Saturday, June 30, 2018

Leftist Billionaire Says: " Maybe we can have, like, a nuclear war...

...and then we get a real course correction." As Fox news reported it:

"Left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer suggests in a Rolling Stone interview this week that “nuclear war” could provide a “course correction” for the U.S. following Donald Trump’s presidency." (More here at the source.) If you would like to see it in the context that he said it, go to this link.

Why is this apparently not being reported by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, MBC, CBS etc.? I ask that last because I did a Google search for "Tom Steyer Nuclear War" and came up with zero results for anything by any of those media outlets - at least in the first five pages of results, I figured if not in the first five pages articles by those media giants would not come up at all simply because they did not exist. I mean - wouldn't you think they would come up on page one with something that newsworthy. Anyway, I checked further. I did a Google Search of "CNN Tom Steyer Nuclear War" and again came up with nothing about it from any major media outlet except Fox News. Did the same thing substituting MSNBC in place of CNN and also came up with zilch except for Fox news as far as big media goes. Then I looked at the CNN home page - nothing there about it either that I saw. That may all change, once enough people get pissed off that they are not reporting it, they may post a small blurb but I would bet they will not condemn him for having said it.
Now if you think this was false reporting by Fox or if you merely do not prefer to believe the quote is real because Fox News is considered by many to be conservative - then read on because there definitely is a leftist leaning liberal source for the quote. The one liberal media outlet that did post what he reportedly said was  Rolling Stone Magazine. After all - he reportedly said it in an interview by Rolling Stone. So if you want confirmation by a leftist/liberal organization that he said that - before he backpedaled after being told by the interviewer that what he said was "sobering", - go to this link.

I can just hear they, the extremists on the left, who will support him: "But - but - but - he took it back the comment about nuclear war so that makes it okay". In other words, it will make it right in his mind and in the vacuums that pass for minds of extreme leftists and they will continue on in their march to destroy America. Please note, I did not say all on the eft - just the extremists on the left (I add that as a clarification for someone who recently wrongly accused me of saying everyone on the left was a POS like Peter Fonda when all I essentially said was that those like him on the left are also POS. I don't need anyone again wrongly telling me what I meant by what I said but I have wandered so back to my post.)

I think that statement only goes to show how crazy and twisted and vehemently hateful are the thoughts of extreme leftists. Imagine for a moment - he would have had the USA in a nuclear war. What was he thinking. We would be attacked with nuclear weapons and we would strike back back with nuclear weapons and maybe the whole world destroyed just to get rid of President Donald Trump and set a course correction for America! Is he fucking crazy!

 As I said tough, he reportedly took that statement back and decided he should be a bit more tempered! So exactly with what would he like to temper his nuclear war statement - an air, sea and ground invasion of the USA by communist forces, a full scale civil war right here on our soil, the dissolution of our government after a military coup - or what???????????? If no crazy maybe he was being sly as a fox. Was his alleged statement part of a continued plan to spew forth hateful rhetoric in the hope that what he said would have the effect of stirring other extremists into a frenzy of hatred and violence! It seems to be the norm for the likes of him lately. 
Idea men like these - whom I think have ideas with little to no logical thought in them are dangerous. I also think what is worse though are the loonies that will suck up his ideas like a dried out sponge sucks up water. All I see people like him producing are plans filled with nasty emotions and dreams of violence that will destroy their enemies. Who are their enemies - evidently all who do not agree with them! Yes, they are dangerous to the extreme and it seems that each day - more and more folks on the left are thoughtfully 

vacuously spewing forth hatred with each and every exhalation. I think, that sooner rather than much later, it is all going to result in mass violence for which the leftists seemingly keep hoping.

Pray for peace folks but be prepared for civil war and be prepared to defend yourselves, your families & loved ones and maybe even your neighbors. I do not say this lightly - it may be just over the horizon.

All the best,
Glenn B