Sunday, February 19, 2012

And The Winner, of the Nation of Rifleman T-shirt, is ...

...none other than the person who came up with the answer closest to being right on the money. That, even though I drew the name from a hat that contained the names of all three (yes, sadly only 3 people were interested in my contest) contestants because none had actually told me exactly what was the item AND exactly what it was meant for. ParatrooperJJ did come very close when he said: "Looks like a cleaning rod guide for a bolt gun". The fact is, yes it is a cleaning rod guide for a bolt gun, so he was right on on what was the item. He would have been right on the money had he then said 'for a Polish WZ-48 Trainer'. Does not matter, for him though, since his name was pulled from the hat anyway.

So ParatropperJJ - let me know to whom and where to send the shirt. You can reach me via email at gbarthgwt at aol dot com or you can leave your info in a comment to this post - which I will see but not publish. Once I get that, I'll try to have the shirt out in a few days at most. Hope you like it.

Thanks to all for participating.

All the best,

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