Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bill Garza For Otero County, NM Sheriff

I do not live in Otero County, NM but if I did you could safely bet that I would vote for Bill Garza for county sheriff. I was in federal law enforcement for 32 years plus a little and I can definitely say, from what I know of serving the people, Bill is, in my opinion, the right man for the job. If you do live out that way, give Bill some serious consideration for your vote. Here is a link to his website:

Wherever you live, you may want to consider dropping a buck his way in the form of a campaign contribution; I imagine any bit would help. I do not give endorsements lightly nor do I usually consider asking people to make political contributions to anyone in a local election let alone a man I have never met in person. Yet, I can do so with the faith that Bill can get the job done and do it right because of what I know of him, his wife Jen and the rest of their wonderful family.

While I know them only through contact via the Internet by way of my blog, Jen's blog, Facebook (as of late) and correspondence we have sent to one another via email, they have become dear friends of mine. That was possible in that manner because of the amazing way by which they stood with me and helped battle stage 4 throat cancer back in 2011. Their moral support and prayers for me, the support they garnered for me from folks like them around the world - it made me realize these were good patriotic Americans and simply very amazing and generous folks who were willing to help out a total stranger based on their own way of life. 

Then there were the stories of their family struggles: Bill is a retired but (I am pretty sure) pension-less law enforcement officer due to an on the job injury that did not allow him to continue working. The injury came before he was vested in any sort of pension, including disability (if any of this is wrong I will correct it as soon as Jen straightens me out and I am sure she will if I got any wrong). Thus they faced financial difficulties and other hardships 
in the state where Bill had been employed as a LEO. 

They overcame all that by way of their faith in God, their faith in and love for one another and by their determination to find a place to which they could relocate on a shoestring budget and start all over again. They found a home in New Mexico, built it up from what was not more than a good sized shack on an almost barren dirt patch to a wonderful home and farm/ranch and have succeeded in their dream of making it on their own. I really do mean essentially on their own too, it is amazing the things they accomplished with little or no help from anyone but themselves. All the while they raised 4 wonderful children who have all become patriotic and contributing adult members of society. Now Bill and Jen are grandparents too. They have shared many of their experiences and their accomplishments by way of Jen's defunct blog Pen of Jen and also by way of her current blog Double Nickel Farm.  

Everything I know of them leads me to believe that people like Bill  (and Jen too if she ever decides to run for office) are the ones we want in government service whether it be as sheriff, mayor, county executive, governor of a state or representative in Congress. I wish him all the luck in world in the election and offer my whole hearted endorsement to him.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Big Bad Man Was Not So Big Or Bad...

...once confronted by a shorter but nonetheless real man!

Videos like this, of ruthless punks getting their comeuppance, are heartwarming.

All the best,
Glenn B