Sunday, February 19, 2012


I have never seen or heard one like this before although Heaven could probably attest to the fact that it has been done before, somewhere at sometime by someone else. I am going to go ahead with it anyway and here is how to play along. I will write down 5 things that indicate, to me, that a gun owner or shooter maybe is an honest one; I say 'maybe' because I have known some seemingly honest gun owners to tell some really tall tales. Then I will tag 5 other gun owners who are also bloggers and I hope each will play along, each listing, in their blogs, at least 3 things that are indicative a gun owner is an honest one, then sending the challenge of this meme on to 5 other gun owner who are also bloggers.


1) You admit, not only to yourself, but openly to other people to whom you talk about firearms, that you have broken just about every rule of firearms safety more than once.

2) You explain to your child, when teaching him or her to shoot, that you do not know everything about guns, nor are you the best shot in the world (although maybe you are the coolest mom or dad at least as far as you kids are concerned).

3) You readily admit to others that while you are a fair to middling shot, you are far from the best and maybe just a bit closer to the worst.

4) You immediately fess up, when calling a gunsmith for help, letting the gunsmith know that ‘yes, you did take the gun apart and try to put it back together again and that is why it is so screwed up‘.

5) You openly bring up the fact that you have never owned one of those, or one of them, or any of that one when other shooters start talking about the really cool guns they own.

The five bloggers whom I have tagged are:

Wirecutter at Knuckledraggin my life away, Bayou Renaissance Man, James (aka: Zach) over at The Next Chapter, Gary at GreyBeard's Gripes and Jay G at MArooned.

Have fun with this one.

All the best,
Glenn B

My Son and The Military

Brendan took a physical yesterday. He ran 3 miles in about 24 minutes, did 10 chin-ups in an unknown amount of time, and did 40 sit-ups in 2 minutes. He has passed the preliminary physical fitness test for the United States Marine Corps. He has been thinking about joining up for sometime now. Showing some initiative, foresight and smarts, he is trying to get selected for Officers' Candidate School. He told me he has not signed anything yet and I asked him to also consider the Navy, Army and maybe even the Air Force. I am not too sure he will give any of those others serious consideration as he has had his sights set on the Marine Corps for quite the while now but I figured I had at least best remind him of his options.

I asked him, that if he is going to sign up, he does not do so until at least after we get the chance to take a road trip together once he graduates from college this spring. I just thought that one more of those together before he goes off out into the world by himself would be wonderful. He agreed that sounded like a great idea.

All the best,
Glenn B

And The Winner, of the Nation of Rifleman T-shirt, is ...

...none other than the person who came up with the answer closest to being right on the money. That, even though I drew the name from a hat that contained the names of all three (yes, sadly only 3 people were interested in my contest) contestants because none had actually told me exactly what was the item AND exactly what it was meant for. ParatrooperJJ did come very close when he said: "Looks like a cleaning rod guide for a bolt gun". The fact is, yes it is a cleaning rod guide for a bolt gun, so he was right on on what was the item. He would have been right on the money had he then said 'for a Polish WZ-48 Trainer'. Does not matter, for him though, since his name was pulled from the hat anyway.

So ParatropperJJ - let me know to whom and where to send the shirt. You can reach me via email at gbarthgwt at aol dot com or you can leave your info in a comment to this post - which I will see but not publish. Once I get that, I'll try to have the shirt out in a few days at most. Hope you like it.

Thanks to all for participating.

All the best,