Thursday, April 5, 2007

American Boobs...

...have somehow risen to the point of being spokespeople for the far left, and far right in this country, although I will admit the most prominent and loud mouthed examples seem, to me, to be on the far left. I had not planned on writing a rant on this subject tonight, but I just read this piece: Rosie says that the Muslims are What? was just over at the Pen Of Jen. While some of Jen's readers commented on Muslim versus Christian values, I felt it appropriate to comment on Rosie O and her type.

My comment was as follows:

"Rosie O is, in my opinion, a worthless boob. She is, as I see her, an audacious blabbermouth only because no one would pay her any mind if she were not exactly that. That is because she seems to lack talent in any other regard. Yes that means she does have talent, if you will excuse me for calling being an audacious blabbermouth talent.

Too bad so many in the USA have come to find her type not only amusing but somehow see her type as intelligent, enlightening, or great. I guess it goes to show that a great many people are easily swayed in their views by those I believe to be little more than boisterous air heads. It does not say much for those of them who find this type entertaining, but them again, this is reflected in the culture of an America that has established the following as hallmarks of American Greatness: American Idol, Judge Judy, Reality TV "starring" Victoria Gotti, MTV, BET, and so forth.

As for me, I'll take 'Leave It To Beaver' or 'Good Times' reruns over any of them. I don't see my preferred type of show as being a hallmark of greatness, but rather as being the type of show that reflects upon the values of good family life. I much prefer a show like that to anything in which Rosie O. would likely be ever to appear."

That is, of course, just my opinion as one man; but my guess is others feel likewise.

All the best,
Glenn B


jennifer said...

Thank you, this was exactly the direction I was aiming for in my post. Some comments seemed to veer off into a Islam-Christian thing, but I was going for the comparing of average joes-to terrorist.
I did take the time to respond to the comment about the Islam- Christian view. I probably went off on a rant myself. Feel free to jump over and read my comment(#11)and let me know if I was too harsh?
Thanks again, Jennifer

Glenn Bartley said...

You don't seem harsh to me, just expressing your opinions in a firm but yet courteous manner.

Jungle Mom said...

We are the harsh ones???
Don't get me started on Rosie... just don't get me started!