Sunday, May 23, 2021

I Attained Perfection Today - Glock Perfection

It's been awhile since I went to the indoor range with some pistols; so, I went to the Texarkana Gun Barn & Range (aka:Alpha Pistol Training) today. I brought along my Glock 19 Gen5 in 9mm, my Beretta Model 87 Target in 22 LR and my High Standard Durango revolver also in 22 LR. I shot about 100 rounds through the 22s and about 200 rounds through the Glock. I need to qualify next month for LEOSA with the Glock 19 and was quite satisfied, in fact somewhat elated, with my shooting - it would have been rated at least Expert. Made me happy I still have it with the old eyes and arthritis and all.

As I was saying goodby to the owner and about to leave, that elation still coursing through my nerves like a 1,001 Danish Delights, I asked if he had any Glock 19 Gen 5 pistols available under the Glock Blue Label program. He asked if I wanted standard or Ameriglow (?) sights. I said standard and he said yes. He went into the back room, brought one out and before he could even set it down, I asked the price. He said $425.00 and I said I'll take it. Then I had a moment of intelligent thought strike me and said - once I look it over to make sure it's alright, then I'll take it. We laughed.. He opened the box, checked to assure it was unloaded and handed it to me with the mag back in and slide closed. Since I had just watched his every move, I took it that way and of course it was unloaded when I checked it myself a moment latter. Then I did the paperwork and paid for it before walking out the door with my second Glock 19 Gen 5 pistol.

I sent a text to my son about it and he replied:

"Just spending that money."

I answered back:
"...And what do you think I should do with it, keep it in the bank so you get it and so your sister get it. I'm going to spend some of it before I croak..."

While I did spend some of my kids' potential inheritance and while the regular asking price was $599.99 plus tax for one of these; the $453.69 that I paid to get it out the door was excellent. Now if only I could afford some ammo to shoot through it:rolleyes:. Really no worries with ammo, I have a few thousand rounds of 9mm stashed here and there. Anyway, I may decide not to shoot this one at all at least for awhile as I may sell it or gift it somewhere down the road.
Folks, if you are military or a first responder (retired is okay) and are in the market for a Glock and then do not take advantage of their Blue Label Program, I guess you are either made of money or nuts.
All the best,
Glenn B