Sunday, May 8, 2022

What Is Very Wrong With The Witness' Statement

 Go here and read the article about 3 scumbags alleged criminals (at least one a 14 year old) trying to rob a 60 year old retired police officer. Pay careful attention to the statement by the witness. Oh hell, let me quote it here:
"We got off the bus – that's when we were walking," the woman told CBS. "We noticed these gentlemen were robbing this man, because he was taking his wallet and stuff out his pocket." (source).
What in Hades is wrong with people today??? I don't care if you are a scum slime sucking libtard, a RINO who kisses leftist arse, a staunch right wing wacko conservative or a middle of the road libertarian - if you do not see what is very wrong with that statement then there is something wrong with you.
To call the alleged robbers "gentlemen" and the victim "this man" when talking about an attempted robbery in which the VICTIM of the alleged crime shot one of the alleged criminals (the 14 year old) is not only asinine but is abhorrent and intolerable in my opinion. I do not care that the guy who got shot was 14, that does not make it right nor give anyone a valid reason to describe him or his alleged criminal associates as "gentlemen" and then in the same breath refer to the victim as "this man". If not actually meant to be degrading, to the retired officer, it certainly could be interpreted that way. 
Let's stop coddling evil doers for a change and support the good guys instead.

All the best,
Glenn B

Happy Mothers' Day... all mothers.
I say that even to those of you who brought up the scum who prefer to kill babies in the womb as a form of correcting: whoops I spread my legs because I am a slut and got preggers, or whoops I did not use the pill or other form of woman's birth control, or whoops I forgot to make sure the arse hat screwing me used a condom. I can see exceptions for rape, incest, protecting the life of the woman, and some other instances but cannot and never will condone killing a fetus/baby for the sake of not being responsible enough to suffer the consequences of getting laid by choice.  
I have to wonder., as a responsible parent, have you thought of telling your abortion supporting offspring that it is not to late for him or her to abort the rest of their own lives? Just asking, not suggesting or condoning suicide or those abortionists killing off one another; although, I imagine it might somehow help show that those who support abortion support it completely by performing it on their own twisted lives. They would never do that though.
Remember, these are the same folks who say abortion is a woman's right to do with her body as she pleases but they are the same ones who fully supported the government mandating vaccinations, vaccination boosters, masks, vax passports and other restrictions on the people of this once great nation - or in other words total government control of our bodies and our lives!
Oh well, I think it truly is ironic that they angrily & vehemently support, in a frenzy of extremism, the one thing that they have not experienced, and probably never will experience, happening to themselves. That is unless of course they decide to abort the rest of their own lives. As I said though, I am neither suggesting they do so nor condoning they do so. Yet somehow, a small part of me feels it a pity that they themselves were not aborted. Oh the irony, admittedly even in my own thinking.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Wouldn't It Be Hot Stuff...

 ...if it was revealed that a Supreme Court Justice was the one who leaked the draft document relative to possibly overturning Roe versus Wade! Right now, many on the left are praising the leaker; however, at least one democrat, Senator Mark Warner, is calling for the prosecution of the person who leaked the draft. More at the source
I find myself surprised that the demoncrats have not done what they usually do in as much as they have not tried to frame someone on the right for the leak - particularly that they have not tried to frame a conservative Supreme Court Justice. It does not even seem like they've had that idea yet (hope they do not read this). 
Imagine though, if you will, that it was a justice who leaked the document. What would happen to that justice. That justice would no longer be able to take on any other Supreme Court cases - not one without there being a whirlwind of opposition to the justice remaining on the bench. I am guessin the justice would resign if outed. That would be terrible if a conservative as far as I am concerned but the left would be overjoyed if such was the case. Thus back to my surprise that no one on the left, to my knowledge anyway, has accused a right wing Justice of being the leaker. Maybe such an accusation is yet to come.
It would make for some outrageous sensational news reporting if it were even suggested as a possibility let alone if such a theory was pushed by the demoncrats or the rebooblikans. Either side could try to benefit from such accusations. If actually true that it was a Justice  - which is not all that far fetched considering the current state of politics & our society - holy cow!
Now, you may wonder why a justice might take the risk to release it. Well, I suppose with the elections coming up in the not too distant future, that justice would be hoping to garner votes for his or her party. It is obviously driving the loons on the left more bonkers than anything before, or so it seems to me. My guess is that if it comes to fruition and RvW is overturned they will come out in droves to vote. Even if it does not come about, just the threat of it ever possibly happening might make them cast 10 votes each if they can get away with it. Thing is though, the timing seems off but who knows when the decision will come down, could be it was leaked now because a decision is forthcoming very soon. 
Then again, maybe the person who let it out (Justice, law clerk, maintenance  man - whoever) is just hoping a right wing judge on the SC bench will be assassinated leaving an opening to which Biden can appoint someone other lefty. 

The possibilities of the outcome of the leak appear almost endless. No matter what actually happens, it still would be one hell of a story to break if it was in fact a Supreme Court Justice who leaked it no matter on which side of the political aisle he or she sits.
All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Swiss Cheese Comes To Mind...

 ...and I mean no disrespect to the victim when I say that. A carjacking victim was shot 18 times as he attempted to protect himself with a bladed weapon. Bad guy was caught soon afterward. More at the source.
Back in the day - not all that long ago although long enough to know I was young back then - he probably would not have been caught due to his resisting arrest while armed! Things have changed, some for the worse, some for the better - you decide which it would be in this case.

All the best,
Glenn B

Not The Best Idea For Sure...

 ...would it be to enter a concealed carry class and try to steal a weapon, then go outside and attack the cops - with a screwdriver - when they show up. Guns - Screwdrivers - Hands. well the cop found out hands do not beat a screwdriver but the bad guy found out that a screwdriver just does not cut the steel of a gun barrel so to speak!

