Sunday, November 26, 2017

Even Fairly Conservative Media Outlets Report Fake News

According to an article at One America News Network, the numbers of allegations of violations 
committed by senior staff at the Pentagon have increased since Obama was president. Here is the pertinent quote so you can see exactly how they say it:

"According to the pentagon inspector general’s report on Saturday allegations have increased by 13 percent since the Obama Administration, expanding from 710 allegations in 2015 to 803 last year." (Source.)

What they just said is blatantly untrue relative to the time frame and under whose administration the increased violations took place. If you did not catch it the first time you read the quote read it again because their is something blatantly fake or wrong about what I says. Did you see it the firs time or did you need another look or maybe you have not se it yet!

What that quote says is that the 13% rise in such allegations took place SINCE the Obama administration and that they rose that amount last year! Do you get it now - Obama was still president and his administration was still in power throughout all of last year up to an including the first 20 days of this year. So the reported 13% rise in such allegations did not take place SINCE the Obama Administration but DURING the Obama Administration. Couldn't someone, at a pretty conservative news organization like OANN, have seen that and reported on it as such - no matter how the Pentagon's Inspector General's report made it sound. In other words, can't anyone in the frigging media ever get it right???

It is truly mind boggling that bullshit like this keeps seeping through the cracks and is reported as legitimate news.

All the best,
Glenn B


Finaly Found Something That Pleased My Wife...

...on the Internet.

I am pretty sure I posted this pic before but it is always good for another laugh.

All the best,
Glenn B

How Time Flies When Your At The Bar...

...and had a few too many.

That is my favorite clock of all my time so far on this earth. I have looked but never been able to find one I could buy for myself. So:

Dear Santa Claus,

If you happen to have one of these around your workshop, would you please be so kind as to bring it to me for Christmas. Can't say I have been a very good boy all year but I think good enough to get just this one thing.

Thanks and have a Merry Christmas,
Glenn B

One can dream - right!

All the best,
Glenn B

Histroy Being Destroyed

All the best,

Friday, November 24, 2017

He Wasn't Arrested Yet But The Hunter... Western NY State who seemingly mistook a woman for a deer and then allegedly shot her will by my guess be getting charged with multiple crimes, especially in light of the fact that the woman 
has died. As was reported the 'hunter' reportedly rendered first aid and called 911 but the call to 911 was reportedly made about 40 minutes after sunset and the 'hunter' was allegedly hunting on land without permission. More here at the source

There is a reason I wear a blaze orange coat or jacket and hat when hunting or even hiking through the woods in the firearms seasons for big game. There is also a reason I make damned sure of my target before shooting.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Special Thanksgiving Wish To Three Very Special Someones

Right after eating Thanksgiving dinner, I cut up the remaining carcass of the turkey for fixings for the dogs, then hit the sink and just a minute or three ago I finished the dinner dishes, utensils, glasses, pots and pans and such. We were done eating probably at least 45 minutes or more ago.

Dinner was excellent for all here; yet, it was a bit melancholy, at least for me. The thing that put me in that frame of mind was someone very special to me missing from the table this year - missing for the first Thanksgiving Dinner ever, in fact. So I want to send out a very special Thanksgiving Day wish to the one who was not here for his first Thanksgiving away from home, our son Brendan who is now living in AR. I also want to send a very special Thanksgiving Day wish to Brendan's two onkels, my brothers-in-law,  who drove down there to celebrate Thanksgiving with him. Here is hoping that the three of you have an extremely 
nice Thanksgiving day dinner together and that your Thanksgiving will wind up as having been a truly memorable and enjoyable one.

We miss you my boy!


A Thanksgiving Wish

I send out to all - U.S. citizens; legal immigrant aliens to the U.S.; legal non-immigrants within the U.S.; those who work hard for a living and pay their taxes; those who are retired from years of working hard; those who are on public assistance and truly need it to survive because for some valid reason you cannot work; those who work hard but do not make enough and honestly need public assistance such as food stamps; the old, the middle aged & young; both the healthy & infirm; those of every race & creed & even atheists as nonbelief is a creed of sorts; those of every natural 
gender (male, female or hermaphrodite); those who know both who & what they are; those who accept themselves for what they are while living life to the best of their ability and striving to really better themselves; the truly tolerant (not those who necessarily find everything to be 100% acceptable but who put up with (as in tolerate) those who are diverse including those to the extreme even while vehemently disagreeing with them; all Americans who strive for unity within our great nation regardless of the diversity of our people; those who admit this is most likely the freest and greatest country on the planet; they who respect our values and strive to become and or remain good hardworking and loyal American citizens - a wish for a very Happy Thanksgiving and a reminder to be very thankful for the good things we have. 

