Sunday, June 1, 2014

Deciding On Guns To Sell - It Ain't Easy

I am planning on attending an upcoming gun auction later this month but am kind of low on cash. With that in mind I was thinking of maybe going through my collection and making a decision as to which of them I could sell. And I thought about it and thought some more and hemmed and hawed and finally, after about a week of that, pulled them out today to give them all a once over to see if I have any with which I feel I can part.

I decided to offer up my Winchester Model 12, break action, single shot shotgun. It is an oldie, I figure made before 1952 and thus older than me and it has been through a lot. There is pitting on the receiver and barrel but the bore is nice and shiny and everything works.

My son has test fired and so did I and it went bang every time. So, I am asking $200 (negotiable) for it but only in a local sale through Long Island Firearms classified section. If it does not sell within a few days, I may take the ad down and put up another but on Then again, I may decide to keep it if it does not sell on LIF. My son just found out I am selling it and his was highly disappointed. He told me it is a great gun and to keep it. It cannot get a better recommendation than that as far as I am concerned.
I haven't listed anything else yet but an considering whether or not to sell my Remington Model 241 Speedmaster. There are a few small surface scratches on the metal but I think it is in excellent condition as there is at least 90% metal finish remaining (maybe more) and the wood is in very good condition. It works flawlessly. That one will be a bit harder to part with so I am still hemming and hawing over the possibility selling it. I am guesstimating I could get about $350 for it, maybe more. I am basing my price assessments on the Standard catalog of Firearms but my edition is 2 years old; I ordered a new one and should have it by Wednesday.
I my also sell a New England Firearms Pardner shotgun that I own. It is a break action, single shot and it great shape except it has some rust freckling on the barrel. I removed the rust with an oiled cloth. Otherwise it is in excellent condition and you can barely notice the freckling. It would not bring in much but would probably give me enough cash a motel for the trip to the auction. I am guessing I could get $100 for it.
I also have a Polish Trainer, Mosin Nagant type, single shot rifle in .22LR. I may sell that one too. Who knows; not me, at least not yet anyway! I don't know if any of them will actually sell or even if I will put more than the Winchester up for sale. If they do sell, then I am certain that I will regret having sold them after the sale. It has been that way with almost every gun I have ever sold. The only solace I would have is if I actually used the money from their sales to buy a gun or three at the auction. Of course, that is iffy because even though I bid someone else could always out bid me.
Decisions, decisions - I think I will have a beer and ponder all that for a bit.
All the best,
Glenn B