Sunday, October 2, 2022

Decisions, Decisions...

...Decisions! They are all around us each and every day at just about any moment of the day. 

 For instance, I have a decision to make tonight. I'm still not sure which one it will be but am getting closer to imbibing a wee -  but not too wee - dollop of my decision. 
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Glenn B

Monday, September 26, 2022

I Think This Might Have Been One Time...

 ...when I would have kept my mouth shut and just would been happy to have made a find like the once a couple of folks made in storage boxes they bought at auction - a dozen fully auto rifles - supposedly M16s!!! More at the source
It just absolutely goes to show: No good deed goes unpunished. I mean, damn that was one heck of a find to voluntarily report to the G. Then what does the government do but get a warrant to raid their place to look for more of them and to look for any evidence they might find of any wrong doing. All they probably had to do was ask to be allowed to search the other containers but no they had to get a warrant when they (the folks who found them) seemingly had done the right thing.
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What is McDonald's Feeding Us?

I was left wondering what McDonald's puts in its quarter pounders with cheese after reading what is on the bottom of the containers for them:

 All the best, 
Glenn B

I've Been Busy Moving... Arkansas and out of Texas. Thus no posting as of late. I will try to get that remedied once I am completely relocated in my new residence after the end of the month.
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Glenn B

Thursday, September 8, 2022

If I Apply For A Mortgage, Can I Self Identify... being a person, belonging to one of predominant races of folks living in certain neighborhoods, to which Bank of America reportedly has seemingly (at least to me) said it will bestow interest free mortgages. More at the source.
 If that is not racism, then I think nothing is racist. It may be needless for me to have to say it but I will say it anyway - if I had a bank account with them or had one of their credit cards or whatever - I'd drop them tomorrow! 
Who is going to make up for the lost income that Bank of America would otherwise have made once these reported upcoming interest free loans actually come to be? The answer would be those who pay interest is my guess as in their rates will be higher - or even if they freeze at current rates, once mortgage interest rates go down in general, I would guess those paying off Bank of America mortgages with interest (as in those living in neighborhoods predominantly made up of European Americans, Indigenous people and Asian Americans) would not have the rates reduced.
Bank of Socialistamerica and leftist ideals is more like it or so it seems to me.

All the best,
Glenn B

Could There Be Any Truth To...

 ...this being the last message by Queen Elizabeth II?

I hope her soul & family will forgive me but I could not resist posting it once I saw it. I don't know if it's real or fake but it is funny regardless of the circumstances (and who knows, it may have some truth to it).
RIP Queen Elizabeth II.
All the best,

The Queen Is Dead - Long Live The King...

...but with all due respect to Queen Elizabeth II  or her successor - why should anyone here in the USA give a shit about who is the monarch in England (Great Britain) since that person is nothing more than a figure head who is still held in high regard in England at the behest of those in power so as to keep control of the populace! Anyway - a bit more on her passing here at the source and I am certain that the news will be full of articles about her passing for at least several days to weeks to come.

Now, do not get me wrong, the Queen of England seemed like a truly nice lady but in reality she was little more than a way for those in political office in England to continue enforce what amounts to serfdom over millions of subjects. That she was such, is a reminder of why our nation was born: Instead of being a nation of citizens serving a government, our nation evolved into being a nation in which the government became the servants of the people. It is tyrannical scum wannabes, and I do not say that lightly, like President Biden, Representatives Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez and Senators like Chucky Schumer who have forgotten that and who try to make the people of these United States subservient to them instead of them being subservient to us! Come election day - do not forget they are supposed to serve us and we need never bow to them unless we abdicate our power over them.

I am an independent when it comes to political affiliation but after hearing Joe - China/Ukraine/Russia  Loving - Hunter protecting - Fucktard - Biden denounce MAGA Republicans as a major threat to our Constitutional Republic (note it is not a democracy by definition, as he likely would call it) I can tell you - I am 100 percent opposed to anything a democrat, liberal, socialist, commie, leftist can come up with as a way to run this great nation whereas before this I may have given some of their ideas some thought. No, we were never perfect as a nation but bear in mind - there is no other country in the world to which folks wish still to immigrate like the US of A. There is a reason for that - our liberty to exercise our rights and laws that assure our rights and liberties will, or at least should, not be tyrannically controlled by the government.
Nonetheless, I hope that Queen Elizabeth II RIP. She must have done more than a little right to have lived for 96 years and to have been loved by so many for so long.
All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, September 5, 2022

It Is Nice Not To Have To Care About Work... retirement (such as it is for me) or not to have to worry about it it while on vacation (I got 6 weeks per year after 20 years of service). Yes, not having work on one's mind is a good thing; however, if you work it is only good up to a point. That is because your job should require you to pay attention to it while employed and if you are a public servant then it is your duty to do that job well. 
Along those lines, you would think that the more responsibility you have, the more you really would need to pay attention to your job. Some folks just do not understand that and prefer to ignore their responsibilities and flit around while doing little to nothing while taking often repeated & excessive time off from work. 

Take for example President Joe Biden. He has been on vacation for 41% of the time he has been president as per a report at One America News Network. More at the source. Of course, in his case, that may actually be beneficial to our great nation because when he is at work - he certainly screws things over for Americans and for The US of A as I see it. Anyway - he certainly is not there doing the job he is getting paid to do if taking off that much on vacation time.
Think of that in terms of a 40 hour work week. It would mean you worked for 24 out of 40 hours and took the other 16 off when you were supposed to be working. That would amount to and extra two whole days off every week or in other words a three day work week and thus four days off! Amazing; yet it seems, Biden has the time to badmouth his political opposition whenever he gets in front of a microphone. I wonder - when does he have time to actually carry out the functions of the presidency - or is it that someone else is doing that for him, such as his handlers who evidently tell him what to say and what not to say!

