Monday, April 15, 2019

Not Many Places In France I Would Visit But Now There Is One Less

I have never had much of a desire to visit France. I suppose though should I have ever gone, there were a few places I would have had on my list of things/places to see. The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes would be one. Mont Ste. Michel would be another, the The Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial yet another, and high on the short list would have been Notre Dame Cathedral. Sadly that will never happen as Notre Dame was essentially destroyed by a raging inferno today. Some of it may have been saved but I think it will never be the same. 

It is truly a sad day for the Catholic Church, the people of Paris and of France and for that matter the people of the world. Even if not religious one must realize the architecture alone, especially for its time, was absolutely amazing. One of our great wonders has fallen.

It is probably way too soon to arrive at any conclusions as to the cause of the blaze but it seems that right now they believe it may have begun relative to renovation work that was being carried out. I tend to doubt the fire did not have help but that will be for the experts to determine. More at these sources: Fox News, CNN, France 24, BBC.

All the best,
Glenn B