Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So The Casey Anthony Trial Is Essentially Over

Can we now return to normal life, more or less. Will the news media now please go back to broadcasting world news, national news, local news, the weather and such without having to devote so much time to something of so little interest. Yeah, I admit, I wanted to know the outcome of this trial and maybe why it turned out so, but I sure did not need the moment by moment coverage of everything from which door the prosecution team would exit one building to go to another to hear the verdict, or a blow by blow description of every look Casey Anthony made in court (nor those of her mom or dad either), nor every wanna be attorney's reporter's opinion of what this piece of evidence meant to the jury, nor every reprimand the judge gave to the lawyers in the courtroom because they were acting like fools, nor any of the rest of it. Hallelujah it is almost all over and done with.

That of course it to say nothing of what I think should happen to the killer of the poor child who was the victim in all of this. I would have once again liked to have seen justice served extra crispy in this case, as in some others, but first her killer would have to be convicted.

All the best,
Glenn B