Just to be clear, this was not a recent incident. First time I saw it though so thought I should share for others who also had not yet seen it. Leave it to Bonjingo to post old news. There is another video about it from last year in March but because of the narrator on that one, I will only post this link. I cannot stand to watch or listen to the guy, he is a horse's arse in my opinion. Yeah I know many folks think he is a firearms tactics demigod but as I said - horse's arse befits him better in my opinion.
All the best, 
Glenn B

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

If The Supremes Overturn Roe vs Wade (RvW)...

 ...watching the result while consuming a weiss bier or cocktail (or three) could be quite the amusing thing to do as the libs lose it and go berserk and their heads explode. No, it would not be fun to see them hurting anyone - just to see their heads explode (figuratively of course). Sadly, such a decision just may be what is needed to spark the seemingly long brewing civil war between the left & right in this country; if not then certainly mass civil unrest. Now, that could be something to watch too or maybe even to legally join in to protect freedom, justice, our Constitution, America and Americans' lives (including unborn babies in the womb). 
Now don't get me wrong. I am no big opponent of abortion but nor am I a big proponent - at least in most cases. I can see allowing abortions to protect the life of the mother or in cases of rape, incest, pedophilia and also in some other limited cases. I cannot see allowing abortions as a method of birth control because some neanderthal was too stupid to use a condom, to pull out, to get a BJ or go anal instead or because some woman was so eager to spread her legs she dropped the pin between her knees (a Catholic nun thing in grammar school, they made girls who spread em while sitting in class hold a pin between their knees for a long time), or because a woman did not care to take female measures to prevent pregnancy (like the pill or use a diaphragm or some other form of birth control). 
What I am totally against is the federal government having gotten itself involved in the first place. I believe there is zero legal authority, within the Constitution (the basis of all federal authority), for the feds to be providing funding for abortions or to be allowing them or banning them - the issue of abortion should be up to each state to determine. If there is such legality specifically spelled out within that document - show it to me.

Some things I think you can expect though, if it does work out that the Supremes actually overturn Roe versus Wade are:
Huge protest marches consisting of a lot of woe is me types,

Protest marches that quickly become violent,
Outright riots by pro-abortion folks as if the protest marches will not disrupt things enough,
Riots by BLM types who undoubtedly will say such a decision is racist because they seem to do nothing else except race bait and  do not care about black peoples' lives,
Riots by ANTIFA types just for the sake of rioting and of course they likely will claim, ironically, that preventing the killing of as of yet unborn, but yet living, children is fascism at its height,
Riots by far right groups opposing the above groups,
Lots of police officers and National Guardsmen being wounded and some killed in the rioting,
Lots of arson to include of government buildings, political offices, police stations, abortion clinics, and so on,

Lots of other types of property destruction,

Churches & other houses of worship being defiled,
Lots of looting (after all, lefties will need diapers & formula for all those kids they will be having),
Several autonomous zones being formed by wacko lefties,
Governors of so called blue states doing almost nothing to put down rioters,
RINO's kissing the arse of lefties,
Possibly some assassinations, or attempts at such, of justices and politicians, and other pro-life supporters - maybe even some attempts at assassinating pro-abortion types,

Lots of innocent bystanders being injured,
Lots of arrests with very few lefties being held for a long term as have been the arrested folks of January 6 fame still being held without trial,

Lots of arsehat politicians whining, gnashing their teeth, wailing woe is our country and giving truly unbelievable vile speeches opposing such a decision,
Outright civil war on a large scale because abortion was essentially the mantra of the leftists - it really is one of the driving principles of being a lefty in this country,

Attempts at packing of the Supreme Court with as many lefty justices as is possible (before this coming November),

Calls for the Supreme Court to be dismantled and for the Constitution to be torn apart with hopes of anarchy reigning until the commies can take over,
The media loving every minute and stirring the embers until they burst into flames of civil war while blaming it all (or most of it) on Trump should the overturning of RvW become reality,
Zero chance of any calls by leftist politicians to label any civil unrest by abortion supporters as being an insurrection, 

And I guess there is an outside chance that the person or persons responsible for the leak of the draft will actually be discovered and prosecuted to the full extent of the law now that the Chief Justice has made the seriousness of the offense clear (source).
I may be wrong about all of that but those are what I think are quite possible outcomes, even likely ones (except maybe for the last one), should RVW be overturned. 
I have to say, it will be amazing to see how the left turns on the Supreme Court should RvW be overturned; heck they thought the Supreme Court was the cat's meow so long as it upheld what they say is a woman's right - one that amounts to the killing of unborn babies. if it really happens, then I also cannot wait to see how they attempt to trash Trump over this. As for me, whatever influence Trump may have had in such a decision only raises his pedestal higher as I see it. The federal government needs to get its nose out f business where it does no belong. Maybe next, and I know this is truly wishful thinking on my part, the Supremes can declare the departments of education & energy as unconstitutional and declare the 2nd Amendment and our RKBA as an unalienable right that rally cannot be infringed.

Edited On may 4, 2022, To Add: I forgot to mention, if this comes about there will be not only riots but armed insurgency from the left. Of course, the left will not call it an insurgency but probably will say it was a peaceful protest by folks armed only to defend themselves and they had to shoot down the evil folks who support life.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Don't F-CK With A Mama Bear

 A woman in San Antonio, TX reportedly protected her children and herself from an alleged intruder who reportedly broke into their home. She reportedly shot him twice in the chest. I guess she never heard: "Two in the chest, one in the head, we like em alive but we'll take em dead". No matter, the alleged intruder died on the way to the hospital. Sounds like a darned good and justified shooting based on what is said at the source. Bad guy - 0, Mama Bear - +1.