Happy Thanksgiving,
Glenn B

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Just A Little Miffed

All the best,

Happy Holidays

I was not about to tempt fate by saying Merry Christmas just quite yet. Who knows by how much they would thin the herd if I said it before the proper time.
All the best,
Glenn B

Home From Hunting...

...and once again I returned home bringing with me only my memory of this year's laughter of the deer. As opposed to my hunting trip in crossbow season, a couple o weeks ago when I saw three deer and got two missed shots at a decent buck I had seen then, I saw zero deer during the first three days of the rifle season. I did not even spook one nor did any of the other hunters who passed me in the woods drive any my way (at least none to be seen by me).

The only game I saw this trip was a single gray squirrel. I also saw several chipmunks (one within 5 yards of me, sitting there for about 5 minutes until I shooed it off). Also saw a lot of crows, a flock of Canada geese, got a glimpse at a vole or something that small that scampered off under the leaf litter, and a small flock of chickadees (always nice to see them flittering about me without noticing me or at least not paying me any mind) because I know I am not seen as a threat and must be doing something right. Still though, not right enough to see a deer or bear was I this time around.

Oh well, the season is not closed yet and if I get the chance I am going back to the same place in hopes that the buck I saw during the crossbow season will still be around and waiting just for me either to laugh at me or get blasted by me.

All the best,

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Always Read The Fine Print

All the best,
Glenn B

It Must Have Been Uncomfortable

Oh my!
All the best,
Glenn B

Missing This Guy

If you don't know, that's is my son Brendan. Living down in AR now, thus the hunting trip tomorrow will be a solo adventure for me. Wish he was going to be with me though, I sure do!
All the best,

Hopefully Bad Things Happen In Threes...

...and not one bit more than that. About a week ago or so, my futon in the basement had part of it just fall off. I need a new one or a sofa but am not too sure a sofa can fit through either door that leads to the basement. Either way, I figure at least $400 on that.

Then the big TV in the living room went on the fritz. It looked as if it would cost well over 1.5K for a new comparable one. Luckily in that regard, the wife said she wants a smaller one. I fuond what seems to be a decent one going for about $500 but still - that is a big hit especially when combined with the need for a new futon or sofa.

Then today, the water heater went out. Luckily, or so I thought, it was still under extended warranty. When the repairman was done, he said that will be $432.33 and said it was not under warranty. He said that was because the only thing covered by the warranty is the tank and not other parts like the pilot assembly, the one that needed replacement. I disagreed but he stood by that saying no one warrants any parts other than the tank.

I asked for him to have his manager or the business owner call me because I had my warranty plus the receipt to extend it sitting right in front of me and they seemingly indicated otherwise. The owner calls the repairman and the repairman tells me the owner refused to speak to me and that I owe them $432.33. I almost went through the ceiling.

I asked him to again call the guy and have him speak to me. He calls him again and tells him I am demanding to speak to him, which I did not do because I asked him t please call again. Regardless, it had the right effect and the guy gets on the phone with me. He tries to tell me no one offers warranties on anything but the tank "anymore". I told him I have the original warranty for 6 years tank and 6 years parts and that I also have the receipt showing his company extended my warranty to 10 years for the "water heater"; that was about 9 1/2 years ago. I pointed out it does not say there is a warranty extension for the tank alone, it says for the "water heater"! He said he cannot pull up the paperwork because a fire destroyed all their paperwork sometime in the past. He also said he would have to see both the original warranty and the receipt and then he had the repairman take a picture of each. he said he would be reimbursed by the company that manufactured he water heater. The repair guy left without asking for payment.

When I asked him, before he left, how much the part had been, he said over a couple of hundred. Thus that would make the labor about the same. I figure I am going to get stuck paying for labor but I had better not get stuck paying for the part! If I do get screwed, and they insist I pay for the part too, then it is off to file a claim at small claims court where the filing fee is about $25.00. In other words, if they decide not to honor their 10 year warranty extension, for which they charged me and received payment from me about 9.5 years ago, F-them. I will be a pain in their asses just on principle if it comes to that.

