Sunday, August 22, 2021

Lately The Situation In The USA & World Is Too Depressing/Dusgusting To Blog Much About..., I will not blog about it in any great detail except to say Biden should be figuratively executed for what are in my mind his crimes against: humanity, intelligence (how he can have been so idiotic to in effect have said if the Taliban cooperated he would work out a smooth transition of power to them - after they had already conquered and thus already had taken control of most of Afghanistan - in what amounted to an unchecked blitzkrieg - is beyond my comprehension), the citizens of the USA, our rights & liberties. Add to to those crimes, his apparent complete lack of leadership abilities (hown did the dems ever make him their pick for president is unfathomable - he makes LBJ, Carter & Obama look like great presidents by comparison - heck, a fifth grader could have done better in the pullout from Afghanistan), his blatantly pompous attitude and the fact that he breathes the air that someone else could be breathing and I am convinced that not only does he not deserve to be, nor is qualified to be, the president of the United States of America but he does not even deserve to live in this country. I think it would be a befitting punishment (and yes I think he needs to be punished for his numerous and deplorable gaffes) that he be deported to Afghanistan - but only after a sex change operation  - so that his trusted buddies (at least he trusts them) in the Taliban can give him what he truly deserves after they turn him into a sex slave.
Yep, I think, that in a very brief manner, that about sums up how I feel about him. Heaven forbid that I rant on, in detail, about what I think of him - it would amount to a very thick & heavy tome with very fine print to fit it all.
All the best,
Glenn B