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Glenn B

Friday, September 2, 2022

More ATF Related News - Not So Good But Maybe The News... my post immediately prior to this one will put an end to them regulating pistol braces!

More info here:

All the best,
Glenn B

Some Good News Relative To But Not For ATF

This is good news for firearms owners, dealers & manufacturers; that is, it is good if true & accurate.

All the best,
Glenn B

Review Triple K Model 1058M - 8 Rd. Magazine For Beretta 92 Type M Pistols

 The Triple K Model 1058M 8 round magazine for Beretta 92 Type M pistols is, in my opinion, okay for use at the range or for plinking but I would not bet my life on it in a self defense situation by using it as a carry mag.

All the best,
Glenn B

How Can I Blog Without My Head Exploding

I was dismayed by that piece of shit President Joe Biden telling the American people that while supporters of the 2nd Amendment claim they have the right to keep and bear arms to overthrow a tyrannical government - they in essence would not be able to do so because they would need fighter jets and such to defeat the U.S. Military. Was that a not too veiled hint that should his government become an outright tyranny (already is in my opinion) - he would attempt to use the military to defeat those fighting for freedom under our Declaration of Independence and under out Constitution & Bill of Rights!!! As I see it, that pompous, arrogant wanna-be tyrant was saying just that - if he becomes a tyrannt - he will use our military to defeat anyone who tries to oust him  by force (which is one of the very first principles on which our nation is based - the armed citizenry being able to overthrow tyranny).
Then, while standing in front of a gaudy blood red background with a Marine included in the view - he called MAGA Republicans, in no uncertain terms, a threat to our nation & democracy (actually we are not a democracy but a Constitutional Republic - you would think the president at least would be aware of something so basic).  Then, the very next day which is today as I write this, he denied saying that. Of course, there was also the governor of NY recently telling Republicans that in essence they are not welcome in NY State! Of course, there is also the governor of CA banning the use of gasoline powered vehicles within a certain timeline one day and then the next day telling users of electric vehicles to stop charging them. Why would he tell them that after the lefties pushed for more and more electric vehicles - because he has destroyed the ability of the electric companies to produce enough electricity for even normal use without those vehicles.

Add to that all the trans crap they are pushing onto young children such as pole dancing trans queers, pornographic materials in grammar schools, their complete lack of investigation of Hunter Biden & President Biden's involvement with that and the money they BOTH received from Russia, Ukraine & China and it gets my blood boiling. Of course, their persecution of President Trump is nonstop - full speed ahead.
Let's not forget the outright push they are also making for socialism to destroy the free market and any other detrimental agendas they are pushing to destroy the United States of America - such as the relentless invasion of our southern border by illegal aliens.

The absolute balderdash coming out of the mouths of these leftists is bad enough but when you pile on all the folks who are swallowing it hook, line & sinker it is enough to make one very afraid of what is coming. With all these emboldened leftist dems making all these false and or perverted statements and all the hatred they are spewing it is making my blood pressure go up. 

If I actually went into great detail about all of this my head might well explode.

All the best,

Friday, August 19, 2022

Mind Boggling Suggestions From A Government

 Yes, the culture of Japan is different than that here in the USA. For instance, I could not for a second imagine the government of the United States of America - whether red or blue or in between - to make the suggestion, via a contest, that the Japanese government has reportedly made; then again - yes I could imagine the democrats doing it. That it is that the Japanese government has reportedly started a contest to determine ways to encourage young Japanese people to start drinking more alcohol! They did so in the hope of raising more tax revenue - revenue that the Japanese government has said was greatly reduced due to COVID-19 shutdowns. More at the source
If the politicians (aka: the fools) in government over there, like the politicians (aka: the fools) in government here, had had any sense at all, they seriously would have thought beforehand of the possible terrible consequences of shutting down businesses due to, in my opinion, purely reactionary fears & seemingly unscientific methodology during the pandemic. We, the Japanese and those in many other countries have suffered great financial, social & psychological and quite possibly physical distress because of the morons in government or so I think!
All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Are The Democrats Trying To Provoke China...

 ...or are they in cahoots with China & Biden and just trying to make it appear as if China has been provoked, have China actually retaliate in some physical way that truly seems to threaten war with the USA and then have President Biden step in and make it look as if he saved the day. I refer to the current troupe of idiots representatives to Taiwan - all democrats except for one lone and one lone Republican. More on that trip at the source.

Now for you liberals who think that preposterous - think back to the investigation against President trump for supposed collusion with Russia, the alleged squirting urination scandal against him, the January 6th investigation and the current mess with the FBI raid of his Florida residence. Then lets talk about all the info on Hunter Biden's laptop concerning his foreign ties to Russia, Ukraine and China and President Biden's denials that he had anything to do with Hunter's business dealings and all the money he supposedly earned in positions for which he had zero experience; yet, that statement by President Biden has already been proven to be a lie as I understand it. Not so preposterous after all, not in the face of the evidence on the laptop and at least not as preposterous as the claims that have been made against President Trump.