Of course, I may be happily surprised and they may call me tomorrow to tell me that they are covering at least the cost of the part. That would be nice but with all the argument I got from them already, telling me it's not covered, I am kind of doubtful about that. Time will tell though.

Oh yeah, lest I forget, that put a dent in my plans to get everything ready for an early departure on my hunting trip tomorrow. Now, I figure I'll be lucky if I leave home by noon.

Please - stop at three - I don't need anything else going wrong especially at these prices!

All the best,
Glenn B

Going Hunting Tomorrow

I am planning on leaving early (for me) tomorrow. I am hoping to get on the road by 6 or 7. That probably means it will be more like 9 or 10 even though last time I hoped for the same, I wound up leaving at about 2PM. There is a difference this time, I have been sorting and collecting my hunting gear since around 0930; and though I write this while on a break, I am still at it - last time I got ready on the day I left. So this time, things should be all packed in the car this evening and ready to go for tomorrow except for my firearms. Those I will pack just before I depart, no sense in leaving them in my car overnight potentially for someone to steal.

I'll be bringing my crossbow as tomorrow and Friday are still with the part of the bow season that allows crossbow use. I am also bringing my Ruger Redhawk in 44 Magnum, my Marlin 336 in 35 Remington, my Remington 870 12 gauge and maybe - just maybe my Savage Axis in 308 Winchester. Why so many - why not? Anyway, I like redundancy and in the event of catastrophic failure of the Marlin it would be nice to have a back up rifle. Sure I could go to the 870 as a back-up but I am planning on using that only for small game hunting if I score a deer and or bear early; that is mostly due to a shoulder thing. Of course, just about anyone would be happy to have all that in the event of a zombie apocalypse (have to keep an open mind). I also hope to get in some target shooting if I can find a range. Oh, I forgot one, my carry pistol is also coming along.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that no one has taken the 6 pointer I missed with my crossbow about a week and a half ago. That would be a decent take especially with the crossbow. Taking along my trail cam too and thinking of just leaving it there until the late muzzle loader season (when I can again hunt with my crossbow) and picking it up then. Got a nice few shots of the 6 pointer I missed right at the apple tree that I had spent most of my time set up near but he was there about an hour after sunset. Who knows, maybe he will stop by during daylight one day this time around; he certainly is active during the day as witnessed by me getting off shots at him last time. I will have up to 5 days on this trip to bag one - wish me luck please.

Got to get my stuff packed away so have to go for now. Hope that if you are hunting you have the best of luck.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Sadly - The Shooting Today In CA Apparently Was Preventable...

...since the shooter was reportedly let out on probation relative to a stabbing he was alleged to have committed recently. Had he remained incarcerated, the shooting would not have taken place.

The guy had been reported as shooting firearms early in the morning and late at night. Regardless of whether that was reported before or after the stabbing - the authorities should have searched this guys home and maybe elsewhere for firearms and removed them from his possession once he had been charged with what likely was a felony. That is if it is true that is neighbors had contacted police repeatedly to report him for late night and early morning shooting. (Source for that info.)

Think of it, if his late night and early morning shooting was reported before the alleged stabbing - then why did the police not put one and one together and take his guns from him once he was charged? If his late PM and early AM shooting was after the alleged stabbing then why did the police not seize the guns, once him having then was reported, since someone so charged cannot legally possess firearms? Of course, it all begs the question: Why would a judge ever let him out on bail without ordering his firearms be surrendered to police since if it was well known had firearms?

Now, what I am saying all depends on the veracity of the reports about him coming in at this early stage - that could all change - but if what is being reported now turns out to all be true - then maybe someone in law enforcement and someone in the criminal justice system needs to be held partially responsible. This is not meant to be any sort of anti-police rant so don't take it that way. It is an anti-incompetence rant relative to a rabidly anti-RKBA state like CA that seemingly bends over backwards to give prisoners as many rights as possible while denying rights of it law abiding citizens.

Of course, as usual, my prayers are going out to the loved ones of the deceased and to the surviving victims with hopes for full recoveries for all of them.

All the best
Glenn B

Monday, November 13, 2017

I'm Melting, Melting...

