Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So The Casey Anthony Trial Is Essentially Over

Can we now return to normal life, more or less. Will the news media now please go back to broadcasting world news, national news, local news, the weather and such without having to devote so much time to something of so little interest. Yeah, I admit, I wanted to know the outcome of this trial and maybe why it turned out so, but I sure did not need the moment by moment coverage of everything from which door the prosecution team would exit one building to go to another to hear the verdict, or a blow by blow description of every look Casey Anthony made in court (nor those of her mom or dad either), nor every wanna be attorney's reporter's opinion of what this piece of evidence meant to the jury, nor every reprimand the judge gave to the lawyers in the courtroom because they were acting like fools, nor any of the rest of it. Hallelujah it is almost all over and done with.

That of course it to say nothing of what I think should happen to the killer of the poor child who was the victim in all of this. I would have once again liked to have seen justice served extra crispy in this case, as in some others, but first her killer would have to be convicted.

All the best,
Glenn B


Humble wife said...

I guess I found another reason I love not have cable/satellite anymore. Very little mentioned about the trial and I knew the outcome thanks to facebook and the outcry.

Of course we all know the truth, but times like these spin goes on so much.

Just reading news where I select what I choose such as Drudge, weasel zippers, Ace of spades, Big Government Gate way pundit sure saves me a good deal of headache.

Poor little girl...what a sad little life she had.


Glenn B said...


If you mean 'we all know the truth' as to who killed Caylee Anthony, I sure don't know. After a long trial, the deliberations were pretty short. That signifies, to me, that there was an awful lot of doubt in the minds of the jurors after seeing and hearing all of the evidence that was presented. I know whom I guess it would be but my guess is only based on whatever 'evidence' the media has presented. I will keep my guess to myself, lest I turn into one of the maniacal types that lives for this type of thing.

All the best,

Humble wife said...

Glenn- I was a juror on a murder trial last summer. Bill knew so much that we could not chat in the evenings. The jury was not told that the victim was released from prison the day of the murder, nor were we told that his pockets were filled with meth in baggies to sell.

The DA did a terrible job and tried so hard to spin the self defense of the defendant as murder. Her only problem was that the victim had a switchblade, and was six feet from the suspect. They would not allow any statements about the 21 foot rule at any time, but as a cops wife I was well aware of this and refused to give in on this. It took a long time of deliberating because the jury wanted the thug to be guilty of murder and worked hard to withhold so much.

In fact so much had been withheld from jury we could have very well sentenced him to murder...I am so glad that I had the experience, but SO angry at how much was withheld from us.

After the trial, just reading the local podunk paper I could not believe what had been discussed without the jury.

I am not naive but I totally believe that we all know...means that we are all spoon fed what the attorneys desire and NOT much of the actual case.

I really am so glad that I did not have to deal with the media as we had to during OJ etc...and wonder how I would handle the verdict had we found him guilty then read the news on what had been withheld, clearly pointing to the victim being the aggressor.

sorry so long, especially as you are well aware of the nuances of the courtroom drama, so I am not enlightening you whatsoever. Oh well, hope you feel better.