Thursday, July 3, 2014

Shooters - My Kind of a Restaurant

This place sounds great. Granted I am not very religious but their habit of "...throwing Jesus all over the place" is okay by me since I support freedom of religion. Well that is so long as religion does not curtail any of my rights and liberties to exercise my rights as does that so called religion of peace.

The thing I really like about the restaurant is its policy on firearms. They welcome customers to wear a firearm, in the holster, while in the restaurant. In fact their waitresses are reportedly armed as well. I don't know their policy on long-guns on the premises but imagine that policy would be similar. Shooters is quite aptly named considering the town where it is located - Rifle, CO. If I had the money, I could see a vacation trip there and breakfast each day of my stay at Shooters just to show some support.


All the best,
Glenn B

Independence Day - Already Tomorrow

I was a bit surprised to remember, a few minutes after I woke up this morning, that tomorrow is Independence Day. Somehow, I kept thinking that it was not until Saturday. Anyway, lately it almost has seemed as if it is further off than that and sometimes it almost seems as if there is hostility brewing over it being a holiday. 

Today, I went to a few stores and the like. In one in particular, I said Happy Independence day to a couple of the store workers and one ignored me and walked away and the other scowled at me. I was thinking I should start looking for another place to do the particular business I was doing there today but concluded I will give them another chance first because it must have been an off day for them. At FedEx, I wished the clerk, who took my package, a Happy Independence Day and she seemed genuinely surprised and very appreciative to hear me say so and returned the wish to me with gusto. My bet would be that not many have been wishing that to her today and she was quite happy to hear it. That was nice.

Oh well, I am wishing it to just about everyone with whom I come in contact, regardless. So, in the event I am too busy tomorrow, let me wish it to you too:

Happy Independence Day to all of you (and for those of you who do not yet realize that about which I am speaking - Happy July 4th).

Be careful with the fireworks and the firearms while celebrating tomorrow. Try to remember that gunpowder does not mix well with alcohol and/or mind altering drugs so get any shooting and setting off of fireworks done before you imbibe. Have a nice BBQ or whatever and enjoy the day in the spirit of our nation's founders.

Just one other thing, I keep getting reminded by a friend of mine on Facebook that animals (specifically dogs but I don't see why other pets should be excluded) do not always like fireworks and are stressed out by them. I agree but will not tell you what to do with your pets - you should know best what to do if they are badly affected by them. I just wanted to point out that some pets, like dogs, are not at all anxiety stricken when the fireworks start going off, some of them even seem to have fund with them.

All the best,
Glenn B