...and after that many rounds, which polymer framed gun wouldn't melt!

Oh what a world,
Glenn B

An Exciting Job... not what this guy is doing.

It might be something though that I would consider hiring on as for the remainder of my retirement but only if they let me sit while doing it.

All the best,
Glenn B

Gun Store Clerk - As Patient As A Saint

I don't know about you but I was waiting for it to pull a gun and for the clerk to light it up. I say it because I am none to sure if it was a woman, a man or something surgically altered.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Damn - It's Getting Expensive Around Here

A couple or few days ago, I sat down on my futon down in the basement and part of one end of it fell off. I figure a new sofa or futon will be in the $400 - $500 range. Okay, I can live with that.

Then last night, someone went to turn on our big TV in the living room and voila - no sound and no picture - in fact nothing on the screen at all. Yes, the TV turned on but that was it. I checked around and from what I can figure, it is not worth getting it repaired. Then I checked on prices of new similarly sized ones. I can get a decent one for about $1K and can get a much better one, but still not nearly the best, for about 2K. The one at 2K will come free a five year replacement warranty from Costco. Since a similar warranty at other stores runs from $400 to 500, I think I'll have to go with Costco.

I cannot believe I am about to shell out between 1 and 2K for a new television plus another $400-$500 for a new sofa or futon but such is my luck. Hopefully things will not come in three as bad luck so often seems to strike.

All the best,

Friday, November 10, 2017

Hope My Bosses Don't See This

All the best,

ATF One Up?

All the best,

Oh No

All the best,

Happy Veterans' Day

A happy Veterans' Day to all who have served in the U.S. Military. I realize that he actual day is tomorrow but since it is also being observed today, I figured why not send out this wish a day early.

Thanks to you all for your service and sacrifices.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, November 6, 2017


Last night, when I got back to my motel, I turned on the news and heard the sad and terrible news about the shooting in Texas. I will not go into my thoughts about it, it is too soon, except to say kudos to the neighbor of the church who confronted and engaged the shooter (shooting him but not killing him yet stopping him from further rampage). We need more Americans like him (or them, I now hear there were possibly two good guys wo stopped up to engage the bad guy). 

My condolences to the families and loved one of the deceased. My prayers for them and of course for the survivors who were injured, hoping for a speedy and full recovery for them.

Al the best,
Glenn B

Hunting A La William Tell - Well Not Really Like Him...

...but there was a crossbow and apples involved but alas not the crack shooting of William Tell.

