Sunday, May 15, 2011

President Obama - Why Not Stop The Balderdash And Really Secure Our Borders

Mr. President, isn't it about time you stop the political lollygagging. While you are at it, how about stopping the incessant and repetitive political balderdash about the security of our porous borders and about how great illegal dirtbag aliens are for our nation before one more U.S. Citizen is killed by one of them who walked across our border unimpeded.

Thanks to Wirecutter for having this up on KnuckledraggingMyLifeAway.

All the best,
Glenn B

Is The World Going To End Next Saturday?

I normally would never have even given it a moment's thought - not in a million years. Yet, someone out there thinks the world is going to end on May 21, 2011. I was driving to work on Wednesday or Thursday when I saw the pictured van in front of me. We were stuck in the typical traffic of a NYC morning and after looking at it a few times, I remembered my camera. How could I resist. Since it was stop and go traffic, I waited till we stopped and grabbed my camera, turning it on with a single click. Then I waited for a good moment to take a shot without worrying about crashing. The pic came out pretty clearly even though through my dirty windshield.

The message on the back of the van comes through pretty clearly too. Next weekend, on Saturday, May 21st, the world comes to an end as the result of an earthquake and God's coming wrath. Yes, next Saturday will be the big one of big ones, Judgement Day - that is according to the words on the van. I imagine the guy responsible for the van is the same guy who reportedly has spent about $140,000 of his money on ads to the same effect. Robert Fitzpatrick reportedly spent the money on ads that appeared on mass transit kiosks and subway car placards. Another man, Harold Caming, even has a website dedicated to the whole idea that May 21, 2011 will be
Judgement Day.

As I said, normally I would not, in a million years, give even a first thought to this let alone a second thought but let's face it their have been powerful portents. All this melting of the poles (as predicted by that holy of the holiest Al Gore) and then the floods and other destruction. You know, all the rain, and the floods, and the tornadoes, and the floods, and the earthquakes, and the floods and the tsunamis that caused other floods. All things that were preceded by some of the most evil times on earth as per some of the more religious people I have heard lately. Let's face it, all this terrorist crap alone has made the world an ugly evil place let alone the pedophiles, rapists, murderers, thieves, racists, corrupt politicians, unholy religious leaders and religious groups (like those sickos who protest the funerals of our fighting men and women). Now add to the mix all the prophecies of doom and gloom for 2012, the recent earthquake predictions for Rome last week (and they had a big one in Spain) and now the latest
Renfield-like, madman over on the Spanish Island of Tenerife (in the Canary Islands). Yeah, I mean the guy who pulled a reverse John The Baptist who, instead of being beheaded, beheaded someone else just yesterday, then was heard screaming: "God is on earth".

Hmm, Tenerife! Isn't that in the Canary Islands? Isn't that where the scientists say there is a volcano that they expect will someday erupt causing half of itself fall into the ocean! Yep that is the one, the same one they say that has enough mass, in the half they expect to go crashing into the sea, to cause a Tsunami. They also say they expect the Tsunami to hit the eastern USA hours later with waves as high as 90 meters. Get that, not 90 feet, 90 meters. (Mind you, I am taking this all from my muddled middle aged memory after seeing a show about it on television several months back). Since my memory is not that good, I just checked online and found the site at this
link. It is a fairly long piece probably beyond the tolerance levels of most Internet surfers so allow me to say, it discusses the possibilities and the author is claiming the threat is all just a bunch of bunk. I think though that the author may have only considered what would happen if the volcano on La Palma breaks apart and falls into the sea. It appears he may not have considered that maybe, just maybe, a huge earthquake causes it and the huge earthquake plus the mountain falling into the ocean is what produces the substantial energy to create the wave action necessary for a Tsunami. Then again, maybe he considered it and I missed it since I was almost falling asleep while reading it - it is that long.

I can say with some certainty though, the author of that piece did not once mention the wrath of God in his equations. I suppose if you add up all the possibilities, including a pretty miffed God, and if you figure on just how many doom sayers have been getting it wrong with their predictions of the end of the world being upon us, and that sooner or later one of them will get it right, and the fact that one day the world will come to the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI), and the number of years the scientists say the earth has been in existence which has been a long - long - long time to have lasted without the end being upon us, and all the barrels of oil (remember that important quality of oil - it lubricates) that we have removed from beneath the crust and upper mantle of our planet, and remembering
plate tectonics and all the hints in the form of recent seemingly natural catastrophes going on and on and on, and the Renfield type nut job beheading that woman in on Tenerife (in Spain in the actual Island chain where the big one is supposed to begin with the eruption of the volcano on the island of La Palma), and the recent earthquake in nearby mainland Spain, and the upcoming end of the Mayan Calendar (yeah I know its in 2012 but too close to neglect here) , and the latest doom sayer saying it will be next Saturday - well, you could arrive at the conclusion that the odds are against us and are in favor of Judgement Day being upon us - with God finally returning and being pretty pissed off when he arrives let alone all the tormented souls in Hell being released to again walk the earth.

Yikes - what to do???

I figure that getting down on my knees and praying will do no good. Either I have lived life right enough or not, and if it really is less than a week from the final countdown, I am guess it is too late for me to repent. Heck - just trying to remember all the things for which I need to repent would take longer than a week. So, being the cantankerous, stubborn, pig headed, anti-authoritarian and sometimes resourceful kind of a guy that I am, I am going to make sure I have enough bullets on hand. I am also going to: clean an oil all of my rifles and pistols, make sure we have some drinking water and food on hand to last a couple of weeks, and I will make sure the batteries in the flashlights are fresh (I figure doomsday could get pretty dark and dreary). I also am getting ready for the dead rising up to again walk the earth along with the unleashing of all the demons in Hell. I figure if they really do that like some folks say the good book says, I am going demon and zombie hunting on Judgement Day! It should be a fun tale to tell. Well, that is if I live through it and can later recount the adventure of it all to my grandchildren. One can hope, can't one. Now I have got to start getting busy getting ready because this time could be the time when we run out of time and if that will be the case then there is little time to be getting ready in time.

My plan is simple and can be effected in almost no time. I plan to let loose, in a timely fashion, with a case or three (or more) of ammo on them
demons and zombies as I successfully fight for my family's survival, or before my demise, if either is Heaven's plan for me. You can bet though, whatever is Heaven's plan or Hell's plan, I plan to take a shot at tilting the odds in my favor! Before I start though, I have to take out the trash and get some gardening done. It seems something is always cutting down on my time to have fun so I guess I'll have to end it all right now (the blog post, that is) and here. I'll see you all next Sunday morning with a follow-up. As I said, one can hope, can't one!

Later 4 U,
Glenn B