No, I do not think they are really trying to do that but I do think it is more plausible that that of which President Trump was and has been accused.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, August 12, 2022

Debunking That A Voter ID Requirement Is Racist

 This is not new, it was first put on Youtube in 2016. Yet, apparent liberals continue to this day to insist that a voter ID requirement would be racist against black people. Black folks though seem to have different, more logical and down to earth reality based ideas about it!
ETA: Some folks are just plain frigging idiots; it has always amazed me that college students can be so stupid and that their professors could teach them such absolute bunk. When I was in college, and yes I am patting myself on the back for it, I actually used to question my professors and keep questioning them until they gave a satisfactory answer to the actual question or admitted they would not or could not answer. That is why, when I had a 98 average in one class, the professor gave me a B-. He hated me and my questions because he came off like a super liberal jackass. I had another professor who walked into the classroom on the first day, stood up on her chair and screamed one word at the top of her lungs - that word was REVOLUTION. I got up to leave and she asked where I was going. I told her 'to the registrar's office to drop her class'. I seem to remember a couple of students giving me a secretive thumbs up. Ironically that was a Government class and yes I worked for the G for 32 years after college. I essentially told professors like them to go screw themselves and I would not allow myself to be hoodwinked by their tomfoolery. Call me an extremely skeptical cynic if you want but it was better than soaking up their spew as would a mindless dry sponge; like some of the kids seem to be in the above video.
All the best,

Just In Case Anyone Thought I Was Wrong... my post immediately prior to this one, take a look at this article about Miranda Galbreath, who reportedly is a licensed professional counselor at Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. She allegedly seems to have been, as Fox News put it, doing something I expected is happening & will continue to happen:
"A licensed sex therapist and counselor sparked backlash on social media after posting a video where she appeared to defend "minor-attracted persons.""
Fox also quoted her as having said this:
"The term pedophile has moved from being a diagnostic label to being a judgmental, hurtful insult that we hurl at people in order to harm them or slander them," Galbreath insists in the video. "I also like to use person-first language that recognizes that any label we apply to a person is only part of who they are and doesn’t represent everything that they are."
I find it absolutely abhorrent that she seems to totally disregard the pain & suffering pedophiles criminally inflict upon innocent children but then again, and not at all in her defense, I must admit this seems to be the attitude of liberal democrat leftists about almost any crimes, and toward criminals, which for whatever twisted reason they choose to defend. The attitude of people like her, is in my opinion, absolutely disgusting and to think - they allow this woman to work in a penal institution - that, I think, is truly a sad state of affairs.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Next Thing You Know The Lefties Will Make Every Effot To Legalize Pedophilia

Let's face it, when a judge sentences an apparent (in my view) pedophile, who had sex with a minor under 14, to only 60 days in jail followed by probation - there truly is something rotten in Denmark, as they say, but in this case the United States takes the place of Denmark. 
Fox news has reported that:
"Marka Bodine, 32, a former Tomball ISD teacher, pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual abuse of a child under 14." More at the source.
I have said it before today, and am saying it again, the wacky leftists in this country will make every attempt not only to legalize - but to normalize - adults having sex with children within this country and they will do so within 5 to 10 years at most if not sooner. They are already well under way at it by having infiltrated positions of trust such as teachers, doctors, nurses, scout masters, law enforcement and religious leaders.
All the best,

He Led A Long Life & Flew High...

Roger E. Mosley 1980.jpg the helicopter pilot in Magnum PI, one great show in its day. He was in a bad car accident on August 4th and sadly passed on today. Roger E. Mosely is gone at 83, RIP. More at the source.

All the best,

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Let's Hope It's Not His Last Hurrah

An 80 year old liquor store owner, in Norco, CA, defended himself with a shotgun against an alleged rifle wielding assailant who allegedly was attempting to rob the store according to reports. The rifle wielding suspect was heard to shout out "Aaaahhhh, he shot my arm off, he shot my arm off..."! The guy and two alleged accomplices sped off in an allegedly stolen vehicle and all were later arrested at the hospital where he sought treatment for a gunshot wound. Sadly the store owner had a heart attack shortly afterward and has been hospitalized. More at this source and this source. There is video, of the armed encounter, in the video below as well as in each of the source articles.
I wish I had an address to which to send the store owner a get well card that also would express - 'job well done'. Hopefully this will not have been his last hurrah and he will make a speedy and full recovery. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers folks. Once he is well again, I think he should be awarded something nice for his meritorious service to the community as far as vermin control goes and for possibly helping to keep the future crime and/or recidivism rates down. My guess is that at least the guy he shot will not be stupid enough to rob anyone in the future.
Way to shoot, pops!

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, July 29, 2022

So Far I've Been Lucky With My Older Guns...

