Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Flu Sucks...

...really it does. It sucks the energy right out of you; and having it while you are away from home, while your son is visiting you - so you can keep up your tradition of the annual road trip - really sucks even more. I know because for the past few days I have felt like crap big time, and today I was diagnosed as most likely having Swine Flu (egad - did I not call it H1N1). I'll stick to calling it Swine Flu and just tell you it is not fun. No high fever, I am lucky in that regard, but I have all of the other symptoms and probably had a low grade fever the past three days (I felt downright chilly when it was 95 degrees outside in the shade and I was in the sun).

My biggest fear is that my son comes down with this due to his visit to see me. He just got over an upper respiratory infection and does not need another bout of anything. If he appears ill before his scheduled departure, I guess I'll be extending his stay with me - no reason to get on a plane and share this with more people all over the country or the world. The doc said he should start to show rapid onset of symptoms before Saturday if he caught it.

Did she say rapid? I coughed a rasping painful cough on late Monday afternoon and with an hour or two at the most had aches and pains throughout my body, felt chilled, had a sore throat, and felt just plain miserable. So far I guess only a mild case, I hope it stays tame.

All the best,
Glenn B