All the best,
Glenn B

Many Liberals Truly Are Idiots...

 ...of the type who seek out and are only happy once they find something they believe is offensive. They love being pissed off - at anything - no matter how trivial or ridiculous.  Take for example that the state of Washington reportedly has banned the use of the word marijuana in official documents. They say it is racist and the governor supposedly has signed a bill into law banning the use of a word that has zero racial connotations except in the minds of leftist morons. More at the source. Unfrigging-believable!
All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, April 30, 2022

If You Follow Fox News At All...

 ...then maybe a lot of what you have been reading on their site is that all the polls show that the Democrats do not stand a snowball's chance in hell of winning any or at least not most elections this November. They sure post enough about that subject that you almost cannot miss it unless you do so intentionally. 
I kind of, sort of, almost absolutely remember that was what they, at Fox News, said about Joe Biden's chances of becoming the president of the United States of America a couple of years or so ago. Remember that, they hammered us with all the reasons he would lose and when it came right down to it they were dead wrong.
I wish they'd stop what seemingly amounts to all the same type of balderdash now. Whether or not the polls show that the dems have a chance in November's elections, Fox is taking a big risk by them continually telling us that the dems do not stand a chance. In effect, they are most likely discouraging many Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians from voting. I mean, some folks must be wondering why they should bother going to the polls to vote if the Dems just do not have any chance of winning in the first place. Fox News is certainly making it seem that way. Of course - they could be wrong again. The way I see it, not only are they probably discouraging voters on the right - they probably are encouraging leftist voters to vote for the dems!!! 
So, I think, the result of such reporting by Fox News constantly telling folks that the dems cannot win, could be absolutely catastrophic because if they still control the House & Senate after November - this country is doomed to go broke before the 2024 presidential election.
My advice to Fox News is to shut the heck up when it comes to what they think are the dems chances of pulling off a win. Instead, why not simply encourage those on the right to vote to try to assure a better outcome for our country and maybe even that they at Fox News will not be dead wrong again.
All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, April 25, 2022

Watch This Short Film From 1968 - A Warning Unheeded


The gentleman was very spot on about what the liberals were trying to do back then and very good at predicting exactly what they would do to try ever since then to bring communist rule to the United States. If you do not see it happening right now - you are blind to the truth.

A hat tip & my thanks to my friend Rich M. for that one.
All the best,
Glenn B

House Hunting Has Sucked...

 ...for me over the past two years or so and is only getting worse. First I traveled back and forth from Benton, AR to TN about an hour east of Memphis to look at houses. It was a fairly long drive to see maybe one to three houses each time I made the trip. Then the trip got longer when I moved to NE TX. It got more expensive too because a trip meant two or three nights at a motel. 
Then I got sick, was sick for quite a while and was finally diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in September 2020. I kept looking but with the RMSF, and with COVID-19 already upon us for quite some time by then, things were screwed up badly. Many realtors refused to show houses in person and told me to view houses online (frack those - idiots) because of the China Virus.
Then in December 2020 I came down with the Rona V and that knocked me out of the house hunt for a couple or few months. I was only sick about 2 weeks but the after effects were lasting for months, such as general malaise and feeling miserable.
I was able to make some additional trips to TN in there but gave up last year in disgust when the realtor with whom I was working did not get back to me on a house I wanted to see. When I traveled to TN again and saw her next, she told me the house was fabulous, almost perfect condition and ready to move in with no repairs needed. I asked why she had not gotten back to me on it. She told me she brought another client to view it and he made an offer but did not get it. She never said why she did not get back to me on it. Not only was the house supposedly near perfect, it came with about 30 acres as I recall and was well under 200K. I was ready to offer up to 20K more than they had been asking dependent upon me seeing the house and liking it as much as did she. But, as I said, she for some reason did not see fit to get back to me on it. I tried another trip to TN with her showing me houses but that was a dismal failure as well. So that was it for her and for my trips to TN.
I then started looking mostly in TX and a bit in AR but since AR has an income tax, I looked there only now and then when disgusted with not finding anything in TX. The thing is, I was not finding anything anywhere and that was/is due to house prices going through the roof over the past year and currently still climbing. Houses that had asking prices of about 90K two years ago, even just a year or so ago, where I live currently, now have asking prices of $120K up to $140,000.00 and they usually are in need of repairs. That is insanity.
Add to all the rising house prices, that the cost of everything is going up due to the failures of Joe Biden & Company and that mortgage interest rates are starting to take off and it looks as if I may never buy a house (or at least not buy one in the near future). Of course, I am still looking because hope springs eternal and so does despair. The despair I mean is if inflation keeps going the way it is running now, well I won't have enough money in my bank account to buy half a loaf of bread in a year or two if not sooner. Right now, I can buy a less expensive house for cash and am hoping to do so before prices go up more.

All in all, as I said above: House hunting has sucked! Yet, I am going out to look at 3 or 4 tomorrow. I had about 8 on my wish list but that I found on Zillow last night but the realtor I am working with told me all but three are under contract. Of course, those are most of the nicer ones. Anyway, at least we have three, maybe even four, to see tomorrow. The search goes ever on... .

