Sunday, May 24, 2015

Who Owes You?

Generally, I agree with the above but not in everything. Sometimes some folks owe other folks a lot. While it is nice to think that no one owes us anything, thus implying that we too owe no one anything and that we can make it solely on our own, it simply is not true. In reality, others help us along the way. We owe them and we owe them more than we often would like to admit. So, this weekend, at least, let's remember those who sacrificed their all for us, they who lost their lives defending us. We definitely owe them at least our respect and honor forever.
All the best,
Glenn B

I Wonder What Thoughts He Left Behind With The Shopkeeper

In the estimation of many of the people of this country, mostly black Americans (and that is merely a statement of fact and note I did not say in the estimation of most black Americans ), Michael Brown has become some sort of hero. Some, it seems, have elevated him to the status of demigod because in death he pushes their police hating, race baiting and anti-white racist agenda.

There is a lot of controversy about his being seen as the good guy in the events that led to and caused his death. A temporary memorial was continuously defaced and a tree planted in his honor was chopped down recently. That was a temporary memorial (it has been removed by Fergusson) and was really turning things upside down as far as ideals go. That a permanent memorial for him has been announced is absolutely an act of craziness.  In fact though, no matter how convoluted people's ideals must have become to allow for it, a permanent memorial is being erected in his honor (imagine him having honor). Part of that memorial will be a bronze plaque with a heart rending inscription on it.

Those words sure make him seem like a saint, as if he was a nice guy who always did good things and left people smiling at the prospects of seeing him again. The problem with that is that no one, at least to my knowledge, has ever interviewed the store clerk whom Michael Brown essentially manhandled to rob cigars from the convenience store.  No one ever interviewed Police Officer Darren Williams to ask how he is faring with the post traumatic stress that he is almost assuredly suffering since he had to shoot Michael Brown to defend himself. Instead, they still parade around in protest marches shouting "Hands up - don't shoot" a phrase that was proven to be an absolute fabrication made up by liars and perpetuated by race baiters and racists who scream for officer Wilson's head. Officer Wilson was not only not indicted, he was exonerated of any wrongdoing. Yet, he is still considered a murderer by many and Michael Brown as some sort of a martyr. The truth is though, when you look at the facts, a different Michael Brown emerges from all of the mist caused by all of their crocodile tears.

 Michael Brown was, in my estimation, a heinous thug but don't let my opinion sway you as to what you think of him - let the facts do that. Just watch he video of him in the convenience store. Just check on the court documents about how he attacked officer Wilson. Note that those records contain not only Officer Wilson's statement but reliable eye witness statements (as well as ones later proven to be lies but those were the ones saying officer Wilson was the aggressor) and physical evidence all indicating that Brown was attacking Wilson when Wilson shot Brown.

So why all the praise for a deceased apparent thug (at least from anyone other than his parents who of course would love him no matter what)? I believe it is because he was black and officer Wilson was white and they who honor the thug have an agenda that flies in the face of reason, ethics and morality. There is no doubt about it as far as I am concerned.

It has gotten so bizarre that maybe soon the malcontents will be protesting: Branches up - don't chop! Anyway, I can tell you that before yesterday, when I first saw that memorial plaque, I did not have a bucket list. I do now. So far, the only thing on the list is for me to go to the Michael Brown memorial and take a piss on it. I'll never do it but it is nice to dream about doing it nonetheless.

All the best,
Glenn B