Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pretty Lady With AR

This gal, holding the AR, has gotten it right from what I can tell. Her hold is pretty good, her finger maybe is on the trigger but she appears ready to shoot, she has the gun stock up to her cheek and has not hyper-extended her cheek down to the gun stock, she is using her strong side eye to sight in the rifle, she is apparently using the sling to steady her hold. If one could fault anything it might be that her stance is off in that her legs may be right up against one another but you cannot tell for sure from the photo - so, why fault her for anything! Besides all that, she is pretty darned good looking.

This one was found at eBaum's world, here, where her pic was number 4 of 27 pics of gals with guns.

All the best,
Glenn B

Fishing Trip, Reptile, Dog and Gun All In One Story...

...I love it except for the fact that the only reason a gun was mentioned was because the guy had not been carrying one. I do like the fact that the reporter asked about whether or not he would now carry a gun. Go here for the story and video or watch the below video too (the version embeded here has had music added, the one at Fox does not). Better to read the story first so you know what is going on in the video because it is hard to figure without first knowing what happened.

I'll say briefly here, it was a gator attack that knocked a dog out of a kayak into the water. I am guessing the thing in the water, off to the left, was the pooch that was knocked out of the boat after the gator attacked. Thankfully the guy had the pooch on a leash. It seems that the fisherman does indeed pull the thing to the left back into the boat but it all happens really quickly.

Would have been interesting to have seen his reaction if he had had a firearm with him. Something tells me, if so, he and the pooch might have been eating gator fritters that night.

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Glenn B

Korean War Vet Shoots Alleged Home Invader

 An 84 year old Korean war vet shot and wounded an alleged home invader; the vet reportedly using a war time memento to defend his wife and himself. The headline here says that the gun, with which the veteran shot the bad guy, was one he had carried during the Korean war. Good for the veteran that he decided to bring back a gun instead of a helmet!

Police later arrested the subspect whom they reportedly found to be in possession of a screwdriver and a stun gun. Makes one wonder what he had planned for the elderly couple whose home he had invaded. The suspect was also reportedly the victims across the street neighbor!

Great shooting from what I can tell so far, the old vet even gave warning before firing!

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Glenn B

Is DHS Preparing For Civil War?

With candidate Obama (in his first presidential campaign) saying we need to develop a civilian security force as strong as our military, with the signing of a recent executive order giving the government the power to confiscate anything, from personally owned arms and ammo to agricultural products, without due process and to force citizens to laboring for the government without recompense, with the government now by law allowed to jail anyone - even U.S. citizens - without probable cause if merely suspected of terrorism and then them being allowed to hold .S. citizens on foreign soil indefinitely without trial,  with development of a program to have hundreds of drones spying on us right here at home in the USA, with DHS purchasing bullet resistant armored guard booths for apparent use within our borders, with DHS signing a contract for up to 450 million rounds of ammunition one may start to wonder - what is the government doing all of this for within our own borders!

Well, if (and I agree it is a big if that needs verification) what an alleged informant who supposedly worked or works for DHS says is true, we are in for a big and terrible surprise later this year - a devaluation of our currency. Allegedly the Obama administration believes such will lead to civil war and has been preparing to for just that eventuality. In other words,the informant has in essence stated the Obama administration is planning to go to war against, and mow down, a large number of United States citizens who oppose both President Obama and his policies of ineptitude.

Read about what the alleged informant says here: I am truly beginning to worry. I have seen what I thought were some far fetched conspiracy theories recently and I let the people who posted them know I thought they were far fetched but I will admit now that maybe I was wrong to have doubted them so strongly now that this new information, combined with all the other facts about what our so called illustrious leader has done to take away our liberties and or control our liberties in the future, truly scares the shit out of me.

Wircecutter - your buddy may have been right after all but I do not think it is the bankers (or banksters as he called them) but the politicians who would be tyrants and who would bring us down into bankruptcy, who are preparing to mow down American citizens on American soil.