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, April 18, 2022

If It Was Legal... just go out and shoot a contemporary person of your choosing without any just cause but doing so merely because you want to shoot someone (with absolutely no chance of criminal or civil repercussions) do you think you would or could do it? Is there anyone in particular you'd pick as your target/prey? (You don't need to name a name, you can just tell us the type of person or his/her title if you choose to answer that.)
I can assure you, when I have fantasized about such a scenario - something I have done only rarely - there are several types of folks (even some specific people) who come to mind each time I think it over. For me, that makes the hardest part of this mental exercise choosing one from among the many. Of course, I am not saying I'd really do it even if legal nor am I advocating such behavior from anyone; this is after all merely a hypothetical thought exercise that came to mind after I first saw the movie - The Purge.
The thing is, while it would be completely legal in this suppositional situation, I am none to sure I would be comfortable with the stormy aftermath that would be taking place between the imaginary little angel and his counterpart little devil who reside and often argue with one another within my conscience. 
If I was to choose though, I am thinking that right now I'd choose a president of one of the world's super powers. I am not going to say which one but my bet is many others would choose him as well, I think he is an evil doer. I am thinking it would save his country's citizens and the rest of world a lot of grief if someone could just walk up to him and put two to his chest and one to his head. 
Let me reiterate though, this is not a question to be considered seriously nor am I advocating such behavior, this is a purely hypothetical question and while the situation calls for me to ask if you'd do it, it also requires me to point out it would have to be completely legal to do so.
All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Vacation To West Palm Beach, FL Is Over...

 ...and I will be leaving my son's house in AR to head back to my apartment in TX in a little bit. Once there it will be me getting back to my daily retired life routine which is basically a vacation without the vacating one place to go to another. Life is good, would be better without the pains of older age but there is no going back to being young again no matter how much one hopes (although every now & then the prescribed dope helps to at least ease the pain but I take it sparingly). Pics of the vacation will be forthcoming sooner or later; I have to get most of them from my son & daughter as my camera phone was usually dead. 

I must say that this vacation was nice. It was very nice as usual to be with my son, a very excellent treat to be with my daughter & grandson and was very-very nice to see my wife even though we are separated. I had not seen the three of them since I left NY back in the spring of 2019. It was also great to see my uncle; he will be 89 next birthday (this year) and one never knows when it will be the last time you see someone but I suspect that time is getting closer and closer for us with him. Then again, he may outlive me or any of us.
He was astounded when he saw the surprise I had promised him - that was my wife, daughter & grandson meeting us outside their hotel in Palm Beach. That made his day/week/month or whatever; the surprised look on is face and his huge smile set the mood for dinner that evening.

Anyway, more on all this later when I get some pics to post.
All the best,
Glenn B 

Happy Passover or Happy Easter

 I hope that all who celebrate either Passover or Easter (or maybe both for some) have happy holy days. Yeah, I realize Passover commenced last night but my son and I were stuck in the middle of flight delays returning from West Palm Beach, FL to Little Rock, AR so I was unable to say it then.
If you do not celebrate either, have a nice day.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, April 15, 2022

Vacation Is Good... fact it has been quite a tasty experience. Some hints as to where we are are that there is excellent seafood to be had almost everywhere, there are lots of Tiki bars and there is also something I have not had in a coon's age:

We have not had those Entenmann's yet, they are for dessert tonight when we visit a friend for a BBQ. I must say that my pie hole is watering just looking at the photo. The donuts historically were great but the Raspberry Danish Twist was exquisite as far as I am concerned. Of course, Entenmann's closed down several years ago and were essentially bought out by another company that took over their business. I am hopeful they are half as good as they were before that takeover.

Something else they have here, that they do not have in the Texarkana area, is an abundance of over the counter readers (to the left in the photo as you look at it). At least that is to say they have ones suitable for a heterosexual male to wear as opposed to ones that would make a self-respecting man (who is content with his identity) look like a fruitcake or an idiot. Everything else, that I have seen here, that is sold in grocery and drug stores, seems to be in better supply here than it is in the Texarkana area.

There is also an Einstein's Bagel shop nearby. Bagels (at least really excellent ones) are an unobtainable commodity in the Texarkana area. I had two of them for breakfast both slathered in lightly salted butter (what diet - I am on vacation - gained 3 or 4 pounds here in a week after just having lost 35 pounds). I had a sesame seed bagel and an everything bagel; not quite as good as the ones I used to get in NY but I think exceedingly better than anything I can get near where I live.

Almost enough hints as to where I am, except to say three more things: Man oh man is the water a beautiful color; the iguanas & gators are abundant (my son saw quite a few while out walking) and my son got an excellent cigar at a real cigar shop yesterday.
All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, April 10, 2022

On Vacation - See Ya Again Sooner Or later

 The weather where I am now is nice. Other than that, the title says it all.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, March 31, 2022

It Is Absolutely Disgusting To Think...

 ...that any parent would want to change the sex of their minor child; anyway I think it disgusting and I think it extremely so. In fact - I think it absolutely depraved and I think it amounts to nothing less than severe child abuse. Add to that, the U.S. Government under the Biden/Harris administration supports sex change surgery (more at the source) for minor children and it has come to the point of unmitigated insanity. 
Yes - insanity because these leftist psychos evidently do not have a clue as to the difference between right and wrong. All they can see is having things their way no matter how perverse or otherwise wrong is what they want. They are happy with it their way so long as folks who are libertarians or conservatives or independents are offended by it. In this case though, not only should this be offensive to the right but also to any loving normal parent (or to anyone with even only half normal ideals) regardless of political leaning! 
In light of the U.S. government approving of sex changes for minors - it amazes me they have not come out in favor of chemical castration for rapists and child molesters. Then again, isn't that why so many of them strongly support sex change surgery for kids - to get their rocks off (so to speak) with those same kids sooner or later - that would be my guess. 
The world has turned upside down or inside out or possibly both - especially with the USA. This administration endorsing sex changes for minors is  an omen, I think, that something like a revolution is sorely coming, in this country, to clean out the perverts and swamp denizens. 
I am not advocating a violent overthrow of our government but the truth is I half expect one sooner than later. What with all of the apparent abuses of power that the current administration has been flamboyantly exercising - a revolution would come as no surprise. 
Hopefully it will not come to that, I'd hate to see Americans killing Americans but folks my bet is that one is coming regardless of my hopes. I say that becasue I find it hard to believe level headed citizens, within this great nation, can abide by such a perversion of nature among all the other harmful (to the USA) executive orders & legislation spawned by Biden and his crew of ultra-leftist whack jobs. 
All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, March 25, 2022

Oye Vey...

