Saturday, September 5, 2015

KTKC Day 5 - Dunking My Junk

Folks, I promised that I would post videos of me dunking my kilted junk (as in my privates into ice water) if anyone made a single donation of $100 on any given day during my Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraising efforts in September. Well, I am a bit tardy because the first donation of $100 was made a couple of days ago but I have done it and made a video of it. Granted, the video sucks because I made it in my garage and did not realize I was blocking the overhead light. Next time, I promise a better video but that means someone has to donate another single $100 donation through Team Glenn B. As for this crappy quality video, sorry but I am not doing it again tonight to make a better quality video. It was just too friggin cold for me to do that a second time in one night! Be advised, this is a graphic video showing partial nudity - my arse not my dunked jewels.


You all can thank Frank D for the donation that obligated me to dunk.

All the best,
Glenn B

KTKC Day 5 - Photos

Here are a couple of pics of me on day 5 of Kilted To Kick Cancer. Once again, I went out in the world and did my daily chores while kilted to help spread the word and hopefully to bring in some donations for the fundraiser. That included  trip to FedEx, Fairway Supermarket and Costco among other places. This time, I remembered to bring along some of the fliers for the effort and I handed out a few here and there.

I handed out a few fliers to the men and to one woman who wanted
one for her man, while I was inside of FedEx. I was returning one of
the end of fundraiser raffle prizes that I found to have been damaged.
After that, I went home and made up a marinade of super seKrit ingredients for our BBQ tomorrow. One rack of St. Louis style ribs was put into the marinade. That will all go into a thick walled aluminum pot (that I inherited from my great-grandfather and they just don't make em like that anymore - pots or great-grandfathers) and will simmer for probably 3 to 4 hours until the meat literally falls off o the bones. In addition, I rubbed down another two full racks of ribs - one with a sweet rub from Cabela's and another with a Kirkland brand mesquite rub. They are in the fridge awaiting being smoked for a few to several hours beginning tomorrow mid to late morning; the BBQ is at three. Then I made a fresh salsa. Since it is for tomorrow, I would rather have made it tomorrow but I have a lot of other stuff to do starting tomorrow morning so I prepared that tonight. It will be just fine tomorrow, in fact the hot peppers, fresh cilantro, onions and spices will have more time to penetrate and flavor the tomatoes. I make one heck of a salsa after having lived on the southern border for 4 years; if I say so myself - it is darned tasty. I did that all while kilted and wearing my newly arrived Kilted To Kick Cancer polo shirt.

Nope, you can't see anything dangling. I may have been enjoying a bier after
getting all of my chores done for the day but I wasn't drunk enough for that.
As you can see in the two accompanying photos, the shirt bears the KTKC logo. Much to my surprise, there was an additional bit of embroidery, on the right side of the front of the shirt, that says: "Team Glenn B". I had not expected that to be there but was pretty happy they thought of it, it's a nice touch.

Now for the important message: Men, please remember that Prostate Cancer is a killer especially if not caught early. In fact, if caught early, it is often successfully treated and cured. Do yourself a favor and have your doc test you for it especially if you are middle aged or older.

If you want to contribute to the Kilted To Kick Cancer fundraiser to help fight prostate cancer by supporting prostate cancer research, please go to this link:

Remember, that if you want to donate through a team, or in other words through the efforts of one of the bloggers who is wearing a kilt each and every day this month (at least I am doing that), then please be sure to select a team from the drop down box in the third stage of the donation process on the checkout page. The team drop-down box will be in the upper left hand portion of that screen. I sure would appreciate your donation through Team Glenn B. Thanks to everyone who has donated already. And men, don't forget to get checked.

All the best,
Glenn B

60,000 Antelope Dead - Should We be Worried About This?

Normally we don't concern ourselves all to much with what is happening around the world unless it directly involves the USA in some way, shape or form. Even then, way too many of us are unconcerned about things like what is going on with our troops in Afghanistan, whether or not the North Koreans are capable of nuking us, why Obama has dragged us into a brand new Cold War with Russia and China, and on and on and on.

We should be concerned about all that stuff but probably are not concerned enough. We leave it to our so called leaders to handle it. Now there seems to be another thing that we should be concerned about but which I am willing to bet most of us have zero knowledge. It is the recent die-off of a herd of 60,000 (yes sixty thousand) saiga antelope in Kazakhstan within about a few days time frame. An entire herd of saiga just dropped dead. More here.

You may wonder, what in Hades does the sudden demise of a herd of antelope in Asia have to do with us and I would proffer that it may have a lot to do with us or nothing. What it has to do with us is the potential for the cause of the die off to spread, to become epidemic throughout different species and then to become pandemic around the globe. That may be a far fetched idea but then so too would the idea of 60K antelope being killed off by bacteria within only 4 days.

Yes, scientists are blaming bacteria but they are befuddled as to how and why it happened. The type of bacteria is considered normal fauna in the guts of saiga. So why would the bacteria suddenly cause 60K fatalities. I don't know about you, but I wonder if government meddling, military madness, and maniacal scientists fueled bio-warfare was somehow involved. The last time an event this big happened among a saiga herd, it dwarfed this one. That was back when Kazakhstan was still part of the USSR (look it up kids, make some intelligent use of the Internet). Back then, 400,000 saiga were wiped out and no one knows the exact reason with any certainty. It was blamed on "...Pasteurellosis, the disease caused by Pasteurella..." (source) bacteria but that happened under Soviet rule and reportedly little to no investigation was done. Does that smell of cover-up, I will let the conspiracy theorists figure it out.

This time round though, scientists were there concurrently studying the saiga herd. So they have collected lots of evidence but are still clueless as to how this normally quasi-benign bacteria killed of so many animals with such ferocity over just 4 short days. As for me, I am just hoping it is not a harbinger of things to come in the form of germ warfare research gone berserk along the lines of The Stand by Stephen King. Or it could be worse, it could be bio-weapons testing as a prelude to bio-warfare.

All the best,

Yesterday's KTKC Photo

Went to the gym last night, got home, had some dinner with half a bottle of wine and went to bed. I forgot to post my KTKC photo for Day 4. I also never got the chance to do the dunk-my-lilted-junk video I owe you all because one generous person made a $100 donation. I'll try to do that today; not looking forward to it but suppose I have to get it done.

Anyway, here's my pic from yesterday and it ain't pretty:

Yep, that is my brand new UT Kilts utility kilt. Better
photos to come, this one really sucked since I look to be
about 80 in it. Maybe I should just stop working out.
As for the Team Glenn B standings, s of just a moment ago, we were shown to be in third place with $315. We are behind the second place team by $265 and behind the first place team by just over 1K. We are ahead of fourth place by $95.

If you want to donate to help support prostate cancer research and to kick prostate cancer's arse, then please do so through this link:

If you want to do so through our team, then please be sure to click on Team Glenn B in the drop down box in the upper left hand corner of the checkout screen, third step in the payment process. Remember, once you have donated through Team Glenn B, please send me a an email with your receipt of acknowledgement and include your name so I can allocate prize chances to you and so I can assure that donations through Team Glenn B are being recorded properly.

Thanks for your generous support.

All the best,
Glenn B