With all good intentions of departing my house at about 0900 on Thursday morning, to head to my chosen hunting grounds in upstate NY, I wound up leaving around 2PM. Of course, that put me in the early NYC rush hour(s) but that is what I get for waiting until the last minute to get everything done that I needed to finish before taking off. Truth is, I was sick as a dog for the entire week before that (Weds. - Weds.) and still not feeling 100% by Thursday so at least I can sue that as an excuse. Anyway, I was finally off and headed north by northwest (literally). Nothing exciting to report for 99% of the trip, just lots of traffic until I was well 
through and out of NYC.  I did have a moment of sheer scared the shit out of me for a moment sheer thrilling moment when a doe walked out in front of my car while I was doing just a tad over the speed limit. I figure I was going 67 or 68 at most. When I saw the deer, I jammed on the brakes hard and hit the horn. I also glanced into the rear view and immediately eased up the pressure on the brakes because while I thought the guy behind me saw I was hitting the brakes he seemed to ne coming way too fast and maybe even sped up. Luckily he swerved to the left and missed hitting my Toyota Corolla's ass end by about 2 or three feet (that brought memories of last September to mind when my previous Corolla was ass ended and totaled). He only slowed down hard as he was passing me but pass me is what he did. Had the deer kept going and not done an about face and headed back from whence it had come, he would have been sure to nail it. Me, I missed it by about 30 feet at most. As quickly as it had gotten me all fired up - it was over. Took me a little longer to calm down but not much longer.
Stayed at Binghamton overnight and the next day I was out hiking and scouting deer sign in the area I had previously scouted and chosen to hunt. I went to my preselected stand and nicely surprised to see there were still about a dozen or more apples in the apple tree at the edge of the clearing near to where I would take my stand the following day. Set up my trail camera pointed more or less toward the apple tree since there were some apples on the ground around it. Meant to set up the trail cam about 1 1/2 to 2 months ago but then had an unexpected spate of working, like 5 weeks straight and had to catch up on chores and such after that, then I got sick for that week I mentioned. Never got the chance to get away to place it. After finally setting the camera, I walked around a bit more hoping to see other sign or maybe to stumble across some squirrels or a turkey but no luck there. I did walk up on about a half dozen or more chipmunks, getting as close as 5 feet or so away from one and never even making it take second notice of me. That while wearing blaze orange with a black branch camo pattern on it.
On Saturday, I sat in the stand for a few hours waiting. Luckily, while it was about 33 degrees out when I took my stand, I never felt more than a mild chill.  As the day went on, it started to warm up a bit by around 1100 or so. Got into the mid 40s maybe low 50s. All that while, I saw and heard nothing except some chickadees and several crows flying about cawing and cackling. Sometime around midday or one, I headed out to stretch my legs and get my circulation going. Went up hill a little, crossed over an old stone wall running up and down the hill, and almost instantly spooked a decent sized buck. Could not see much of its rack but it had one with a fair curve to it, so probably at least a 6 to 8 pointer is what I thought then. I stood my ground, waited about 10 minutes, then gave a doe bleat with my call and also a follow-up buck grunt. Almost immediately after that, a deer came scampering my way. At first I thought it was a doe but the way it came in I think it was a very young buck and since it had no antlers it was not the same as the other one I had just seen. It stopped and was looking around and after a couple of minutes I gave another doe bleat, it came closer and essentially right at me but then veered off and walked from my right to my left broadside to me about 25 or 30 yards off. It stopped behind some brush and I decided that, even though it would have been a kill shot with a 12 gauge or my Marlin 336 in 35 Rem., I had almost no chance of a good shot with my crossbow. I waited. I bleated again, and it moved, once again remaining broad side to me. I brought up the crossbow, got a bead on it and what did it do but stop behind more brush. Dumb animals, I think not, not even this young button-buck. I waited for 10 minutes or so more and moved a little to get a different viewpoint. It was gone and the best I can figure is that when behind the brush, it turned to its right or directly away from me and walked off. Oh well. Never saw it or the bigger one again that day. Back to my stand and sat the rest of the afternoon. Well, not actually sat, at maybe about 230 or so, I laid down and took a nap. When I woke up the sun was very warm on my face and a look at myself in the motel mirror later that night showed I got a slight burn. Nice for November in NY State.
Sunday was more of the same except that instead of getting to my stand at least a half hour before sunrise, I got there around noon. What can I say, I am getting to be a senior and I need the sleep. Once at the state land, I readied my gear and headed off into the woods to my spot. About a hundred yards down the old logging trail, I realized I had forgotten the extra batteries for my crossbow's red-dot scope. I hemmed and hawed and then decided to go back figuring how passed I'd be at myself if the battery died and I had no spare. That probably took all of ten minutes. Now, I am sure you have heard of being in the right place at the right time and had I not gone back to my car for the battery, I am guessing I would not have arrived at either that day but as it turned out that delay led to some excitement for me. I hadn't walked into the woods on that ancient logging road for more that 8-10 minutes at most, when things stated looking good. As I walk along, while hunting, I stop often - sometimes for a few seconds - sometimes for a minute or two. I had not bothered to do that for at least the first five or 6 minutes of the walk in toward the stand. In fact, it was on the second such stop, as I looked to my right, I saw a 6 point buck was more or less paralleling me out about 35 to 40 yards into the woods. In actuality he was moving toward the road I was on a about a 45 degree angle. I am sure he knew I was there but he either though me another buck or a doe. He was none to cautious about it either and I think he thought he was about to get some and all I could think was that he was abut to get fucked shot. I slowly turned to get a good shooting stance, waited, saw he was still walking, raised the cross bow, turned on the red-dot scope, waited as the buck stopped to look around, waited more, he started walking again, waited more and as the buck stopped about 30 or 35 yards off broadside to me. I fired and heard the unmistakable thud of my bolt slamming into a tree.
I was not happy but the buck did not go far, maybe 10 yards or so, still broadside to me and no more than 35 or 40 yards distant. He looked back over his shoulder and I just stood still. Then he turned around and took a few steps back the way he had been going when paralleling me. He stopped again and was looking toward me for a bit then looked the other way and I bent over and cocked the crossbow, put an arrow onto the rail and slowly got down and took a shooting stance on one knee. I hoped he would move because the shot I had was obstructed by lots of braches from saplings. He or I moved a little, I cannot recall which and I chanced a shot and saw the bolt get deflected and heard that same thud as the arrow buried itself into a tree trunk. The deer took off. Many oh man had it been firearms season I could have nailed it easily with shotgun, Marlin 336 or even with a pistol. I walked out into the woods after him about 5 or 10 minutes later. Did not see him anywhere around 360 degrees. I did find my first arrow in an evergreen of some sorts, pine or hemlock - I don't know my trees. I could not get the broadhead out but was able to gouge out enough wood with my Ka-Bar to be able to unscrew the shaft. No way I was getting the broadhead out without breaking the tip off of my knife so I hammered the head all the way into the tree using the pommel of the knife. There had only been about 1/4 inch of one the blades sticking out from the tree but  figured why take a chance someone might get hurt on that. Now that may sound overly cautious, I mean what would the chances be of someone else coming up on that same tree and somehow getting cut on that bit of blade but in a moment it may not seem so far fetched.
I looked around for the other arrow, the second one I had fired but could not find it. I had the thought that heck, maybe I had hit the deer and that thud was the sound of the broadhead hitting bone even tough I had been sure it had hit a tree. I set off looking for blood. Did not find any blood but after another 10 or 15minutes, I found the other bolt in another tree. Here is a picture of exactly how I found it, you look at it and tell yourself what is wrong with the photo and remember my first arrow hit a tree about 10 yards from this one. 
You do see what I mean, don't you!
Just in case you don't get what I am getting at, let me show you a close up.
Tell me, in a 536 acre wood, with however many trees per acre, what
were the chances of me shooting my arrow into the same tree from
 which someone else had evidently already removed an errant arrow.