 ...another online gun auction tomorrow. They must think we are made of money!

Of course, I already have some bids in.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Folks - Get Your Canned Tuna & Sardines Now...

 ...because soon the prices may skyrocket even more than they have in the last year or so. The reason, the price of fuel to get those boats to the fishing grounds and back and then the price of diesel to run the trucks that take those fish to market. Nello Cassarino, who runs Galveston Shrimp Company, said this as per a Fox Business News report:

"Everything that we do involves fuel. From our boats fishing, to our trucks that deliver the product, everything that we use to run our business, we see at least a 35% increase, if not more in some categories". 
He also reportedly said this:
 "Eventually you’ll see empty shelves. Boats will stop going out because they can’t afford to. Even if the boats went out, the prices would be so high that the consumer wouldn’t buy it. Once the consumer stops buying it then there’s no incentive for a grocery store to carry it..."  More at the source.
I think I'll be buying some canned tuna next time I go shopping, sardines too. Actually had the tuna on my list two days ago, then walked right by it without getting any. My mind and eyes were distracted for that moment, she was hot. Other things I need to get are some vegetable seeds (lots of them), some garden soil and some nursery pots. I already started stocking up on more canned food and such months ago (actually been doing that for years, recently starting changing out old stock with new). My medical supplies can use upgrading too. Ammo and gun cleaning stuff I have in ample amounts.
Yes, I mean I am getting that stuff (and other things) in the way of prepping for another big one by which I mean another big war. This time it likely will be WW III. You may think me overly concerned with this but I want to have that stuff just in case of such an event or even some terrible natural disaster or an economic collapse (in which direction Biden had us headed long before Russia started in with Ukraine). Stocking up on such supplies is much like carrying a pistol (or three) for self-defense - I would rather have one and never need it than need one and not have it.
All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Get Your Pet Supplies While You Can Afford Them

Recently I was at my local Walmart where I usually buy my dog's canned and dry food and sometimes get her some treats. My local Walmart has been out of about half of their usual stock of such items by my estimation. I also buy dog supplies consisting of food, treats & medications from a few other places, one of then being (pretty good online pet product supplier). I get tortoise supplies from them too. 
Back on February 1, 2022, just around 6 1/2 weeks ago, I placed an order with Chewy for some supplies for my dog and my tortoise. One of the things I ordered was a 16 ounce bag of Cadet Real Beef Bully Dog Treats (Bull Pizzle) @ $37.40. (Walmart usually has in store 5 ounce bags at around $17.00 so $37.40 for a 16 ounce bag is a deal but that is one of the items they have not had during my last several trips there.) 
I was about to order another bag tonight, from Chewy, of the 16 ounce size until I saw the current price. I was astounded to see the new price, as I wrote this blog-post, it was $59.90 for the exact same thing in the exact same amount that I purchased as recently as February for only $37.40. That is a price increase of $22.50 in about a month and a half; in other calculations - that is an increase of slightly over 60%. Wow talk about mega-inflation! And it is not like the item is imported - it is made in the USA.
Some other things I have ordered, both for my mongrel and for my tortoises have not gone up in price since my last orders of them, in fact some things have gone down a bit. So why the bully sticks cost so much now is a mystery. I am hopeful that is a misprint and that the price is much closer to what I paid in February.
The thing is, if you own pets, you may want to pay close attention to the price of pet supplies and stocks.
All the best,
Glenn B

Just Read An Interesting Piece In The Atlantic

 Read it here: 
There is some good advice in that article for those countries not yet, but maybe soon to be, in the predicament that has befallen Ukraine. The leaders in those other countries really should be considering: arming the citizenry with small arms, training them in the basics to fight by way of guerilla tactics, putting up barriers to defeat the movement of vehicles - even the movement of tanks (reinforced concrete is relatively cheap and fast to work with). Really, some simple tactics, like the one of:  trailing a tanks, then waiting for the tank to stop, then waiting for its men get out, then waiting for them to take a break to smoke or eat or pee and only then opening fire on them could do a lot to give guerilla fighters a bit of an edge. I am sure there are many other basic tactics that could be taught within a couple of weeks to prepare a civilian guerilla force.
Do you think the governments of those countries - that would be next to be attacked by Russia if the Russians try to overtake those others - will be ready? I tend to doubt they will take the advice in that article but who knows, maybe the heads of one or two of those nations will be ready. My bet is Poland might be one of them - I think the Poles most of all may be just a bit sour to the thought of Poland being under the Russian boot again.
No, I am not a regular reader of the once upon a time fairly non-partisan Atlantic which I am afraid has morphed into a three-headed ultra-leftist beast. Sometimes though, even the lefties get it right - so to speak and I think this article does just that - gets it right. Anyway, a friend of mine sent me the link to that piece. A hat tip to Charlie F. (no leftist is he) for making me aware of that article.
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Thursday, March 17, 2022

Happy St. Patrick's Day and...

 ... top of the bottom to you.

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Putin = Stalin/Hitler II

As is typical of those who are leftists, Vladimir Putin is doing exactly that of which he has accused others. He justified Russia's invasion of Ukraine by claiming it was basically a nest of Nazis (source). Now just as the Nazis under Hitler and the commies under Stalin actually did, he plans to do and apparently has started to do, the same.

