Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lest You Thunk I Forgotted My Favoreet HoliDay Out Of Em All Happy Groundhog's Day

Yes, today was Groundhog's Day. I did not forget, I knew it soon after I awoke late this morning. I saw that the little furry bastard, Punxsutawney Phil (the real Groundhog of fame), saw his friggin shadow and we have been doomed with 6 more weeks of winter. Really though, is that so bad? I mean winter is not officially over until about March 19th. That would mean that officially, we have 6 weeks and 4 days of winter to go - so what is so bad about him saying we only have 6 more weeks of it! Yes, I know, had he not seen his shadow we would have gotten an early spring. Well you know, it has already hit 60 up here in my neck of the concrete jungle/woods and it is still January, our coldest month of the year on average. Maybe spring has already sprung. Anyway, what does it matter. What matters is that tens of thousand of folks headed out to a tiny town in western Pennsylvania to gawk at a little furball being yanked out of hibernation, thankfully for him on this not too cold winter's day, to see if he would see his shadow or not and heck, I heard the sun may not even have been up yet when they did it today. Still though, you can bet that those tens of thousands of folks had one heck of a party last night into today, my guess would be most had not slept a wink last night, all for the most underrated holiday of the year. Wait a minute, just wait a cotton pickin' minute - what do you mean this is not a holiday. Yes, it most certainly is if only because it is MY most favorite holiday of the year - even if I made it a holiday.

By the way, you'll have to admit, if you watch the video at the link above, he is one heck of a handsome critter. Obviously well cared for and happy at his job. So when some PETA or Humane Society of the U.S. types tell you this is animal abuse, tell them to go fuck themselves - he could have been road killed, filleted, cooked up and on the table in a jiffy with good sized sides of sweet potatoes and corn!

Happy Groundhog's Day,
Glenn B

Air Force One - Now Invisible

United States Air Force
Solving Problems Since
September 18, 1947.
God Bless Them!

Now that left me laughing my ass off.

All the best,

Scary Because It Apparently Is Sci-NonFi

Yep, it is not only scary because it sounds like a huge swarm of very pissed off hornets or maybe a billion mosquitoes but also because it is not science fiction but falls into the purview of Sci-non-fiction - as is in FOR REAL. You can bet that there will be toys coming out like this within the next year, probably before next Christmas if this is for real as in it being a truthful video and not BS.

You can also bet that those with a more covert nature will be looking into the military use and possibly police use aspects of such a toy (in which case the video, released only 2 days ago on January 31, 2012 to YouTube, may soon disappear forever)! If those of a covert nature are not interested in this model itself then, they will be interested in the technology used to manufacture them and the remotes and chip sets that operate them. I would hate to imagine how the government could not only spy on its people with these (if they could quiet them down which I would bet they could) but am more afraid to think of how a government could harm its people using these. Then again, they might have some really wonderful uses when it comes to fighting terrorism but of course, what our government could use to fight them could also be used by them to fight us. Scary shit, way too much like some nano-tech from the 3 science fiction television series: Stargate (now called SG-1), Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. Had to know shit like this was coming.

Yet, if they do come out in time for Christmas 2012, I want a set. Then again, maybe they will tie in with the end of the Mayan calendar and the so called end of the world just before Christmas. Man, that would suck, I'd never get a set of them under my tree.

All the best,
Glenn B

Back In The Groove...

...and hopefully will stay out of the rut, at least as far as blogging has gone for me over the past few days. I imagine it is a good thing that for me to have rekindled my interests in getting my blog posts out with a bit more regularity and getting back to some more firearms, booze, current events, related posts has also been a plus.

I hope to keep it up, seems my interests have been picking up in many things lately as I wean myself off of the pain meds I have been taking for months. I did not realize how much of an effect they had on me psychologically and physically but am beginning to realize it now. I think that they really were a big contributing factor in my being in a damned deep rut for the past few months. Of course, battling cancer adds a lot to that too. Still though, I am amazed by what I imagine were the unrealized effects of the Oxycodone and Hydrocodone I was taking. Now I am way down on the meds and things in my life are getting up again. Yes, take that last as you may and maybe you would guess right as to my meaning!

All the best,
Glenn B

Ballistic Test - I Was Duly Impressed... the 7.62x39 round. Let's face it, I was also duly impressed by almost each round fired, even the poodle killer round. One that failed to impress was the 5.56. That was a it of a disappointment but then again maybe that is why I do not have an AR. Of course, I would gladly take any of those rounds and use them in the proper firearm for my own self defense because I know a secret, you need to be able to hit your target (whoops, not a secret anymore).

After watching the above embedded video, I guess most people might think wow, the .50 round is superior by far even over the .338 Lapua. The thing is though, you have to be able to lug that rifle around. Now for a sniper rifle, where maybe it is just about all you carry and your wifespotter carries everything else - it would be great. If you had a vehicle to run it around for you, even better. I would probably be pooped after carrying one of those, and say about 50 rounds for it, a few hundred yards at a slow walk. On the other hand, give me an AK47 and 5 full magazines, a 25 to 30 pound backpack (including some water, food, another 5-10 full mags, and other goodies) and I would be good to go for miles. Well, maybe not in my current state of health but when I was in my normal semi-couch potato mode pre-cancer I could have done it. I probably could still go a mile with my choice of set-up if not miles but not with a .50, that is for sure.

When I saw the barrel do its dance after being hit by the 7.62x39MM round, I was impressed enough to think I may have to get another AK at the upcoming gun show this weekend. Man, I do like that round and those rifles. Enough power for a battle rifle, damned cheap compared to most .223 ammo, readily available the great majority of countries in the world and accurate enough out to 100 yards out of an AK to get the job done. I would prefer a rifle in 7.62x51 (.308) that was at least semi-auto but alas they are just to darned expensive and parts would not be as easy to find as they would be for an AK and thus for a rifle that I would carry in 7.62x39.

Oh well, maybe another AK is in my future.

All the best,
Glenn B