 ...and as I say to myself "knock on wood" and then as I knock on my own head I say to myself (and to anyone who may overhear me) "the thickest wood in the house". What I have been lucky with is that for the ones I've had for awhile, none have ever badly broken. Some though have needed new parts though, either to replace missing ones or worn/broken small ones like an ejector, an extractor or sights on mostly older guns I have had for awhile. I have also been lucky to find the parts.
The first old gun I needed to repair, as I recall, was my Ortgies pistol in 32 ACP. It's firing pin was not hitting primers hard enough to ding them enough to fire. I cleaned it, tried again, same thing. Took it totally apart, cleaned it, paid special attention to the chamber and slide rails, lubed it, and fired it - all to the exact same effect. So, I searched online for a replacement firing pin spring. As best I recall the company name, I got a newly made reproduction from a place called Marstar Canada. Since those two words immediately prior to this sentence are now a link, I recalled the company name correctly (kudos to the little gray cells!). Tried to get Ortgies grips, for another Ortgies pistol, later on but had no luck there or anywhere except GunBroker; however, the price of the grips there was cost prohibitive, at least for original grips.
A few other times I needed parts for C&R rifles. My Marlin 36 needed a new ejector. I could not recall where I got that but Blogger did when I searched for "ejector" in my blogposts and that place was Wisner's Inc.. They make replacement parts for various firearms, including pistols, rifles & shotguns. Nice workmanship on that new ejector, it fit and worked perfectly. (I hate that I later sold that Marlin 1936 - what a simple but yet gorgeous machine and piece of nature was it - at least to my eyes.) 
I hate that I later sold my Marlin 1936 - what a simple & yet gorgeous machine & piece of nature was it - at least in my eyes.
Another rifle that needed a part was a Mosin Nagant 91/30 or three. I have had a few and changed a few minor parts on at least two of them; for instance replacing missing sling grommets that fit into slots in the stock to protect the wood. Then there was one of my Chilean Mausers 1895. It was missing something but I'll be damned if the little gray cells are working as good as they were a couple of minutes ago when I lauded praise upon them two paragraphs above! I've also gotten some things like grip screws, buttplates and such from online dealers. Lest I forget (gray cells going good again) I got magazines & magazine parts too and also got a few different parts (for spares) for a Voere 22 rifle. Another gun I wish I would have kept. 
In fact, everything I have mentioned so far has been bought from online dealers. The online gun parts dealer from where I have gotten most of those parts was: Numrich (AKA: Numrich Gun Parts Corp. and just Gun Parts Corp.) in Kingston, NY. Sadly, I never saw the place personally when I lived in NY and heck I drove by Kingston many times in my travels to upstate NY. I never even thought of the place when on those drives - dah. Anyway, I should have stopped by for a visit and a chat at least once - there is an actual shop that Google Maps indicates is a gun shop (pretty sure they do not have an FFL) and sell just parts other than receivers but don't hold me to that). Oh well, back to never having stopped there: should have - could have - would have - wished I had!  
As far as parts availability goes, they have lots of different used, factory new (OEM) stuff and reproduction parts. That is not to say that Numrich is going to have all the parts for any specific gun for which they have some parts - especially with regard to older guns. Yet, they have come through for me more times than not and thus this free plug for them. They also often have indexed parts schematics. You can purchase them or while on their site, you can often just look at them & their parts lists. I am fairly certain I have a couple or few of their schematics downloaded on my laptop but I am certain that even if the little gray cells were at their all time peak performance, they'd not help me recall for which guns; although, a Beretta something or other comes to mind as the subject of one of those schematics. I am sure there were other parts I needed over the years since I started fiddling with the workings and such of my guns.
My most recent purchase from Numrich was a mainspring for a revolver. The hammer of which maybe has not had enough force to make the firing pin strike the rim area hard enough to get some rounds off during each cylinder's worth of cartridges. This spring however is not the normal regular strength mainspring, they evidently did not have them in stock. What they had and what I got was a heavy duty mainspring or at least that is how it was listed. That spring is the one that powers the hammer on its way to making the gun go bang. If the new one makes the gun go bang every time but seems too heavy when firing double action, then I will look for a newly manufactured regular mainspring to see how a new one of those will work. That would probably take awhile as I could not find any of the regular strength ones anywhere. Hopefully this one, which was the only one I could find and which I found at Numrich, will be okay.
I should point out that wen I mentioned fiddling with my guns parts,  I meant only for actual repairs and almost always with original spec parts. I almost never modify guns out of spec except for stock refinishing, different grips, adding glass optics and rarely adding after market sights. Of course, in the current case of the revolver spring I got most recently I am using a heavier duty spring; that is a very rare exception to me almost always using original spec parts. While I will use that spring, I'd never use a weaker spring, for example just to make the action smoother. That's because a weaker spring could make the gun fail when needed; this heavier spring should have no such consequence but may make the action stiffer. Anyway, as I said, if this spring is found to not be right, as in too stiff, I'll look again for a regular strength one.
Back to Numrich. If I regularly wore a hat (it'd likely be a fedora or a bowler), I'd give the guys & gals at Numrich a hat tip. Good company, often has what I need, ships pretty fast and has what are decent prices although if you just need one small inexpensive part, shipping may cost more than the item. 
And just so you know: No they (Marstar Canada, Wisner's Inc., Numrich) did not request a write-up, did not suggest or hint at one, did not pay me in any way-shape-or form for this review/compliment and did not know I was going to write this in the first place.
So, all I am wondering now is: Where do you, my readers, get your guns parts?
All the best,
Glenn B

So There I Was Standing In Line Thinking...

 ...of the Hobbit when Bilbo Baggins was playing a perilous riddle game with Gollum and Bilbo told him he was the lucky number, in other words the 14th member of his party of the dwarves, Gandalf the wizard & himself. That's when I tried to remember how many Mega Millions games I had already played for tonight's drawing and when I decided 14 would be a good number. I thought I had already bought 9 games worth  broken down to 1 game on the first ticket, 3 on the next and 5 on the most recent before that thought. So, I bought another $10 worth - or another five games on a single ticket to equal 14 games in all.
When I got home and checked the previously bought tickets, I realized the number of games I had played in total, with the newest ticket included, was thirteen. I really am THAT guy! Oh well, never one to follow the norm, I always liked it when Friday The 13th rolled around; so maybe, just maybe - at least this one time - 13 will wind up being extremely lucky for me and one of those 13 games will have the winning numbers just right. That would be nice.
Of course the odds of me winning are as small as are the odds of you winning with all the winning  numbers in one game. That said, I can also say good luck to each and every one of us who bought a ticket in tonight's Mega Millions, myself included. To be honest to my readers, I must add, I hope my luck is at least a bit better than yours but if not then I hope it is equal to yours and it winds up we split the big pot evenly between two or a few of us.
All the best,
Glenn B

If Pelosi Visits Taiwan - Maybe China Will Do Us A Favor...

