Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Was A Little Late For Work Yesterday...

...but my boss was very understanding when I showed him this picture. Yes, that is a tractor trailer with its roof sheared off. I do not quite understand what it is about the signs that say "No Trucks" and "No Commercial Traffic" for the parkways in New York State but truck driver frequently disregard them. I imagine it could be because they are written in English and  some of the drivers refuse to learn the language. Thus, I think, it is all their fault that things like this happens. Even without the signs, the underpasses, like the one this truck hit, are obviously too low for these trucks to pass underneath. Well, that is how I see them and I am pretty surprised that the drivers do not realize it before they hit. My guess is that this guy was hauling ass and was totally oblivious. Most trucks get stuck 1/4 to 1/2 way through the underpasses. This guy seems to have made it all the way through and took off his truck's whole roof. Note there was not a tow truck there capable of getting him out from under it.

Here is a hint for anyone anticipating driving a truck in NY Sate, Parkways = NO TRUCKS (pick-up trucks used to be forbidden but are now allowed), Expressways = Trucks OK (unless posted otherwise).

All the best,
Glenn B