Thursday, January 9, 2014

NY's McCarthy Will Not Seek Reelection

That this ├╝ber liberal anti-gun witch will not seek reelection is sweet music to my ears. In my opinion, she has to have been one of the most useless and rights violating politicians I have ever seen elected to office. Sadly, this being NY, she will be replaced, in all probability, by another leftist.

A lifelong smoker, she came down with lung cancer last year. I wish her well in her recovery but am dismayed by the action she is taking because she had cancer. I have read several articles about her, all mentioning she had and fought lung cancer, but not one of them states that the type of cancer from which she suffered is normally caused by asbestos exposure, only that one of her biopsies found she had been exposed. Now she is suing the asbestos industry trying to claim that her exposure to asbestos caused her cancer. She appears to be the typical leftist, taking no responsibility for her own actions (being a lifelong smoker) as having caused an undesirable result (her lung cancer). I think she is just another unbelievable opportunist allowing no crisis to go unexploited and is suing the asbestos industry, seemingly to her own benefit, just the same as she exploited the wounding of her son and shooting death of her husband to her own benefit to get elected to Congress her first time around. As I see her, a more disgustingly shameful example of a crises mongering politician is hard to find. All I can say about her departure from Congress is good riddance. After that, I hope her lawsuit falls flat on its face.

All the best,
Glenn B