Monday, December 13, 2021

Time Does Not Heal...

 ...all wounds. The only way time could heal all wounds would be if death itself is the cure and that is not healing - it's just an ending. 
While living life though, you sometimes need more than mere time. You need the talent(s) of a healer be your wounds of the body, mind, soul or of two of them or even if of all three. 
All the best,
Glenn B

I Gotta Stop The Craving... keep buying guns. Then again - no I don't - not really. It is part of being a free man and I will enjoy doing it so long as I can do it. Fuck the To heck with the libturds who think otherwise.
My latest two acquisitions (well I have not yet received them but they should be on their way by later this week or next week) are a 12 gauge Remington Express Magnum, wit h3" chamber & rifled barrel and a Charter Arms Pathfinder in 22 WMR circa 1971. 

Here are some pics from the auction:.
 While it was not listed as "unfired" or "as new",  the Remington seems to have been little used. Note the mag tube and the lack of apparent wear on it. It is one of the first places you see noticeable wear once this model gun has been fired a bit. This one has the slightest bit of a shine where the wear usually shows but no evident lack of color. Keeping my fingers crossed that it is like new.
The pathfinder was rated as 95% metal finish and in apparent good working order. While I probably paid too much for the revolver the thing is I want it as a keeper and they are not that easy to find any longer, at least not the old versions of the pathfinder in 22 MAG so I am happy with paying a little extra for it.

Should have some fun with them both.

All the best,
Glenn B