"The Russian people will always be able to distinguish true patriots from scum and traitors and simply spit them out like a fly that accidentally flew into their mouths," Putin said Wednesday. "I am convinced that such a natural and necessary self-purification of society will only strengthen our country, our solidarity, cohesion and readiness to respond to any challenges." More at the source. Sure sounds rather Stalin/Hitleresque does it not!

We are headed, it seems, toward WW III at a rapidly increasing pace. While Putin does more and more to fan the flames of death doom & destruction even on his own turf, let alone in Ukraine - other world leaders pile on sanctions that apparently do little more than piss him off and Russia's attacks on the Ukrainian people become more and more heinous. One of the most recent of those terrible attacks was the airstrike on the theater that was housing refugees in Mariupol. The attack was made worse by the fact that the Russians evidently had forehand knowledge that the theater was housing children as it has been reported the word children, written in Russian, had been painted on the street outside the theater. More at the source. All the while, Putin is claiming it is the West that is full of "Nazis" and that the actions of the west amount to pogroms (source) all the while as he emulates them (the Nazis) to the hilt with his invasion of Ukraine, his war crimes and his ongoing purge of his perceived enemies within Russia.

We have seen this before. We have seen the inaction, or at most the inadequate action, of other nations at times like these. We know what will be the result of such a and off until it is too late attitude and that result, in this case, likely will be exactly like those in the past. Russia under Putin will keep going and will ultimately try to conquer as many nations as possible. Then, once any expansionist goals have been achieved  Putin will continue to  purge those whom he considers his enemies but will do so with a ferocity that comes with the victory of a conqueror over the oppressed whom he has conquered. 
If you doubt that it will happen, if Putin and Russia are not stopped dead in their tracks now, just look to history. When it comes to such purges: Germany under Hitler did it, Japan under Hirohito did it, the USSR under Stalin and Khrushchev did it, China under Mao did it, Cambodia under Pol Pot did it and sadly the United States of America, under several presidents, did it to the original inhabitants of North America. (Note, I call them the 'original inhabitants' because every person (or their ancestors) in this country/continent came here from elsewhere. In that regard we are all immigrants or the descendants of them.) If no other nations stand up to Russia now, many nations may fall to the fury of the Russian Bear.
While Putin will carry out some of his purge now, he will do it more so once he has defeated and secured the lands he intends to conquer. If you think conquest is not his intention then  read the article at this link. In it, former Russian foreign minister reportedly said Putin's plans include all of eastern Europe and that he intends to:
"...attack, to pressure, to intimidate other countries, including members of NATO." (Source.)
If that is not concerning enough, then consider what I believe was the most important thing he reportedly, that Putin has:
" idea of the world outside of his office in the Kremlin" or "his bunker under the ground where he hides from COVID and probably now nuclear bombs." (Source.)
Do you see it. Putin is, in the eyes of this former Russian foreign minister, preparing for nuclear war. How likely is that, everyone wants to believe he would never resort to nukes but it seems evident, if only to me, that he is another psychopath (or at least a lunatic) in a long line of demented wannabe conquerors. Of course, some say Putin is "rational" (source) and will not resort to nukes; yet, Putin keeps on pushing this irrational war and threatening his potential enemies with nuclear destruction. He keeps on doing things that put us potentially closer and closer to such a war; yet the so called experts cannot see it as a possibility. Sounds kind of like what Europe believed about Hitler before WW II and what the US believed about Japan as well.
I think, if Russian forces cannot take Ukraine within a time frame that suits Putin - he may well unleash a nuclear attack on a city like Kyiv. If he does that, it is all too possible nations the free-world will retaliate, if not in like fashion then with a full scale conventional invasion of Russia and Putin would in all likelihood reply with a nuclear counterattack. Once the Putin's bombs start to go off, no sanctions in the universe - no matter how severe - will prevent him from nuking other nations or another city in Ukraine. Other rogue nations with the bomb may feel emboldened by such an attack and launch nukes of their own - if there is no immediate and massive retaliation aimed at Russia. Those attacks probably would be aimed at countries like the USA, Japan, England, India or Israel. If so, an all out Apocalyptic war will be upon us.

Of course, there are slight glimmerings of hope that nuclear war can be avoided. First of all, we can hope that sanctions will bring Russia and thus Putin to their knees. Russia's economy was already failing badly and the sanctions must indeed hurt but remember, sanctions work over time and for the people who are dying now there is no luxury of time.  Also bear in mind, a terrible economy did not stop Hitler and Nazi Germany from almost conquering the world. Germany was the most debt ridden country in the northern hemisphere prior to World War II; yet, Hitler built up one of the strongest military forces in the world and commenced to conquer much of Europe before he was finally defeated after a long, brutal and very destructive war in which tens of millions lost their lives. As for the current sanctions, I fear they may not be enough fast enough but I at least, in part, understand why President Biden is reticent to involve the United States more so in the current conflict. While I do not agree with the amount of restraint using restraint in the hope of preventing WW III is understandable to a point. The thing is, I think, he is not doing enough that could be done right now to stop the  ongoing slaughter that is happening right now as obviously evidenced by more and more civilians being targeted and killed on a daily basis. Biden giving his support to Poland for them to deliver the desired Mig fighters to the Ukraine would be one way to vastly improve our assistance to Ukraine and to help prevent Russia from winning this conflict. It may be enough to tip the scales and to make Russian military leaders realize Putin must e stopped before WW III is upon us.
Some other glimmerings of hope emanate from two additional sources. The first, of course, is Ukraine, the people of Ukraine may hold Russia off long enough. Long enough for what you may be wondering since I just said in essence that Putin may unleash the Apocalypse in the form of a nuclear attack on Ukraine if Russia cannot defeat it with conventional weapons soon enough to please him. Well, long enough for enough of the people of Russia to oppose him strongly enough so that Russian military leaders realize this has gone on more than long enough and needs to be stopped immediately. Stopped how - not by the unleashing of the demons of a nuclear world war but rather by the assassination of Vladimir Putin. Is there any hope for that - I think so.

