Monday, May 7, 2012

Whatever Happened To Working Neighborhood Kids

Today I was out working on my front lawn. I decided to pull up the whole lawn and reseed it. I did it once before, ear ago, and knew before i started it today that it would be somewhat of a task for me. That was not only because the is lawn loaded with grass roots but it also seems to have roots from every tree and bush in our neighborhood running through it.  It was a bit more manual labor than I have done in a long time and even though truly only a bit of work for an average guy since my lawn is 20x20 at best it was too much for me to finish in one day. Man I feel old, I guess the cancer and its treatments do that to a person. Now mind you, I was never a Charles Atlas, Steve Reeves or Arnold Schwarzenegger type but I could work at something like this job for hours if need be. Today, I was lucky go get in 15 to 20 minutes before I had to stop, do something else for an hour or so, then go back out and get at it again. I got about half of the lawn done and stopped because my back is aching under my left shoulder blade. I guess I'll get the rest tomorrow if it does not rain too hard and they are promising rain through and including Thursday. 

All the while, as I was out there on and off, I was wondering when a neighborhood kid would ride up on his bike and say: "Hey mister, need some help? I'll give you a hand for $10" or maybe it would be $20 nowadays. It probably would have taken a 14 or 15 year old boy, in halfway fair shape, less than an hour to do the rest of tearing out the old grass. The thing is, you don't see neighborhood kids offering to help their neighbors with chores anymore. It used to be commonplace. Kids back in my day, myself included, would look for opportunities to make a few bucks. Winter was a great time for it. First it was me and my brother, going house to house, store to store, building to building to see who needed help snow shoveling. Then I did the same with friends. As I got a bit older, I found I could make a buck helping people with other projects, garage clean-outs, painting, or bigger stuff like one guy who was building a laundromat around the corner from my apartment building. He was happy to have neighborhood kids helping because the labor was cheap and he figured he would get a good name with all the moms who would be bringing laundry to his place.

So what happened to that practice? Is it that kids today are just too darned lazy? Are they just mommified way too much and worried about the big bad boogy man neighbor who will eat them all up? I they all high on drugs? Are they too busy playing computer games and going onto social media sites like Facebook? Or is it something else? I have half a notion, maybe even a bigger one than just half sized, that the problem goes deeper than that. When I was a kid there were no wet backs on just about every corner in certain areas just waiting for someone to drive buy to pick them up as cheap laborers. In recent years you can see them, up this way, in way too many places on way too many days (like every day). Before that though, they seeped into society and started to replace kids on news paper routes, then doing snow shoveling jobs, cutting grass, or helping do cleans out in the spring or after some one's grand dad had passed away. Nowadays, every lawn service I have ever seen is loaded with them. I fired two lawn service companies years ago because none of their guys spoke English, were admittedly illegal aliens (I speak more than enough Spanish to have asked) and because they did shitty work. Now, just try to find a neighborhood kid to shovel your driveway and sidewalk or to do some lawn work, it isn't happening because the wetbacks have moved in, taken away their jobs, and no one seems willing to round them up and send them back to from whence they came.

If I was Supreme Ruler, things would be different! Before I blow a gasket, I had best just sign off using the wise post closing words of Jay from MArooned:

"That is all."

All the best,
Glenn B


Pretty Lady Explains Basic Firearms Safety

So, there I was wondering what to do to get my stats up for this blog and I figured: 'What the heck, I'll show some gun related posts with pretty ladies in them'. Now, I really don't expect that to boost my page visits or views. All I really was thinking of doing was trying to find something appealing to myself and maybe to others without being offensive to anyone so don't look for naked babes with guns (well not too many anyhow). 

Yep, I was thinking in a sexist sort of a way.  That said, I will point out I am not about to show naked babes with guns although there surely might wind up being some videos or pics of babes in bikinis who are enjoying the shooting sports. Then again, I don't yet see the need to debase anyone or upset anyone, so I'll keep it to pretty women. If that offends you, if you don't like it, you don't have to look. Me, I am a guy, I am straight. I like women and looking at them and the prettier the better to look at thus, I will show them instead of hairy ugly (or handsome)muscular men. You want ugly (or handsome) hairy muscular men in videos about guns, put them in your own blog. In addition, I do what I can to encourage women to enjoy the world of guns and shooting, adding video like this is sure to help.

So, for you viewing pleasure, allow me to share this nice YouTube video with you and if you don't like the whole idea of me posting it here, well you can leave now if you want, but maybe you ought to watch anyway and then make up your mind:

Now that you have had the chance to have seen the video, I'll ask one question about it. Did you notice the two things that were very wrong in a firearms safety sort of way? As for one of them, we can't tell if she really did it or not because of how the video was edited. Yet certainly, the video shows us her potential target - a piece of cardboard taped onto a tree. Good target or bad target - what do you think?

Way back, and I mean waaaaaay back, when I was just learning to shoot, I was taught one of the first basics of shooting was never to shoot at two things that I (and many pothers) might have otherwise thought would have been fun to shoot at as targets - live trees and the flat surfaces of bodies of water like ponds or lakes. The reason for that being that both created an excellent potential for ricochets especially with lead bullets. Her having that target on a live tree invites ricochets with certain ammo. Anyway, it possibly could kill the tree. While I am not a tree hugger, I do like getting out into nature and having a nice tree or two for shade and don't need sap oozing out it, the one I picked to sit under, all because some peckerwood decided it would make a good target.

The other violation of firearms safety rules in that video was that she did not wear eye protection. She had on a nice set of protective ear muffs but no shooting glasses. That is a mistake that could lead to losing an eye. I know of one person, within the last few years, to whom that happened and she had on eye protection but not properly rated eye protection. A ricocheted piece of copper jacket caused her to lose an eye.

Other than that, I have to hand it to them for going beyond the so called 4 cardinal rules of firearms safety. Adding the one about not shooting while intoxicated was a nice touch and something important to remember whenever handling firearms. Besides being fairly good about firearms safety, she was rather pretty too, wasn't she (and she was a blond so I can forgive one or two mistakes)!

If you don't like pretty ladies in pics or vodeos about guns,  which wille something more regularly shown here from now on, you can always go elsewhere to watch ugly hairy, muscular men doing it. For example, try this link: Me, I prefer pretty women. Maybe I can get my wife into shooting and have her do some video. Now there is a pretty lady, too bad she does not shoot (then again - maybe lucky for me that she does not)!

All the best,
Glenn B.