because it has probably failed in the same way.

Yet another Charter Arms that I owned was a dismal failure - in fact so much so that I think the name Jam-O-Matic was coined because of the piss poor performance of it. That gun was the Charter Arms Explorer II. That gun was a must have for me when I was a young agent in the Border Patrol. Not only did it look retro & cool in a sort of Art Deco way, it also looked like a throwback to the early industrial period (what did they call that not all that long ago - I think Steampunk). It was just the pistol to have at least for me and some of my buddies. I have a vague recollection that mine came with two barrels - one about 6" the other 10". Regardless of how cool it looked or how many barrels it came with, it was a piece of junk and Jam-O-Matic was the right name to wrap around it. I must have tried ten or 15 brands and various types of ammo in it, it operated dismally at best with any of them. Failures to feed and failures to eject were common. I got rid of that one pretty fast too. That's a good thing too because here, in NYistan under the Tyrant-King Cuomo, it is considered an assault weapon and lord knows how many mass shootings I might have decided to perpetrate if I still owned it.

Seems that its reputation, as a Jam-O-Matic, still stands too:

Don't get me wrong, I have no bones to pick with Charter Arms; just telling it like it was with those two particular guns. For all I know they made some great guns too. In fact, I bought a gun that used to be made by them but was made by henry repeating Arms when I got mine - The Henry Survival Rifle (used to be the Charter Arms AR7 or something like that). Nice little gun, lots off fun, does not jam a lot and is accurate enough for its purpose. Heard they were also good when made by Charter Arms.

All the best,
Glenn B


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Every Firearms Owner Should Have At Least One...

...and this one is mine. I mean how can you justify being called a: firearms enthusiast, gun collector, firearms aficionado, right wing RKBA whacko, pistol packing mama, crazed gunman or an NRA evildoer if you do not own at least one Jam-O-Matic aka a Saturday Night Special. Mine, at the current moment is the RG 26 tat is pictured here but there have been others over the years I have been into guns (which seems like forever):
All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, November 11, 2018

80 Years Ago - Something Else To Never Forget

Today is the 100th anniversary of the end of WWII but 80 years ago this past Friday & Saturday - November 9 & 10, 1938 - something else that should not go forgotten also took place. It was not an end but a commencement - that of the Holocaust or at least the beginning of it in full view of the world. The night of November 9th & 10 marked the anniversary of Kristallnacht when large scale physical attacks on the Jews of Germany, Austria & the Sudetenland, their houses of worship, their businesses and their homes began at the hands of the Nazis. More at the source

All the best,
Glenn B

A Very Special Veterans' Day

Lest you forget your history, allow me to remind you that today is a very special Veterans' Day. It was at the 11th hour, on the 11th day, of the 11th month in 1918 (one hundred years ago today) that the war once called The War To End All Wars but more commonly known as World War I came to an end. There were nearly 40 million military casualties (deaths and non-fatal injuries) in that war, including about 9 million military deaths. There were also approximately 13 million civilian deaths - more civilians died than did military personnel (more at the source). Spare them all at least a few moments of solemn thought and or prayer today. 

My thanks to all of our veterans for their service, without them we would know what it truly would be like to be oppressed under boots of tyranny, that is if we were lucky enough to be alive.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, November 10, 2018

I Voted - Did You?

I voted and I voted Republican/Conservative across the board because there is no way I want to see leftists bring this nation to its knees. Hell, I am not a complete political conservative nor even a Republican but I knew which was the better way, by far, to vote and it certainly was not to the left. Too bad more of us did not think like me and get their asrses to their polling places and vote the right way. Hope you were not one of the slackers.

All the best,
Glenn B

Some Folks Have Asked Me...

...why I would ever sell a gun. They approach asking me with an air of incredulity not as to whatever will be my answer but as to how I could sell one in the first place. To them guns seem almost sacred as something that one should never part with. I guess I have never seen them quite like that to me they are tools or grown-up toys (some are both) and while I like some more than others I see not reason not to sell or trade them if and when the need arises. Over the past couple to few years I have brought quite a few new ones into my flock collection and that has at times been an expense I could not have borne without selling off some of the others I had owned prior to them. Others have just not suited my fancy. Take for example one of my earliest handguns. That was a Charter Arms 38 revolver. Nothing special about, I bought it for concealed carry, used it for awhile and realized there were a few things I did not like about it. The thing I did not like about it at all was that it was, in my opinion, a piece of junk. So I sold it. That was 37.5 years & 1 day ago (give or take a few hours) as I write this - damn I am old and so is this receipt (yet it's much younger than me).

