Friday, May 1, 2015

The Six Police Officers Arrested In Baltimore Will Have Their Day In Court...

...and so it apparently should be in the case of Freddie Gray's death. I consider the injuries to and death of Mr. Gray as highly suspect at the hands of the 6 officers who have been charged so far, but they are innocent until proven guilty if ever so proven. Yet, to have charged all six of them, who were in some way involved, seems little more that a political hatchet job. Don't get me wrong, I think one or more likely guilty but all six? They have not been proven guilty although my guess is all six will be rail-roaded even if not guilty because of so called political correctness and any idea of them having a fair and just day in court has already all but been destroyed by the media hype, the riots and the obvious political agenda. Why do I think that way? Read more about that here and pay attention that not one of them has been accused of actually doing anything specific to Mr. Gray that would have caused his fatal injuries. It may come out later but it sure hasn't yet.

Anyway, the thing I want to know and that NOT ONE SOUL IN THE MEDIA OR BURAUCRACY (or even on the defense team) seems to have to wondered is what do the initial hospital reports have to say! If Mr. Gray came into the hospital with a severed spine - why have we not heard from the hospital on that or at least from investigators about it. As far fetched as it may seem - is it possible he arrived at the hospital in distress but without his cervical spine already having been partially severed and maybe an accident at the hospital caused such. I would like to at least hear that positively and absolutely ruled out before condemning the officers even though my bet right now is that at least one of them caused, directly or indirectly, the fatal injury to Mr. Gray.

However, it certainly would not be beyond the realm of possibility that the injury could have been sustained after he arrived at the hospital and then certainly would not be beyond imagining that hospital staff would try to cover it up. Note, I said not beyond the realm of possibility and made no mention of probability. Anyway, as I said - even cops so accused - whether guilty or not - get their day in court just like anyone accused of a heinous crime.

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The Problem Is Not Racial - It Is Leftist Liberalism...

...and those on the left would like you to believe it is a problem promulgated by whites to shift the blame from themselves to others. I could never say that as well as does Allen West here.

As Michael Savage has said - and has been saying for a long time - liberalism is a disease!

My thanks and a hat tip to Pete Q for that link.

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Cooks Crooks

Just gotta love the sentiment! Source.

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