It was reported today that Russian General Roman Gavrilov was arrested by Russia''s federal security service. It is not clear why he was arrested. Maybe it was merely due to Putin needing a scapegoat or maybe it was due to one, two or both of purported charges, those being: squandering of fuel and the other leaking information that led to loss of life. More at the source. Of course maybe (and hopefully) it was due to Gavrilov realizing that the war must stop and in order to do so that Putin must be terminated. I think if it was the latter, Putin would not want it made known there were traitors among his high ranking military officers. Now, it may have nothing to do with Gavriov being a traitor, he may just be the fall guy. Regardless, Putin starting to purge the military could basically result in one of two things. Military leaders fall in line behind Putin for fear of losing their lives if they in anyway even so much as seem to oppose him OR high ranking military officers realize this is madness that likely will lead to nuclear war and thus to the end of civilization as we know it and they will take action to prevent that. Again, that action being the termination of Putin.  One can hope but if those hopes fail - then other nations must step up and defeat Russia now and sadly that would likely involve a nuclear war. 
Of course, there is one other hope, if and when other nations declare  war on Russia or their actions provoke Putin into escalating this to a world war. That hope is that any order to deploy nuclear weapons by Putin are disobeyed and that leveler heads with the Russian military from high commanders down to conscripts will prevail. Then again there are those in Russia who are salivating over the prospect of a third world war such as Russian parliament member Oleg Matveychev. He stated that Russia should reclaim Alaska, former Russian settlements in California and should take over the Antarctic among other things. More at the source. Additional attempts at conquest would only equal more war and in the event of Russia trying to take Alaska it would assuredly result in world war. So, while there is some hope this may work out without a world war erupting and thus avoiding a global catastrophe taking place, there also is an awful lot of foreboding of gloom & doom of the most terrible type.

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Glenn B


Wednesday, March 16, 2022

I Cannot Name All Of The Countires Within NATO...

 ...but I do know one specific country, of current interest, that is absolutely not in the NATO alliance but yet is an ally of the United States. That country would be the Ukraine. You would probably think, what with Russia invading the Ukraine and with Putin threatening attacks on NATO nations and maybe even to use nukes if the Ukraine joins NATO that our vice president would know that the Ukraine is not part of NATO. Heck, its been repeatedly all over the news for over a month now. Yet, that dumb cluck (elected by millions of other dumb clucks) seemingly proved once again that she is a twit when she tweets. 
As per a report in Fox News she apparently referred to the Ukraine as part of the NATO alliance. Now how she said it could be interpreted that way or some apologists for her might say that what she meant was the defense of non-NATO Ukraine helped defend the NATO alliance. The thing is if she had meant the latter, the tweet would not have been deleted. Feel free to make up your own mind, here is how Fox reported it:

"When I was in Poland, I met with U.S. and Polish service members, thanking them for standing with our NATO allies for freedom, peace, and security," a tweet from the @KamalaHarris account stated. "The United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people in defense of the NATO alliance." More at the source.

She reportedly also said this at the recent DNC's winter meeting:

"Russia’s invasion threatens not just Ukraine’s democracy, it threatens democracy and security across Europe," Harris said. "So I will say what I know we all say, and I will say over and over again: The United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people in defense of the NATO alliance." (Same source as above.)
To me, she is a twit - plain and simple. Dare I say it but heavens forbid that Biden drops dead and she takes over. You might not think she would be worse than Biden but I sure do, much worse and believe me I am in no way supporting Biden. You also might think that if both of them suddenly died or became incapable of holding office - things could only get better. Think again because another total moron, IMO, would become president in their places - Nancy Pelosi.
All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, March 13, 2022

I Hope We Do Not Wind Up In World War III...

 ...on the fields of Armageddon but I fear that is is almost inevitable. How could we wind up there? Well, if not by way of the purpose of the president of a foreign nation, who is a tyrannical madman, then by way of the abject ineptitude on the part of the ultra liberal sniveling and corrupt piece of turd who is our president. I hope I am wrong about that but I doubt it. 

I have prepared a little to be ready for it but what I have done pales as compared to what some have done to be truly prepared. Anyhow, I'll keep preparing, maybe until I die; all the while hoping it, the it being survival drive, rubs off on my heirs. 

I must says though, it truly is miserable being back in the heat of another Cold War but truth be told - I guess we have never been completely out of it since it first started. It began almost as soon as (or maybe even slightly before) the first and second A-bombs were dropped. Sadly - we did that - dropped both bombs #1 & #2. They remain the only known nuclear weapons to have been used in warfare so far. By the way, I do not dispute that number 1, swiftly followed by number 2, ended WWII - so do not get me wrong when I mentioned that it was sad we used them - it can be both right & sad at the same time. Heck, I also say it was short sighted, on President Truman's part, not to immediately put Russia in its place back then (before they became a nuclear power). Anyway, thankfully no others have been dropped again onto a nation by any other nation as an act of war (although as I said - WW III seems almost inevitable to me and if it comes about it surely will rain nuclear fire upon us).
Thus what is going on now, with Russia in the Ukraine, is very concerning - enough so to be extremely scary all over again. We really do not need to drill this shit into kids and libturds again - do we!