As to all the obliterated content - that stuff is confidential.
The same people who ask me why I sell them often also ask: Don't you suffer from sellers' remorse after selling a gun. Sometimes yes and sometimes no is the honest answer. I just bought an RG-26, probably one of the crappiest pistols I have ever owned. I knew it would likely turn out to be a clunker before I bought it. So why buy it? Well, the first handgun I ever owned was an RG semi-auto in 25 ACP. It served its purpose and then was disassembled disposed of where it would likely never be found and wherein the conditions would soon make it inoperable even if they were found. No, the gun was never used for nefarious purpose, I just did not want it any longer and was relocating back to NYC from out west and did not want to even attempt to go through the pistol permit process in NYC even way back then; that was in the mid 1970s. I told you I am old.
My current Jam-O-Matic, the RG 26.
Anyway, I got the latest one, an RG 26 (made by RG Industries in Florida) because I suffered from a bit of nostalgia while at an auction.When saw it, I said to myself that is for me. I felt a strong urge to bid on it even though I was not 100% certain it was the exact same model as the one I had owned before (it was close enough and after all it had been my first pistol). I wound up bidding a bit above my limit but still little enough not to have been way too much and just enough to have the high bid. I took it to the range earlier this week and as expected it was a jam-o-matic (that brought on another wave of nostalgia as the first RG I owned was likewise). Probably never will sell this one, as I said I bought it due to nostalgia so, it may just become a safe-queen and considering the price of 25 ACP ammo, that may not be a bad idea. Of course, another possibility is I will work on it until I can get it to feed, fire, extract and eject reliably. That might be an interesting project as I usually never so anything that would require taking a polishing stone to metal on a gun.

Getting back to why I sell guns - I have to say it is not as difficult thing to do as some folks seem to think it must be, at least relative to the letting go aspect of selling them. I can understand why someone might not want to sell a gun that is their favorite, or that has great sentimental value for them, something that is maybe was handed down through a few generations of their family, or not wanting to sell their first gun, or not wanting to sell the one they brought back from wartime service or any other one with emotional ties but will never understand why someone would not sell a gun simply because it is one among others of the ones they own. I usually sell them as a matter of practicality - either because I need the money for personal/family concerns, I want the money t buy another gun or something else, or would rather have the money than the piece of junk I am selling the particular gun I am selling simply because, for whatever reason, I do not like that particular gun and am ready to part with it. Luckily for me, and I mean this quite seriously, my wife has never even once indicated in any way shape or form that I have too many of them and that makes for a least a happy gun collector if not a happy marriage (maybe there really is a 🎅).

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

If The Election Result Projections Hold True...

...from tomorrow onward, I think it will be a very disappointing two years for me as far as politics and the state of our nation goes. Then again, President Trump continuously turns adversity around to our benefit - so who knows.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Voted This Afternoon

I have been in upstate NY since Saturday. Drove to Geneva to pick up two handguns from the Hessney Auction Company, then drove to my brother-in-law Hans' place. Been feeling like crap ever since I arrived there. I got out to do a bit of hunting on Sunday but not much because I was out of it. I even stayed at his place an extra day because I felt too sick to leave last night. I guess it was a virus of some sort, one I caught from my grandson before leaving on the trip. Once I got up today though, I knew I had to hit the road because I knew I had to vote. Drove to my hometown in about 4 hours and fifteen minutes but did not go right home once I arrived there. I went directly to my polling place to vote.

Once inside I was greeted by a nice gentleman at the entrance whe asked where I lived to get me to the right table. Then once at the table, a nice lady asked my last name and she told the woman next to her, a nice older lady asked I was in her book. She repeated my last name and said, there you are Brendan on line 4 (or maybe it was 6). She told me to sign next to my name on line 4 next to where it showed Brendan xxxxxx. I told her I was not Brendan and she looked perplexed so I told her I was on line 6 and I signed there. I also told her Brendan was not here in NY anymore because he had moved to AR and she and the woman next to her both asked how he liked it. I replied he loved it and both said that comes as no surprise and the older woman added that everyone who leaves seems to think likewise.

Then a third woman at the table and I had a bit of a lively discussion when she tried to get me to accept a slightly torn ballot which  she said would only go into the voting machine one way (they are supposed to go in from either end) so I asked for a new one because it was defective. She said it was not damaged or defective. I told her I did not want there to be any chance for my ballot not to be counted, so please give me another because it was obviously defective. I did my best to remain respectful and calm but also remain firmly insistent.

Then she got furious after again claiming it was not damaged. To that I told her she had been the one who had just pointed out to me it was defective or damaged and she had told me it would not work as would other ballots. I asked for a supervisor, and another worker told her "just give him a new one". She took a bit of a hissy fit, slamming the ballot onto the table, grabbing a stamp of some sort (probably that said defective or cancelled or something to that effect) and slammed the stamp on the ballot even harder than she had slammed the ballot onto the table. The whole table shook. Then she handed me a ballot pushed the new ballot across the table that another poll worker had handed her and then threw her pen; I think she was going to throw it at me but it was clear she pulled back a bit just before letting it go and it hit the table and slid a ways across it toward me. Before leaving the table I said this as close as I can remember: 'what is wrong with you, you slammed the stamp on the ballot and threw your pen in a fit, but you are supposed to be helping people not acting like a bitch'.