 ...and keep her there or find some other way so that she will never return to the USA. I mean, they certainly gave us a grave warning:
""Those who play with fire will perish by it. It is hoped that the US will be clear-eyed about this," a Chinese readout of the Biden-Xi call said." (source).
Is Pelosi a goer, she's not saying (source) - Know what I mean, nudge-nudge, say no more...
All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

What's It Been - 5 Days Since My Last Post

That's because there essentially is little new in my personal life, in the news or when considering the grand scope of things going on in the world. Here is the way I see things as far as current events and such go:
China is still the enemy of freedom and Joe Biden & his administration are kissing their east Asian arses;
The leftists (democrats, liberals, progressives & RINOs) in the USA have truly lost their mind(s) (individually & collectively); 
Law & Order is a thing of a bygone era as is respect for it;
Crime is running rampant throughout much of our land, people are being injured & killed, property being burned down or defaced, other property is being stolen at alarming rates - ad what do the leftists politicians do - they are still investigating Trump and are essentially not doing diddly-squat to stop the criminals;
Black Lives Matter, groups like BLM, only when a black person has been killed by police but blacks of any other profession (or lack thereof) shooting & killing other blacks is okay as long as the guy shooting the other is not a black cop;

Racism runs rampantly throughout the nation, seemingly with more black folks committing it than white folks nowadays but there are still plenty of white racists as well;
Democrat politicians are evil hateful types for the most part;
Politicians of any ilk are perpetual liars and I am talking about lies that are about vitally important subjects and that should be of intrerest & importance to all of us legally in the nation;
Our current president blames everything wrong on just about anyone he can blame (other than himself) and then hopes to get media attention by doing so and he evidently believes that he (himself) can do absolutely no wrong; 

Boring is often good and my life has been a bore as of late - well, except maybe for days I go shooting or to a gun show or visit my son (saved the best for last).
 So there have not been any other blog posts than this one for 5 days or so.
When I think of something worthy to write about, I'll post again. Hopefully that will be sooner than later.

All the best,
Glenn B




Thursday, July 21, 2022

The Second Order Off 44 Special... slated to arrive today, it is supposedly out for delivery. Not at all bad since I ordered it on the 17th. The order is with Saint Barb's Bullets. The first order took longer but I guess that was because I ordered it on July 3 only a day before the holiday. I have to say, the packing of the first order was the absolute best packing I have ever seen for an order of pistol ammo.
Once I have this ammo, I'll have 150 rounds, enough to last me the year I think (if I skimp during range trips) but I'll probably order more just in case and of course so I can have some fun with the Charter Arms Bulldog!

All the best,
Glenn B

Fist Bumps Do Not Prevent Covid


What a friggin jerk-off with his fist bump. 
The bad things about him having Covid (along with maybe having cancer & dementia) are that if he croaks, the cackling ho Harris becomes president. It also could gain a lot of sympathy votes for any democrat who tries to fill his shoes in 2024. Then again, if Harris becomes president, even for only a few months, my guess would be that the country will implode under her and the dems will not win another major election for at least a decade. One can hope.
More at the source.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Got My 44 Special Ammo Yesterday...

 ...and despite usually being THE Great Procrastinator, I hit the range today with the Charter Arms Bulldog that I only got with the last week or two. I also brought along my Marlin Model 70P (Papoose) which I received back in February this year and was unfired until today and my Remington 870 that I got this past January which was & sadly remains unfired. The reason the Remington remains unfired is that the range I went to today, Texarkana Gun Barn, does not allow shotguns even if firing slugs. That was a disappointing revelation.
Anyway, I got to shoot the other two. First off, I started with the Marlin Papoose. I fired 7 rounds (what its mag holds) at a target set at 15 yards from a standing unsupported position. The group was not too pleasing but nor was it extremely displeasing. It was off to the right and mostly high and just too big for my liking. Still, it would be okay for a hiking carry survival rifle if I could adjust the windage but alas it did not look like it could be adjusted to me. I will have to check the manual and take another look at the front sight to see if it can be drifted but it looked as if it could not at first glance. I was anxious to shoot the Bulldog so did not look too long.
I put that same target back out but only to 7 yards the next time and loaded up the Charter Arms Bulldog. The first shot went kaboom and it kicked like a small mule (as opposed to my Ruger Redhawk in 44 Magnum that kicks like a full sized mule). I fired its compliment of 5 shots. At first I thought I somehow had missed the paper with one of the shots but they are all there in two holes. I was firing slow fire, two hands unsupported. I am pretty darned happy with the group.
After those first shots, I put the target back out to 15 yards and shot the Papoose from a seated position with only ,my left elbow resting on the bench. The group size improved markedly but was still off to the right and a bit high. 

