Friday, August 8, 2008

For The First Time In Decades - I Will Refuse To Vote...

...well at least if McCain chooses Joseph Lieberman as his running mate; and that is the 'rumor' I heard on a radio talk show yesterday or the day before. I know, I have said all along that while I do not think him my candidate of choice, a vote for McCain is a vote that will defeat Obama, and that is a good vote. I dread the idea of Barack Hussein Obama becoming our president. He is flippant, obnoxious, arrogant, and extremely inexperienced when it comes to being an executive of anything. Besides that he is, as far as I can tell, I blatant liar who changes his views on a regular basis in order to get more votes, and not because of any real change in his convictions. Of course I also beleive him to be a communist and socialist all rolled up into one.

Yet, with McCain reportedly considering Lieberman as his running mate, I must say things have changed. Lieberman may support Israel, Lieberman may support the troops, Lieberman may support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and support the global war against terrorism, but otherwise he is one of the most liberal senators in Congress. McCain is already too liberal for my liking, and now he is considering pairing up with someone more liberal than himself, and not a liberal Republican mind you, but a Democrat. I will not be responsible for putting a man like Senator Joseph Lieberman in the White House, and I will not vote in this election, at least not for president and vice president, if Lieberman becomes McCain's running mate. Heck, I even like the guy, but I do not like his very liberal stance on many issues; and we need to take a stand on those issues, and vote not by party, or by likableness, but by our stance on the issues.

Sure, by my own past logic, that will in effect be a virtual vote for Obama. I do not care! It is about time that the Republican Party wakes up and realizes that Republican is synonymous with at least 'moderate conservative'. Running two liberals on the Republican ticket, one who is not even a Republican, is akin to the Republican Party telling us that our conservative values are trash. Well if that is the case, let them learn a lesson, let Obama get elected and screw tings over for 4 years. Maybe by then the republican Party will have reorganized with some conservative goals in mind. If not, well it will be time to again register as an Independent. If you think I am wrong on this okay, but here is a fine example of a liberal running gas a republican who screwed things up royally, and who continues to do so: Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City.

I am hoping with all my heart that McCain will not be foolish enough to choose a Democrat (nor a turncoat who becomes a Republican) as his running mate. Sure, it might allow him to win the election, but it will destroy the Republican Party and that for which it has stood over the years.

All the best,
Glenn B

Soldiers' Care Package Donation - Thank You

I wanted to make sure to say thanks to Rita and Clinton and their family who donated toward the Soldiers' Care Package. That was very nice and generous of you, and your donation will help put big smiles on some soldiers' faces, I am sure of that. I thought I was going out to shop for the items last weekend, but as it turned out I did not get the chance. So this weekend I'll head out to someplace like Costco to pick up the goodies for the package. With the donation you gave, and at least a matching donation from me for goodies, it should be a pretty nice package.

Once I get the stuff, I'll take a picture of it, and I'll post it here. Along with the package, I am going to include an American Flag. My assigned soldier from Soldiers' Angels asked me to do so. He told me he and his unit will fly that flag, and they will pose with the flag for a picture, then send me the pic. Rita, you will be sure to get a copy of that picture if you want to send me your address down in SA, or an 'in care of' address up here.

Thanks again.

All the best,
Glenn B