Then I voted and as I voted some other woman started screaming at me: "What did you just call my mother"! I merely continued filling out those little circles on the ballot and then put the ballot into a machine that gobbled it up and then said my vote had been accepted.

After voting, I thanked the ladies at the table and they said their goodbyes to me and smiled (except maybe two of them). Then, as I walked out of the room, I said good night to the guy at the entrance and thanked him for being there to help out and he actually thanked me with a wide grin on his face. Maybe those smiles meant they are familiar with her nasty side and were happy I gave it right back to her - I'd like to think so. It is a shame that even voting can be such a pain in the ass but such is America today. Anyway, it was nice to see that everyone else who worked there was being respectful and courteous and quite the professionals.

I keep hoping though that when I wake up tomorrow we will continue on the road to recovery and the right will hold the House & gain in the Senate. I'd also like to hear that FUAC lost the governorship of NY but even I know that is likely hoping way too much.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, November 5, 2018

If You Think Right & Don't Vote In This Election...

… it may take a month or three or even six but if you are a shooter you will see the effect as ammo supplies dwindle and ammo prices skyrocket if the Dems will have regained the House. The panic buying will be sure to commence sooner or later. Of course, there are other issues at hand so let me name a few even more important to me than the price of ammo (at least more important for me since I am well stocked right now). These should be important to you too but bear in mind so too should be the price and availability of ammo as without ammo your firearms are worthless and without firearms the control of the government by the people is impossible - they will run tyrannical beyond the wildest imaginations of your minds should they ever figure out how to silence our boomers. But I digress, so here are some of those other important issues:

The Economy - will lose whatever impetus it has going for it as they (the Democrats/Liberals/Leftists wil oppose each and every proposal by President Trump to keep on improving it. And mind you, no matter what Obama claims that he was and remains responsible for improving the economy - it is President Donald Trump who actually had the magic wand that Obama said Trump would need to get the GDP to where it is today.

Reduction of Government Regulation - may cease if the Dems take control because they will oppose whatever Trump does to cut out more of the red tape o government and thus allow us to prosper and to enjoy our rights by way of our exercising our unencumbered liberties.

Nomination of Another Supreme Court Justice - well, not so much the nomination but the successful nomination and actual appointment of justices by President Trump likely will at least become more difficult because they, the Dems, will have control of the House of Representatives and thus will be able to twist the arm(s) of the Senate.

Passage of Any Legislation The President Favors - may take place in the Senate but certainly not in the House. There will be little if any improvement in our nation attributable to passage of legislation.

Rampant Division By Way of Pushing For Diversity - will further destroy our country and its Constitution. Our rights and liberties will be destroyed because we have become ununified due to he left trying to pit everyone against the other by way of their so called celebration of diversity and by their particular form of tolerance (which means being tolerant only for those who want to be different first instead of being unified Americans first).

The Crime Rate Will Go Up - especially violent crime, and even though this may take longer to be effected it will rise because the left supports criminality. They go easy of violent criminals all of the time yet try to make it more and more difficult for law abiding citizens to exercise their rights. If you cannot think of several examples of this - you are blind - but just ask and I will discuss them. A few that pop right up are: illegal aliens invading our nation, illegal aliens remaining within our borders, illegal aliens voting, illegal aliens taking our jobs; the government now having what it calls the right to spy on us by ay of the follow-up laws to the Patriot Act, the government have the right to seize our property without du process, government officials openly trying to turn us into a socialist nation (look at the crime rate in every one of those) and sharing the wealth (in other words taking ours and giving it to ne'er-do-wells, illegal aliens, drug pushers, and sloths). We will become Chicago or California - sooner or later under democrat control.

Health Care - will likely return to exactly what it was under Obama and that was not good. If you want you premiums to skyrocket and if you want to be forced by the government to even have health care - then don't vote.

The President - will be impeached. This is not to say he will be removed from office because I am pretty sure the Senate would never convict him but it will become a possibility. No other president in my lifetime has done as much for this country as had Donald Trump with the possible exception of Dwight D. Eisenhower and if Trump remains in office for a full term and then a second term - he will likely surpass Eisenhower in the good he has done for our nation. One thing about Trump whether or not you like his personality or his flare for being obnoxious at times - he has gotten more done than most presidents combined since Eisenhower and what he has gotten done has actually been for the good of our nation. It all can end though just because you fail to vote. I urge you - vote tomorrow - vote right - vote for the true good of our nation under our Constitution so the true reason for the RKBA never has to come into play - I would hate to see a bloody revolution in my lifetime. Let's get the job done at the ballot box and not from the ammo box.

All the best,
Glenn B