Friday, November 29, 2019

A Truly Terrible Gun Show... my estimation was the one Brendan and I visited today in Texarkana, TX put on by T&K Promotions. After reading the hype on their website about what excellent gun shows they put on, all I can say is I was sorely disappointed and sorry to have wasted $20.00 in admission fees for me and Brendan today. Once we had paid our admission and gotten my guns' actions strapped with nylon ties, I walked in with one of my Mauser Chileno 1895 rifles slung over my left shoulder. Since I was hoping to sell it I had a wooden dowel down the bore with a paper for sale flag at the top saying what it was - no price shown. As I was standing there talking to a dealer in the outside hall leading to the main showroom, a woman walks over and tells me I "You have to remove the deal from your gun". At first I had no clue, so I asked what she meant. She told me my advertisement had to come off of my gun and she would hold it (evidently the sign not the gun) for me while I walked around AND that I could just tell dealers what I was asking for it. I kept my mouth shut except to say, I would hold onto my sign. I folded the paper around the dowel and took the dowel out of the barrel. Right after I did so, the dealer I had been talking too said 'That was weird, first time I ever saw that happen'. Me too; never before had I been told I could not walk around in a gun show trying to sell a gun with a flag advertising what I was selling. Oh well, their show, their rules. Once inside the main hall, I figured carrying the dowel would be a pain so I tore off the sign and put the dowel back into the bore.

Then I walked around the show. I walked around it twice and had one dealer ask me what I was asking; when I told him $475.00 he paled and bowed his head. I walked on. No one else asked until we were leaving maybe a half hour later at most. Yes, I said a half hour at most. That has got to be about the shortest time I've spent in a gun show except maybe for one put on by Big Al's Gun Shows in Danbury, CT back in August 2009 but I think even though that show was worse I probably spent more time there if only because Brendan and I met a friend of mine from work there. We were in and out of today's show quickly for a couple of reasons, the first being me having to remove the for sale sign from my rifle, why bother trying to sell it if I could not advertise it. The rest of the reasons were that both Brendan & I thought this gun show sucked was subpar; it certainly was not what I had expected after reading the hype on the promoter's website.

First of all, upon entry into the main showroom, it was obvious that the whole front wall of the room was lined by tables selling junk items that were in no way related to firearms. There were plenty of nick-knacks though and other non firearms related things! My first full spin around the hall I noted there were plenty of other tables mixed in among the gun vendors' tables that also had non-firearms or non-knife related stuff for sale. As for the gun tables, most did not have tags on their guns with make or model number let alone prices. I heard one potential customer as a dealer how much he was asking for a revolver and the deal quickly spurted out "four hundred" then seemed to take a moment to think better and blurted out "and seventy five". I should have asked him a bit later about the same gun as my guess was the price would have been different because I figured he was making up prices on the moment. As for the ones who did show prices, most of those guns were older used ones, ones I'd likely have an interest in but as seems usual nowadays the prices were pretty high on most of those. In particular a used Charter Arms Undercover revolver wore a price tag of $500.00. 

Besides the tables selling what I thought were junk items not suitable for sale at a gun show, there were a lot of other non gun tables selling things like knives, optics, and holsters. While a few tables offered some ammo for sale, there was not even a single table dedicated to ammunition sales that I saw and I am pretty sure I saw them all. This all at a gun show that according to the promoter:

"The gun shows are organized and designed to highlight guns, knives and other outdoor sporting related items, so attendees get what they come for, the very best selection of guns and knives that can be found in East Texas" (source). 

You will note they call it a gun show then say they put it together to sell guns, knives and other outdoor sporting stuff (they mention archery somewhere on the same source page - but there was zero archery equipment that I saw). They also call it a boutique style show (and with that I can agree after seeing some of the junk items for sale there).

There FAQ page also says this:  

"What if I don’t have guns to sell?
Related items to hunting, fishing or such are acceptable. If your items are totally non-related, there is a small percentage allowed in each show so that we can keep our shows family-oriented and meet visitor expectations."

They have me wondering what is their idea of small percentage. I say so because I counted 34 tables, out of a supposed 200 table at the show (or 17% of the tables), that were selling items that were not firearms, firearms accessories or ammo and also were not knives or other sporting goods. Those were things like handbags, some sort of water repellent for shingles, coins, Christmas trees (no trees on display but a sign said that they were for sale), nick-knacks, hats, paintings, and other items. Then there were at least 4 to 6 tables that had nothing on them except signs saying they were being held for Saturday & Sunday (we were there on Friday, first day of this 3 day gun show).

