Monday, June 6, 2022

So Why Wasn't The Media Hysterical Over This Mass Murder

 Heck, six people killed during a robbery gone bad. More at the source. That many qualifies the crime as a mass murder. Yet, I do not recall much media fuss over it, do you!

The victims all were shot, one shot to each victims head, shot as in with a firearm. If that was not bad enough, it has been alleged that the suspected killer then took a selfie of himself, while at the crime scene, while wearing sunglasses that had belonged to one of the victims. Regardless of the heinous crime, there evidently is still no outcry from leftist polticians, the commie loving media or other liberals to ban guns because of it. I wonder why not. 

QDo you have a theory as to why not? I do but I will keep it to myself lest I be called a racist by leftist scum who see any white male on the right or leaning that way or who is just plain logical as being one. Bizarro World, it seems, is upon us and was created by the left.

All the best,
Glenn B