 I was firing Aguila, 40 grain, standard velocity, lead round-nose ammo at it. Although either would do as a survival rifle, I probably would carry this takedown rifle with me on hikes instead of my Henry U.S. Survival rifle, it is definitely the more accurate of the two. Granted, it does not breakdown and then fit into its own stock like the Henry but does break down to barrel & stock/receiver combo and comes with a case in which to store it.
After that it was back to the Bulldog. I fired another 10 shots from it, this time at 10 yards. I shot with an unsupported two hand hold, slow to medium rate of fire. For a revolver that has only a ramp front sight and groove for the rear sight, it shoots pretty darned good. 
As you can see, my groups on this and the previous 5 shot target were low and there was the one low flyer too on the 10 shot target. I am not sure if my groups were because of the gun, the ammo or me anticipating recoil (it certainly was on my mind at least a little bit considering the caliber but not much). Yet, I am quite happy with the way it shot. It was the only gun, in the last Hessney Auction on which I bid without first asking for & getting a rundown on its condition from the auction house. I do that now and again and have regretted it a couple or few times but this one had some better quality photos of it on the auction site and I took a shot. I am happy I did! 
In all I fired 25 rounds through the Bulldog - not many but enough to assure it went bang every time. I had suspected the trigger pull seemed as if someone maybe had ground down the main spring when fired single action (I only fired it double action today). Yep, even with the factory bobbed hammer, it can be cocked easily enough (at least at the range but you do need to be careful since it is a very short hammer spur if you can even call it a spur) to fire it single action and it has one heck of a light single action trigger pull. Double action felt pretty heavy - by my guess at least 10 pounds. When I looked at the spent primers after firing it, I no longer had any concerns about the mainspring maybe having been worked because the indentations in the primers were pretty deep and were consistent from round to round. 
Now to hope for ammo prices to fall for this not rare but still not very popular round. I got three boxes of 25 rounds each for about $25.00 per box; the ammo I used was PMC 180 grain JHP (actually looks more like semi-JHP). I need to order at least a few more boxes because that was the same price or less than I saw for FMJ 44 Special Ammo. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention why I need more ammo - that's because this one is a keeper!

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Jill Biden's New Name

Talking Taco Tina! If they made some of those old fashioned pull the string to make em talk dolls, or even just some bobbleheads, in her image and named em like that, I bet they'd sell tens of thousands. No surprise she'd make an asinine comment like that about an ethnic group - like husband - like wife I guess.

All the best,

Friday, July 8, 2022

So - I Have This New Toy...

 ...but about all I can do with it right now is use it as a paperweight. That's because I have no ammo for it. It is a Charter Arms Bulldog in 44 S&W Special (aka: 44 Special). No one has it locally, at least not the stores I have tried. So, I ordered some online from a place called Saint Barb's Bullets. That was on July 3rd, now it is the 8th and their site tells me my order is still "Processing". If it has not been sent out by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, I will give them a call. Just sent them an inquiry via their internal message system. When I placed my order, they supposedly had over 400 boxes of PMC 44 Special JHP in stock, so I have to wonder - what the frick is the delay! 
Yeah, I know, this past Monday was a holiday but three days plus part of today ought to be more than enough for an efficient ammo supplier to get their product into the system and on its way to the buyer. Maybe, being that I am The Great Procrastinator, I should be more patient but I really want to shoot this thing ASAP if for no other reason to make sure it is not too good to be true. It looks so nice and seems to lock up nice and tightly but the action seems oh so smooth and the single action trigger pull is probably 2 pounds or less and my guess is less. Thus, I suspect someone may have ground down the mainspring (hammer spring). I hope not but if so it is easy enough to replace. 

About the only external sign of use is a light cylinder ring.

Of course, maybe I just got really lucky and I found myself a really nice and fully operational Bulldog from the original Charter Arms. One can hope but I'd like to do more than hope and take it to the range for a shoot.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, July 7, 2022

I Would Have Sworn She & Others Said...

 ...she did absolutely nothing wrong and that she was innocent and more or less was being falsely accused by the Russians for political reasons. Yet, the news today is that she has made a guilty plea. More at the source.
Oh well, my life goes on either way whether she is guilty or not. Quite frankly, I do not give a rat's arse about a person whom I consider to be someone who seemingly thinks she has special privileges and deserves special attention from the president of the USA to get her off the hook.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The Axles Have Been Greased &...

 ...the wheels are already in motion even if only slowly so far. Hopefully, I will be bound toward Rogers, AR to arrive on July 12 or toward Dallas, TX to arrive on July 15 and to get to either in time to attend the Santana & Earth Wind & Fire concert at either location. 
I would prefer Rogers, AR as it is north of here and thus maybe will be a bit cooler and because my son lives in AR and maybe it is more convenient for him if he chooses to come even though on a work day's night. If he chooses not to attend either, then I hope that maybe I can drop off Skye (my mongrel) with him or his girlfriend for the 12th and go up to Rogers. Another reason to choose Rogers though is that tickets will be about $100 less expensive there and that is for each ticket. What a difference! Of course, being Dallas is on a Friday night, if my son can make it, I will be obliged as a decent pop to get tickets there. He'd have to foot the motel bill.
Either show would be nice to attend and going with my son would make either one a grand affair. His gal-pal can come too but he'd have to foot the ticket price for her. Besides it being grand to have Brendan, and maybe Niki too, with me to see Santana - it would be excellent to see him and his group perform if they played some of their classic hits from long ago. The man is a musical genius. Saw him last an an ice skating rink (in warmer months) within Central Park in NYC many, many, many years ago. Seeing Earth Wind & Fire playing as the backup band would be a nostalgic treat as well. 
So, I sent Brendan an email for him to read tomorrow and hopefully he will tell me he can attend one of those shows. If not, then I hope I can drop off Skye (my mongrel) with him early next week and then head up to Rogers.
Of course, all of this also depends upon whether Carlos Santana recovers from the heat exhaustion he suffered last night. More at the source. It also depends upon whether or not any tickets are left tomorrow after Brendan gets back to me.
All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Never Listening To Her Singing Again...

 ...would only be possible if I had ever listened to Pink's singing in the first place. So, her demand that people like me stop listening to her music (more at the source) has essentially fallen on deaf ears relative to me and I suppose others like me.
While I coincidentally may have overheard her before when someone else was playing her stuff, I would not have even known who was singing. She is, in my opinion, nothing of any importance nor is there any allure for me at all to her singing. So while never listening to her singing AGAIN may be impossible for me, never listening to her in the first place will be one of the easiest things I will have ever done.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, June 30, 2022

I've Been Retired Over 10 Years And...

