Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Road Trip So Far

My first day was only a 5.5 hour drive to Geneva, NY. I just felt compelled to attend the Hessney rod & gun auctuon last Saturday. So I drove up on Friday for the auction preview. After the preview, I checked into my motel and then headed to the Hotel Echange bar for dinner and a couple drinks. I spent most of the day on Saturday at the auction. I also spent most of the money for my trip there too plus cashed in 20 silver eagles to help pay for the guns, ammo and knife that I bought. Picked up a CZ 527 Thumbhole Varmint rifle in 223 REM and a Remington 141 Gamemaster in 35 REM.

I headed to West Palm Beach, FL as soon as I exited the auction house parking lot at 330 Saturday afternoon. I stopped at my storage locker in PA and picked up about 30 so called high capacity AR & AK mags (that I had stored there before the NY SAFE Act kicked in) to bring them to Brendan in AR. Only made a couple of other very quick stops for gas and in Winchester, VA at my motel at 1130OM.

Next day, I left the motel at about 1030AM. Late start but the day before had wiped me out getting up at 510AM and not hitting the hay until about 200 AM. What can I say, found a decent open bar in Winchester. On Sunday I planned to stop over in southern SC and visit Palmetto State Armory on Monday morning and then continue. Got a text in Sunday from a friend who had delayed vacation by a day just to see me on Monday so I kept driving until I got to Brunswick, GA. So, on Sunday, I drove about 685 miles with a stop for gas and one to eat. The stop to eat was breakfast in Elkin, NC. It was in the afternoon and was a long one, at least 2 1/2 hours of a 20 oz ribeye and two IPAs.

Departed Brunswick at about 945 AM on Monday.Got to WPB at at about 345 in the afternoon. Oh my achin tailbone was happy to be there at last. Other than visiting my uncle, I have not done a heck of a whole lot while here.hope to get some fishing in before I leave.

All the best,