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Another Reason, In My Opinion, Why It Will Take Russia Longer To Defeat The Ukraine

 This is just a far out guess on my part or you could call it a conspiracy theory but I believe (as in my unsubstantiated opinion) that Biden is essentially doing Russia's bidding with regard to not helping the Ukraine as substantially as he should be doing. I say that because maybe Russia has the dirt on Hunter Biden and our  beloved seemingly corrupt president Joe Biden. What dirt asketh you! I sayeth, everything to do with Joe Biden's & Hunter Biden's alleged illicit dealings with the Ukraine, Russia & China that netted the Bidens tens of millions of dollars.
Imagine if you will, that a huge super-power invades a much smaller country with the hopes of taking it over without resistance from its strongest enemy - in this case Russia attacking Ukraine without any really strong opposition from the US of A. So, Russia's president notifies the president of the USA (ally of the less powerful nation) that if said stronger ally  (the USA) does not do everything it can to make sure any efforts, of all of the invaded country's allies - to prevent or turn back the invasion are foiled but look on the face of them to be at least partially hurting Russia - it (Russia) will make obvious to the world all of the dirt it has on the president of that strongest ally (Joe Biden) of the invaded nation. 
In other words, the Russians have the goods on Biden and his son and have threatened to turn over that info to the world should President Biden not hold off on things that would really deter the Russians from continuing its attacks on the Ukraine. Those things mind that you would put both Biden's in prison for a long time at the very least or may get our president and his son convicted of treason and hung. So, the Russians are now in no hurry, they have all the time in the world knowing little to nothing will be done to prevent them from conquering the Ukraine and probably the rest of the now free but former Soviet puppet states.
It may seem far fetched until you think about all the actual evidence found on Hunter Biden's laptop and all the other documentary evidence showing money going into the Bidens' accounts from the Ukraine, China and was it Russia too. Then consider that the  Russians are notorious for such types of bribery and espionage as would be needed to influence other government's officials. Also consider that democrat party politicians often allege allegations against their political enemies -  as they did against candidate and then President Trump - when it seems in fact they (the demoncrats) are actually guilty of what they claim their political opponents have done.
Am I a conspiracy theorist, well I guess with this one - I must be so because that is my theory and it surely involves a conspiracy! Maybe it is a crazy one, surely no crazier than - and more believable than - Russian hookers urinating of Donald Trump! The thing is, sometimes even the conspiracy theorists are right and with Biden's lack of appropriate response to Putin's threats,  and all the evidence in Hunter's laptop among other evidence of misdeeds by the Biden father & son team, I am guessing I may be right on this one. If not, then I guess Biden is not calling out Putin on his threats nor on his apparent war crimes in the Ukraine because Biden is just an outright pussy wussy.
The best way to at first slam a bully down is to stare him in the face and do what the bully does not want you to do with an added sufficient counter-threat, like a man (or woman) with brass balls. The next way is just to hit him with a little of what you've got as hard as he threatens to do you - so as to make him realize he is bullying the wrong one. With Biden though, so far it seems as if Putin has found his emasculated stooge. So Russia has all the time it wants, despite its less than stellar military, to destroy the Ukraine since no other nation will stand up to Putin because the USA under Biden is kissing Putin's arse. Again, that's just my opinion but I'd bet a bit I am right or damned close to being right on.
All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Some Thoughts I Have Pondered About WWIII

I think, but hope I am wrong, that the longer it takes for Russia to defeat the Ukraine the more likely it is that this war will erupt into WWIII. I think that because I believe:

1. Putin is psychotic

2. As each day of this war goes by, Putin becomes more and more frustrated in his thinking because it seems less and less likely that his plans to conquer the Balkan states will succeed.

3. As Putin becomes more and more frustrated he puts into action more outrageous plans about conquering old parts of the USSR, and voices more threats to NATO and any countries that might align with NATO or actually join NATO.

4. He has become so frustrated as to threaten those who aid Ukraine with nuclear retaliation.

5. Putin Is Psychotic.

6. Sooner or later, if the war continues long enough and the atrocities and war crimes continue, while Russians at home continue to protest, Putin will totally lose any sense of rational thought.

7. Putin will resort to attacking another nation such as Moldova.

8. Putin is psychotic.

9. Putin will, if the Ukraine continues to successfully resist a takeover, eventually use nuclear weapons there.

10. World War III will erupt and it will essentially be the end of most all of us if other nations fire off their nukes aimed at Russia because then Iran, Pakistan, & China, among others, will join the fray against the rest of the world.

11. Of course Sleepy, demented, dementia suffering, idiot, bumbling fool, slow to act, totally inept demoncrat Joe Biden will either order a full scale nuclear response or will surrender. Surrendering will not help us because, and maybe I mentioned this already, Putin is a frustrated psychotic who is frustrated by Russia's inability to defeat the Ukraine quickly.

12. Putin is much akin to Adolf Hitler who was also psychotic (okay just plain crazy if you'd rather say it that way) but Putin is much more dangerous because he has something Hitler did not - nuclear weapons and a lot of them.

13. Should the Ukraine eventually be defeated by Russia, Putin will continue to invade other countries and sooner or later the west will actually defend one of them and WWIII will be upon us.

I most definitely hope I am wrong about things leading to WWIII should the Ukraine not fall soon enough to suit Putin. (Do not get me wrong, I  am not hoping for a Russian win - I hope they kick Russia's arse but that is doubtful without real help from other nations and when I say 'real help' I do not mean sanctions. Things look dismal to me for a bright and sunny future although, for a short while as the nukes go off, it may be suddenly brighter than any of us ever have seen before.

All the best, 
Glenn B