 ...while I do miss the job (it was truly an adventure of a career), I do not miss certain aspects of it like some arsehats with whom I worked (mostly supervisors). Don't get me wrong - some of the supervisors were great especially the Primary Firearms Instructors (Range Masters) and my friend DP. I readily admit that I also miss many of my fellow agents.
Other than my coworkers, the things I miss most besides travel to temporary assignments were my collateral duties as a firearms instructor for handgun, rifle & shotgun and then what came a bit later on - certification & collateral duties as an MP5 instructor. If I ever loved a gun (besides my 870) I loved the HK MP5 that was issued to me. While I still have my Remington 870 12 gauge (in fact I have two), I of course had to give up that MP5. 
Damn, shooting it was fun - especially with the free ammo I got from the job for practice. There was a lot of free ammo to spare; so, you can safely bet, I shot that MP5 frequently. If I had to rate it among all the long guns I have ever owned or been issued - it truly rates as the most fun long gun probably tied with the 870 but it might edge out the 870 only in as much as it never kicked enough to hurt my shoulder!

All the best,
Glenn B

He's Gone - Last Living WWII Recipient of Medal of Honor Has Passed On



 There is also a video here (much better I think) but I cannot get to to embed (seems to be a chronic on again/off again problem with videos from FOX News).

Yet another video below, long but well worth the watch:

All the best, 
Glenn B


All the best,

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Zombies Movies & Shows - The Reason We Love Em So Much Is Sad

 I truly believe that the reason zombie movies & shows are so popular is because the dystopian chaos portrayed in them what we - as an overall society - wish would come to be. In fact, I think, we (the in general we) wish it would be as easy and as morally proper to dispose of our enemies as zombies are killed off in those shows  or just like the zombies kill off surviving humans. Yes, I see it as there are two sides to those who want it to be like a zombie apocalypse, those who want to destroy zombies and those who want to be zombies and destroy humanity. 
My guess is that many folks now believe that anyone with a view opposing their own amounts to little more than, if anything at all more than, a zombie or a human striving to survive. The scary thing is that many of the people within our society (and I mean this on a worldwide level to one degree or another depending on where you are) seemingly are becoming somewhat zombie like in as much as they seem to have no will of their own except for a basic one that consists of getting all they can get to stuff into their pie holes and are willing to absolutely destroy anyone to get what they want. These are the liberals among us. They are in a frenzied chaos tearing apart the remnants of what made us human and  are doing so with zero regard for anyone & everyone else - thus just as a zombie would do they are essentially trying to kill off the rest of us (or at least are trying to kill off what constituted our societal makeup. Sooner or later, those among us who have not turned into zombies - the remaining people with some sort of constitutional backbone who are still in touch with their humanity - will start shooting the ones who have turned. 
Sadly, the way things are now, I believe it inevitable that in order to save the human race, half or more of it will have to be wiped off the face of the earth. I don't want to see that happen, I hope it never does happen, but I feel it approaching like my bones feel a drastic change in the weather.
Well, it's just my thought on on what is going on in the world today. Let's hope I am wrong, dead wrong about it.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Maybe Send Up A Prayer For Herschel Woodrow Williams...

...he is the last surviving Medal Of Honor recipient from WWII but is living out his last days in a hospital. His family has requested prayers be said for him. If not the praying type, maybe at least give him a thought or two today and in those days he has left. I think him worthy of either.

At the battle of Iwo Jima, then Corporal Williams advanced, alone and supported by only 4 riflemen, on enemy positions time & time again and wiped out several machine gun emplacements with a flamethrower returning to his own lines only to resupply with fresh flamethrowers and ordnance. More about him here: 
All the best,
Glenn B
ETA: Mr. Williams passed away yesterday, June 29, 2022. Hopefully the prayers and thoughts sent out for him have helped assure he will RIP.

Serious And Maybe Delirious

 Another guy is saying he is seriously running for the presidency in 2024.He is not your average guy, he is another big mouthed celebrity, in fact he makes his living with his mouth since he is in essence a comedian/talk show host with a radio show. 
I used to listen to his show sometimes when it was on free radio. I often thought he was hilarious as were many of his guests and some of his sidekicks. Yet, when he moved to fee to listen radio - as in SiriusXM (the radio station not the distant star) - I decided he was not worth my money. Yes, I think he often is (or at least was when I listened to him years ago) very funny, comically irreverent, often raunchy, even wildy outrageous and worth a listen if for free. For him though to consider running for the presidency, is as I see it outright ridiculous and would be a waste of air time for other more viable candidates for the position. 
It's bad enough we currently have a president whom Bozo The Clown (loved hi show and thankfully he knew his place - keeping kids amused & happy) would have outshone in the same job; so, in my opinion, even though I consider Stern pretty intelligent, we really do not need a sophomoric & waggish comedian like him to even consider running for the highest political office in our nation whether he is being serious or is being delirious in that regard. More at the source.

All the best,
Glenn B

He Said It In The Present Tense...

 ...if he was quoted correctly and thus he has renounced (not that he was going to be renouncing) his U.S. citizenship. If it was up to me, he'd never again be allowed to step foot in this country. My bet is he is back already, or soon will be  because I have little doubt that he will not be prevented from entering by border authorities under the Biden Administration. To what end - I suppose he will return to slam this great nation even more but truth be told, I think we do not need him and I for one do not want him here. I would bet though that the leftists adore him. More at the source.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, June 24, 2022

First Shots HK VP9SK & Glock 19

Got myself a new Glock 19 GEN3 recently (making it my third current one) and an HK VP9SK as well. The Glock came with two 10 round magazines (but I have many more 15 round mags) and the HK with two 10 round and two 13 round magazines.