Stand resolute and strong for The United States of America and her Constitution. Be ever vigilant so as to recognize tyranny when it rears its ugly head. Oppose the tyrant and tyranny at every step, lest through his wiles he befriends you and beguiles you into espousing his tyrannical ways!

All the best,
Glenn B

ATT Wireless Service

Not all that long ago, I was quite ready to give up on wireless phone service through ATT. Not only, in my opinion, had there customer service hit rock bottom but their actual wireless phone service sucked. I would be in different areas of New York City or in my home village east of the and get the message that there was no service available. That was pretty piss poor performance and it happened not only to me but several other people whom I know, who also had ATT.

Several months ago I learned about the problems with their customer service first hand. I had found it hard to believe that they had been rated, if I remember right, as the worst big wireless company for customer service. I had them for years but did not believe it, I guess because I had not had any reason to call customer service for fair while before and up until around that time. That changed. I got a new line for myself, in or around the beginning of this year, and then had lots of problems too. I had to replace my new phone at least twice, might have been three times, because it was not working right. I finally switched to another model. Thing was, it took several calls to technical and customer services to accomplish even getting the ATT reps to understand the problem, let alone get a replacement phone each time it was replaced. A couple of ATT folks to whom I spoke seemed to go out of their way to be rude, one to the point of being obnoxious. Well, they had me since I had contracted with them.

Thing seem to have changed again recently. This time for the better. I had to deal with ATT over a billing issue recently over data usage on the Internet. I called and spoke to a very professional and courteous representative. She suggested I take a monthly plan for unlimited Internet use at $10 per month for my phone. Okay, not bad, less than it had been when I first got the phone. I agreed to the offer. The next thing I knew was she told me she was taking so much of of my current bill for Internet data usage and was also going to refund the amount I had already paid on the previous month. This was about $40 in all, or 4 months worth of the new fee to which I had agreed. That was pretty decent of her and of ATT. I had not suggested or even hinted in any way that I wanted a refund, I was only trying to find out why they were charging me so much with very limited Internet use on my part. Seems they charge each type/brand of phone differently for using the web, my wife was getting charged $1 per MB and I was getting charged by KB and it equalled about $10 per MB all because the types of phones we have are different. Screwy - yes it is but that is how she explained it. without me even suggesting it, was that she was refunding me the charges I had called to inquire about. You would think that data use would be charged at a set rate but apparently not.

Anyhow, she handled the matter more than satisfactorily for me. In the long run, her suggestion will have saved me a good deal of money even though I accepted a monthly charge instead of a charge per KB. I would have been using the Internet regardless, so much the better it will cost me nowhere nearly as much now.

Then yesterday, I had to call ATT's insurance program to replace my phone. I did some wash two nights ago and the phone was my pants pocket, the pants in the washing machine. I was none too happy when I found it. I remember admonishing my son for doing the same a couple years back, so I had to bang my head against the wall for this one (not too hard though). Well,  only called the insurance company after somehow getting it wrong via their website. I thought I had checked off the water damage selection, then typed in it got water damage in the wash for the explanation. I went to the next screen and saw that it kept saying I had "lost" the phone. I could not go back to change it so I gave them a call.

Yesterday, I spoke to a lady who told me her name was Amy. Amy was professional, courteous, and just over all pleasant in what seemed a truly since way. She took care of my claim quickly. I received the new phone today. Now I realize that the insurance company is not ATT but they do this for ATT. I have replaced phones before and they were not as nice or efficient as was Amy in getting the job done. In fact, the people at the insurance company seemed to worse than those at ATT to me whenever i dealt with them in the past.

It seems that ATT has changed its act for the better (much better) or that I somehow, by chance, had some excellent dealings with people who represent them on these two recent occasions. Hopefully they have straightened out how they do things. I have to say that it seems their wireless service has gotten better. I hardly ever have a dropped call lately nor do I get any messages saying there is no service available when it clearly should be available. I only hope it stays this way.

All the best,
Glenn B