Saturday, June 28, 2014

If I Saw and Heard Them Coming...

...I would surrender myself immediately for intense interrogation at their hands. It's not necessarily the uniforms, the fact they are all in mini-skits, or the fact that they are all Chinese and pretty friggin hot but when you combine them all let me just say: Give me five from column A, six from column B, seven from column 8 and for good measure throw in ten from Column D!

A hat tip to Rich M for that one.

All the best,
Glenn B

Gun Tattoos and Really Bad Locations For Them

Recently there was a guy confronted by the police, in part, because he had a tattoo of a handgun on his abdomen near his waistline. When he was not wearing a shirt it looked like he had a gun tucked in his pants. Okay, I can see someone getting a tattoo like that - after all, it is his body. Then again, I could see him having a lot of run ins with the police if he insists on walking around shirtless because people sometimes are going to call that in to 911 believing it is a real gun especially if he scratches his belly or acts like a jerk and starts playing around like he is about to do a quick draw. 

Can you understand how this guy might get shot if doing this in a public place.

Is it okay to get a tattoo like that? Sure, I don't see why not even though I do not understand the desire to get one like it. Just be prepared for the consequences in today's world is all I am saying because the reality is that there likely will be consequences over your lifetime.

While getting a tattoo like the one just described might not be among the best of ideas, nor among the worst, I can think of a gun tattoo in a another particular place and that place is about the most moronic place to ink with a gun image for both the person getting it and the person scribing the ink (think liability for the tattoo artist). With the number of cops out there all carrying firearms, the itchy trigger fingers some of them (the great minority) have, the amount of nuts running around out there both with and without guns, the fear of many of the citizenry of armed individuals whether justified or not, why on earth would you tempt fate by getting realistically sized and fairly real looking tattoo of a gun on your hand???

Think about it, you decide to get a black ink tattoo of a fairly life sized pistol or revolver on the palm side or even the backside of your hand. What could be wrong with that? Most handguns are finished with bluing. Bluing is a controlled corrosion process that make a firearm appear very dark in color, almost black. A tattoo in black ink thus would resemble the real thing in coloration. I have already pointed out it does so in size. Add to that that some folks get very realistic looking depictions of firearms tattooed onto their hand(s) and we have a formula for disaster brewing. Then again even if you get one in pink ink it may look real because pink guns are all the rage today. By the way, it doesn't matter if it is a fantasy gun along the lines of Steam-Punk, or a futuristic one like one from Blade Runner, or an antique looking one - it just has to look like a gun to be a potential for disaster and it does not matter if you are a man or woman who has the tattoo. You are asking for trouble by having a tattoo of a real enough looking gun on your hand. Real enough for what - real enough to make someone else reasonably (under whatever circumstances) think you have a gun in your hand.

Now, consider that the tattoo aficionado, the one with the gun tattooed on her palm is a  mommy just arriving at her kid's school anticipating picking up junior when school lets out. Unbeknown to her, shots were just fired in the school by a crazed armed student. The police were already called. They are arriving just at about the same moment our inked mom gets there. The school is going into lock down mode. As the police arrive and start to order people to do this and that chaos breaks out among the parents when they begin to realize what must be happening. As the police proceed to secure the area and look for the shooter another parent sees our inked mom' palm tattoo, the one that  looks like a real enough gun. That other parent calls out, in a panicky voice, to a nearby officer: "That woman has a gun" and points at our tattooed moma. The gal with the artwork spins around to look for the armed crazy. The officer looks, sees what appears to be a gun in her hand and orders her to drop the gun as he draws his own weapon. The mom does not drop the gun, she cannot drop the gun; so she says something about it not being real or being a tattoo and she pushes her hands out - wide open - to show the officer it is not a real gun. What do you think the officer does. Does he hesitate and take a closer look, does he just stand there telling the gal "POLICE - DON'T MOVE" or does he repeat himself and say "DROP THE GUN" or does he say okay and walk away? Oh, I almost forgot the other option - does he shoot the armed assailant. He may well fire his weapon in what he would believe is self defense and he, in all likelihood, would be justified 100 percent!

Don't think that scenario is likely - okay school shootings actually are not as common as the media would like to portray so lets say you are in your bank and a robbery takes place. You are not happy about what is happening but you don't want to get shot and put your hands up to show you are not offering any resistance. One of the robbers sees the pistol tattoo on your hand and shows absolutely no compunction in shooting you thinking you are a wanna-be armed hero and you wind up dead. Or what about you being stopped by a police officer for questioning after another officer was just shot. He is looking for a male suspect with brown hair, in his twenties, wearing a blue jacket and blue jeans and that fits your description. You were walking with your hands in your pockets and he tells you to slowly remove them from your pockets. You come out with this in your hand:

The cop is excited, all fired up, it is kind of dark, but in what light there is he sees a gun coming out in your hand. He screams "GUN" and "don't move" but you move your hands just a little and he and his partner, who is off to one side and also sees the gun, shoot you down like you were an armed cop killer about to try to kill another one or two. Who could blame them!

The situation, in which you find yourself, could be anything where a gun in the hand could spell trouble for you. Remember - a tattoo of a gun is a gun that you cannot drop and one that can easily appear to be life threatening. I completely understand and agree with they who carry guns for self defense, I do it myself. I also understand and accept many of the reasons that people get inked but why someone would want a real enough inked gun on their hand is beyond the realm of my understanding. Not that I have to understand mind you. As I say: Is it okay to have a gun tattoo on your hand - sure it is if you're willing to accept the consequences of it. Yet, I still cannot fathom why you would want to chance being killed over a tattoo and I think you would be crazy to get one like it but it's your decision - not mine.

All the best,
Glenn B