As you can tell, I like Glocks, I also currently own a 26 and have owned a 17, 21 and two 30s in the past as well as two other Glock 19s but they were GEN5s (and I think avoiding them is the way to go with GEN5 model 19s, just my opinion). The first 20 shots with the Glock were a bit of a surprise because they were all at 15 yards and frankly I expected the group to be larger. 

What did not surprise me was that they grouped a bit to the left. Every Glock I have fired does that when I shoot it no matter how I hold it or position my trigger finger; well, that is everyone but for a single exception. That one was spot on center target as I recall and happily it is one of the Glock 19 GEN3 pistols that I still own.

As for the HK, allow me to quote the guys of Monty Python's Flying Circus: "And now for something completely different". Truth be told, no it's not really completely different but it is quite different in one mechanical regard than any other pistol I've ever fired and that is its safety levers. It also is somewhat different in another mechanical regard - the trigger pull and finally it was different than any other of the brands of guns I have ever owned. As for the brand, I don't recall ever owning an HK before now; so that is something completely new I guess. 

I was issued an HK MP5 when with the U.S. Customs Service Office Of Investigations. I also qualified with one when I was a Border Patrol Agent. I liked those MP5s so much that when given the opportunity to become an MP5 instructor, in addition to my other firearms instructor duties, I jumped at it. So maybe it should be no surprise that I at least kind of, sort of, almost completely liked the HK VP9SK or that I fired well with it. It really is a nice shooter in as much as how well it shoots. It is a fairly compact one too. There were though two things - one minor and one major - that I did not like about it. 

The minor issue was that the trigger had a surprising amount of travel followed by a bit of creep before it went bang. Nothing terrible not even really bad, just something I would have to adjust to if I would have decided to keep it as a carry gun. Yes I said if I would have! I decided I will not keep it - not as a carry gun nor as a safe queen (are we still allowed to use the word queen or does that offend the LGBTQIA world)! 

The reason for me not expecting to keep it is the location of the magazine releases & the movement needed to release either. The mag release is ambidextrous, a lever (not button) on the outside of each rear bottom of the trigger guard and more or less run parallel to the edge of the outside trigger guard on their respective side. It needed to be pushed down, not in (there is nowhere to go pushing in) to release the mag. I found it very difficult to hit the mag release and actually get it to release the mag with one hand (one handed is as I would do it on most other semi-automatic pistols I own - certainly on every primary self-defense semi-auto pistol I own). I found the most efficient way for me to release the mag was by using the thumb of my off hand to do so. The thing is, that means two hands on the gun while unloading instead of one on the gun and the other already grabbing a fresh mag with which to reload. That means time wasted and if in a gun fight a split second lost might make you the loser.

I know a few tricks to easily unload a pistol one handed when it's a model on which it is tricky to reach the mag release. None worked with this mag release. Sure, I mean could do it but not efficiently and timely AND I almost dropped the pistol two or three times when getting it done. I don't think I need to carry what I consider an unwieldy pistol with a design error (my opinion) like that. I know of one other shooter who has one and says he likes it. Then again, I know someone else who owned one and shot it and said he had to use his index finger to release it (not sure if he meant strong hand or weak hand). 

The gun fit well in my hand, most do, but it comes with grip panels for those who may think otherwise for themselves. The sights were great - a three dot system, big and white. I don't know about takedown and assembly as I have not taken it apart yet to clean it. No big hurry since I am not about to carry it but cleaning it will get one this weekend regardless.

 I've got to say, if not for mag release issue, I could live with the trigger creep. I loved the group I fired with it albeit at only 3 and 7 (Edited to add: that crossed out bit was wrong - one mag of 13 rounds was fired at 15 yards   that was why I marked off the shots from 3 & 7 yards so any outside that I'd know were shot from the 15, do not know what I was thinking saying only shots were at 3 & 7).  So, in the real world and not in the foggy world of my little gray  cells, I shot at 3, 7 & 15 yards but still 59 shots (three mags each with13 rounds & two mags each with 10 rounds). Not bad with all in the ten ring and only 7 or maybe 8 shots outside of the X ring (and all those at 15 yards). Sadly though there is the mag release issue and as I see it, this is not the gun for me even though it is one nice shooter.. 



I have been firing guns with the mag release in the more or less same spot for many years now, actually for decades. In the heat of a self-defense situation where I'd need to drop an empty mag and reload I don't need to do it with two hands, the thumb of my off hand and other hand on the grip (one hand might have been wounded then what result). I am so used to doing differently than the way it need be done (by me anyway) with the HK, yet doing it a different way than the HK with all my other self-defense pistols I have ever carried - I am pretty certain that could be seriously problematic. Almost sure - that when the pucker factor gives out and I am running on sweat, adrenaline and prior training - I am going to push for the mag release where it would have been on any of those other guns than the HK before I realize -  oh shit it’s on the bottom rear of the trigger guard and is a lever requiring a downward movement. I think that could get me killed, so no HK VP9SK as my self-defense pistol. That's too bad, it cost me a goodly amount and as I said is a nice shooter. I hope I can sell it for the same I paid but that is always iffy. In today's market though, my guess is I will get at least very close to what I shelled out on it.

Oh well, until they ban them all there will always be another one to try out. I for one will be voting for Trump in 2024 should he run again and I certainly hope he does so and continues his support of the 2nd Amendment, of all our other actual Constitutional rights, of our economy, of foreign affairs and of our great nation.

All the best, 
Glenn B