 Yes folks, I swear by all that I hold dear, that is exactly how it looked when I found my second arrow stuck in that second tree. There must be at least a thousand trees in an acre of those woods, if not more, and I shot my arrow into what looked like a tree that someone else had shot into with an arrow and then removed it. That is not a bullet hole if only because of the way the bark and some wood was chipped away and laying on the ground at the base of the tree. It looked virtually exactly the same as what I had done to the first tree trying to recover the first arrow and what I was about to do to this one trying to recover this arrow. Turned out I could not get this arrow out, the head was in much deeper than the first one in the other tree. Maybe I could have dug it out completely had I spent another half hour to hour trying to chip and carve the tree to get it out but I wanted to hunt for my remaining few hours, heck it was going to get darker an hour earlier than the night before due to the time change from daylight savings time to standard time! As it was, I was anxious to get it out and get hunting and when trying to twist out the shaft the darned thing splintered. I took what was left of the shaft (literally and figuratively) and headed off to hunt. I guess the chances of someone coming upon that little bit of my first broadhead sticking out of the tree, had I not hammered it in all the way, and getting cut would not have been as astronomical as I had thought.

That is all I saw for the rest of the day at least as far s deer went. I did see some other small forest critters like woodpeckers, more crows & chipmunks and a newt. To be technical it was a Red Eft, a young fully formed land living version of the Eastern Newt (aka: red Spotted Newt).  They are a bright red or orange and live on land a couple to few years after coming out of their fully aquatic larval stage, then when they reach adulthood their dorsal color changes to a drab green with a few red spots on each side of their sides; their bellies become yellow with numerous small black spots throughout. They like damp days with light rain, seems to bring them out. Sunday fit the bill, was in the mid fifties or so, it was either drizzly or light showers most of the day and this guy was out and about. Surprised there were not more of them but most were probably already in brumation (sort of the amphibian & reptile form of hibernation).


I stayed until this morning but decided not to try hunting today and to take a leisurely drive home making some stops for goodies along the way Before leaving, I am happy t say I remembered to grab my trail camera. I did not have a card reader/viewer with me and had to bring the card home to view it and decided not to leave it with another card in it. One the way home, I stopped in Roscoe, NY with the intention of stopping at The Little Store (general store wherein about 1/2 the store had been dedicated to shooting, hunting & fishing supplies  until a guns tore opened almost right across the street from them). I wanted to grab something as a memento for my son because he loved the store as much as me, just not for as long a time. I almost fell over as I walked up to the store and saw this.

