Friday, January 9, 2015

Je Suis (I Am) John Bieker

As I posed in a recent blogpost, I am not Charlie (reference Charlie Hebdo). Yes I mourn for those (Charlie) killed in the terrorist attack of January 7, 2015 and while they were brave enough to face legitimate death threats and ultimately gave their lives for their beliefs - they did not fight except figuratively with a crayon. I am not Charlie because if ever in a similar situation, I intend to fight and win but if I go down - I intend to do so fighting. Thus, in any language, I am John Bieker.

John Bieker was the owner of a gun shop, She's A Pistol, in Shawnee Kansas.  He was gunned down in, what I can only say, was a blaze of glory while defending himself, his wife and his property during an attempted armed robbery at the gun store. Reportedly confronted by 4 alleged assailants he decided to fight back. The result was that his wife received only minor injuries while Mr. Bieker was critically wounded and later succumbed to his wound(s) in the hospital. Two of the suspected robbers were also critically wounded (it might be quite the service to our nation if both cease breathing soon). An additional suspect was also shot but his wounds were not considered life threatening (of course it is always possible that his wound(s) will become infected and he will writhe in agony as he dies from the infection). The fourth suspect was reportedly uninjured (and in his case it is possible that he may feel guilt ridden and hang himself in prison). (source)

My condolences to Mrs. Bieker and to the rest of Mr. Bieker's family and his loved ones. If it is any condolence at all:

Ma'am your husband died a true hero protecting you - the woman he loved. If there is a God in Heaven, I am sure he is with him now.

All the best,
Glenn B