Thursday, April 5, 2007

Happy Passover Wishes..

Whoops, late again with holiday wishes. Oh well!

Happy Passover to all of you who celebrate it, and even to those of you who do not.

All the best,
Glenn B

American Boobs...

...have somehow risen to the point of being spokespeople for the far left, and far right in this country, although I will admit the most prominent and loud mouthed examples seem, to me, to be on the far left. I had not planned on writing a rant on this subject tonight, but I just read this piece: Rosie says that the Muslims are What? was just over at the Pen Of Jen. While some of Jen's readers commented on Muslim versus Christian values, I felt it appropriate to comment on Rosie O and her type.

My comment was as follows:

"Rosie O is, in my opinion, a worthless boob. She is, as I see her, an audacious blabbermouth only because no one would pay her any mind if she were not exactly that. That is because she seems to lack talent in any other regard. Yes that means she does have talent, if you will excuse me for calling being an audacious blabbermouth talent.

Too bad so many in the USA have come to find her type not only amusing but somehow see her type as intelligent, enlightening, or great. I guess it goes to show that a great many people are easily swayed in their views by those I believe to be little more than boisterous air heads. It does not say much for those of them who find this type entertaining, but them again, this is reflected in the culture of an America that has established the following as hallmarks of American Greatness: American Idol, Judge Judy, Reality TV "starring" Victoria Gotti, MTV, BET, and so forth.

As for me, I'll take 'Leave It To Beaver' or 'Good Times' reruns over any of them. I don't see my preferred type of show as being a hallmark of greatness, but rather as being the type of show that reflects upon the values of good family life. I much prefer a show like that to anything in which Rosie O. would likely be ever to appear."

That is, of course, just my opinion as one man; but my guess is others feel likewise.

All the best,
Glenn B

Allowing Illegal Aliens To Remain...

...within our country is something to which I am opposed to the extreme; but as is usual there are exceptions. Now you may find it to be a bit unusual for me to come out and say sure there should be exceptions to my thoughts about getting rid of illegals as quickly as possible, and preventing others from coming to our land. I will readily admit, I do not in any way have any exceptions to my ideas about prevention of them entering, I think that needs to be tantamount in our nation’s politics and laws. It is a matter of national security and national well being. I do, however, have an exception to the idea that all of them who are here already should be removed from our country as quickly as possible. Sorry if that disappoints you, but after you realize what is my exception, maybe you will not be so disappointed with me.

You see, there is a certain type of illegal alien whom I think should remain here, if not forever (as long as he or she lives), then at least for a very long time indeed. The type to which I make reference is this type:

"A Mexican national accused of causing the crash that killed "A Christmas Story" director Bob Clark and his son will face deportation proceedings once the charges against him are resolved, officials said Thursday." (from @,4670,DirectorKilled,00.html.

Yes, I see absolutely no reason to quickly remove/deport this alien should he be found guilty of killing these two legal U.S. residents/citizens. As a matter of fact, I think if he is found guilty, he ought to go away for a very long time, let's say at least 25 years, but that is my opinion; then deportation or removal (yes there is a legal difference between the two) for him. If he ever reenters the USA illegally after that, he should be jailed for a longer time, but again that is my opinion. Illegal aliens are getting away with numerous crimes again and again and again without paying the price or being deported. This is something about which you should be complaining to your elected officials on a regular and recurring basis, until the problem is solved. Politicians bank on the people forgetting the issues, then they vote in whatever manner they believe favors them politically. You can make certain that they would believe it political suicide to vote for amnesty or other such things by keeping them fully aware that you oppose illegal entry of aliens into the USA, along with all of its consequences.

All the best,
Glenn B