I was shocked to see The Little Store had closed and was for sale. I had been
shopping there for maybe 40 or more years & took my son there many times.
To say I was shocked and saddened is a gross understatement. I almost cried, imagine a fat old man in his sixties crying because a store had closed but it was like losing an old friend. As my son texted me when I let him know: "Damn end of an era". I did make one stop in town though, at The Prohibition Distillery where I got some NY maple syrup and a bottle of Prohibition Vodka (made from corm - go figure). Have not tasted it yet, time and a good snort or three will tell if it is as smooth as the salesman claimed. Made one more stop in Hopewell Junction, NY at The Smokehouse, I was hoping to get some Bratwurst, they have excellent ones there. Turned out they only had two bratwurst, that is unless I wanted frozen - which I did not. I picked up a liverwurst, a pound and a half of pastrami and a loaf of Lithuanian bread. The bread alone was $15 and change! Of course, it probably weights 5 pounds or more. Hopefully it is as good as the Lithuanian bread we can get closer to home.

Once I got home, I offloaded the car, started in the laundry and cleaning up my other hunting gear and then got around to viewing the pics on the SD cards (had a 4GB and 32GB each of which I used on consecutive days) from the trail camera. I only got pics from Friday night, nothing on Saturday or Sunday night. What I saw were three photos of what I think was the same buck at which I took the two shots. The photos are all pretty much the same, with the buck moving just a little throughout the three photo burst, here is the best of the lot:

It is probably hard to see in this pic but below is an enlargement of the buck, it clearly shows him as a six pointer.

At least it has 3 pints on the right side, not sure if it has 2 or 3 on the left.

Not a very big buck but it would have made me happy to have taken him. Next time - maybe he will be mine, that is if no one else gets him first. If I am lucky, I'll get to go at least once more during crossbow season and then again in the rifle season.

Oh yeah, I also got a few pics of a bigfoot walking by, even one of him staring right into my camera lens.


 That's it for now, gotta go finish the laundry.

Al the best,
Glenn B


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How Do You Like Your Peons - Charbroiled Crispy or Lightly Grilled

Saw an article - about a Mexican drug cartel, Nueva Familia Michoacana, over at Knuckledraggin and could not resist swiping it for my own commentary. The cartel allegedly has been executing the local peasantry when the poor slobs have refused to lend their support to the cartel. What the cartel did to their victims is much akin to what you might expect from ISIS with maybe even a bit more of a sicko twist. They have been kidnapping, killing, dismembering the locals. Then they have been carving their logo into the body parts and also grilling some of them. After that they distribute the body parts to the remaining local campesinos and other poor slobs to instill fear of the cartel into them. Read about it here at the original source over at Breitbart.

As I commented over at Knuckledraggin:

"For once the warning about graphic photos was correct. It seems the whole fucking world has become afflicted by the same disease, the one causing people around the globe to go absolutely totally fucking psycho crazy for personal gain of power.

Brings to mind the robot Gort from the 1951 classic The Day The Earth Stood Still. I think if he were on today’s world, no matter what he might be ordered to do by Klaatu, he would destroy this godforsaken place in a nanosecond."

I'd end with my usual closing of "All the best" but how the fuck can I say that after seeing that shit!

Stay safe my friends,
Glenn B

45-70 Gov't. - I Just Gotta Say Wow...

...if only because I just cleaned the bore of my new Marlin 1895GBL in 45-70 Gov't. with a 12 gauge slotted cleaning rod tip. (Yes that means, Remington/Marlin finally set me a new rifle as a replacement, couple of weeks ago, for the one I had bought originally but that had problems.) I never before imagined cleaning a rifle with shotgun cleaning accessories but that slotted tip along with shotgun cleaning patches worked like a charm.

I'm hoping to get it to the range tonight for its first shots. Well, that would be its first shots at least as fired by me. The bore was so dammed dirty that I am guessing they fired more than two or three test rounds through it at the factory. Oh well, the bore is bright and shiny now and I can actually easily see all the rifling which was not invisible but literally not that easy to see before I cleaned it. Man they must have used some dirty ammo regardless of how many test shots they fired.

That is all,
Glenn B