Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How Do You Like Your Peons - Charbroiled Crispy or Lightly Grilled

Saw an article - about a Mexican drug cartel, Nueva Familia Michoacana, over at Knuckledraggin and could not resist swiping it for my own commentary. The cartel allegedly has been executing the local peasantry when the poor slobs have refused to lend their support to the cartel. What the cartel did to their victims is much akin to what you might expect from ISIS with maybe even a bit more of a sicko twist. They have been kidnapping, killing, dismembering the locals. Then they have been carving their logo into the body parts and also grilling some of them. After that they distribute the body parts to the remaining local campesinos and other poor slobs to instill fear of the cartel into them. Read about it here at the original source over at Breitbart.

As I commented over at Knuckledraggin:

"For once the warning about graphic photos was correct. It seems the whole fucking world has become afflicted by the same disease, the one causing people around the globe to go absolutely totally fucking psycho crazy for personal gain of power.

Brings to mind the robot Gort from the 1951 classic The Day The Earth Stood Still. I think if he were on today’s world, no matter what he might be ordered to do by Klaatu, he would destroy this godforsaken place in a nanosecond."

I'd end with my usual closing of "All the best" but how the fuck can I say that after seeing that shit!

Stay safe my friends,
Glenn B

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