Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ballseye's Boomers: Smith & Wesson Model 66

The last S&W Model 66 I owned, the one pictured, was in stainless steel, and had a 2.5" barrel. I got it at a great price, then turned around and sold it at a profit fairly quickly. I don't know why, since I do not have any revolvers in a caliber higher than .22LR because of that sale.

It was a nice gun too, a six shot, .357 caliber revolver, with rubber combat grips, smooth combat trigger, and adjustable rear sight, ramp front sight with red insert; and it shot like a charm - at least for the guy holding it. Certainly not a small revolver, and not a light weight either, more something that makes you realize you are holding a real gun when you heft it. I had had other Model 66 revolvers over the years, some made without as much quality control (back in the early 80's) and I got rid of them quickly without that pang of remorse later on. This one however seemed very well made indeed, and each time I think of it I miss it, the little bit of profit I made by sellng it was not worth all the regret later on that I let it go.

One heck of a good self defense gun, that shoots a pretty decent round at that. Carry a speedloader or two along with one, and you would be a well armed person indeed in a day to day regular life scenario here in the USA.

All the best,
Glenn B