This was not my idea of a gun show that I could appreciate. Apparently it was not Brendan's idea of a good show either. So, we left after only about 30 minutes of being inside. Now mind you, while I was not happy about having to take the for sale sign off of my guns (especially since they allow attendees to sell guns there), I was not upset about it, as I said - their show - their rules. Yet, it definitely was one of my reasons to leave early. I mean, why stay trying to sell a gun that I could not let other people know I was selling by way of a for sale flag! It seemed pointless to walk around with it slung over my shoulder while others would have no idea I was trying to sell it. Regardless of that, in my opinion this still wasn't a show worthy of our time or our money as I explained with the other reasons described above. I mean, if I want to waste my and Brendan's time at least we could be doing it having fun at home and maybe drinking a couple of beers or we could be somewhere else that bored us no end like this show but that I did not have to pay a $10 a head entry fee just to be able to waste our time. So out the door we went without selling my rifle and without spending the money from such a potential sale, or from within my pockets, on any items at this show.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, November 28, 2019


The dog was walked at about 0610, a two mile jaunt. Happy Thanksgiving wishes texted to family in NY at 0730. Breakfast cooked, served and eaten by my son and I by 8. Dishes washed. Other preparation for dinner made. Happy Thanksgiving message sent to former coworkers at 0930. Stuffing completed, turkey stuffed by 1030. Turkey in the oven at about 11. Drinks in there sometime. Organs boiled by 1130 to be fed to dog over next few days although I may gobble down the liver. Extra stuffing fried in pan with hard cider added, eaten at noon. Turkey tented by around same time. Dog walked again, maybe 3/4 of a mile. Dishes washed by hand again and others in dishwasher as well by 1230. Sitting down taking a break and my son is watching football at 1300.

It's about time I wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving for you, your families and loved ones as well. Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your bounty whatever it may be.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Oh Henry

In my opinion, what almost ruined my Christmas spirit this year was this linked article and the leftist balderdash contained therein:

It was written by whom I think is a seemingly leftist anti-gun reporter and is a piece about the Henry Repeating Arms' U.S. Survival Rifle AR-7, a semi-automatic rimfire survival rifle and about an email for it. He was supposedly nauseated by a Christmas holiday promotion email that Henry Repeating Arms allegedly sent to him reference said rifle.

The rifle in question was meant to be a survival rifle. I own one and I am also quite experienced with firearms (both shooting them and as a firearms instructor and armorer) and I can tell you that using this rifle for more than a last ditch survival rifle or as a plinker would be a risky stretch of its capabilities at best in something like a self-defense scenario. While it could be used, as could any other firearm that actually is capable of shooting live ammunition, in an emergency for self defense it would be a poor choice indeed as a primary self defense weapon. That is due to the caliber, 22 LR, and the inherent rate of failures to fire of 22 rimfire ammunition. In addition, while someone could use it on a violent rampage - just as they could any other firearm or a: can of gasoline & matches, Molotov cocktail, IED, knife, machete, baseball bat, truck, car or whatever - it never was meant to be and is not very suitable, if at all so, as a so called assault rifle. Even under the anti-gun auspices of the so called NY SAFE Act - it is not considered an assault weapon. It's magazines hold a total of eight (8) rounds each and as I pointed out they are of the 22 rimfire variety.

Yet,the author of the article seemingly strongly implies it to be some sort of assault weapon capable of turning the wanna-be mass murderer type into someone who can sneak it into a school or theater and use it to kill "...large groups of people instantaneously". Don't believe me, think I am stretching it - read the article and look at the photographs that accompany the article (then look at Henry's Website and tell me where was the AR-7 among those pictured in the article).

The article, I believe, only goes to help prove a point that gun enthusiasts have been making for years: The left does not want common sense or reasonable gun control - they want to eliminate all guns. In essence, they are attempting to do so by eliminating one class at a time and expanding that class of firearms by adding on additional ones that were never before considered to be problematic in an evil weapon sort of way. Now, thanks to the author of the article - my guess is that many will probably consider the AR-7 to be an evil assault weapon capable of turning even the meekest or looniest among us into a raving lunatic mass murderer.

I don't know which political party to which you belong or what is your stance on gun control versus gun rights but reporting such as that should offend you since it evidently assumes, as I see it, that the reader is an uninformed idiot. I mean think about it - when is the last time you heard of someone using an AR-7 in a mass murder? Sure, it's possible but not likely; yet, I'm almost willing to bet someone on the left of the mentally twisted variety, I pray not the reporter himself, is hoping that someone with a demented mind and a Henry U.S. Survival Rifle AR-7 will try using one in a mass murder attempt before Christmas - that is now that what I consider to be this media monster has planted his evil seed.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Thanksgiving Dinner Is In The Pantry... to speak. I just got finished shopping. I went to Wally World (figured I'd save some cash) and I got most everything I need. Picked up a 17 plus pound frozen turkey, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, aluminum roasting & casserole pans; sliced almonds to add to my stuffing (still need some special bread for the stuffing); biscuit dough; flour, shortening & tart apples for a pie (no sugar, just apples and spices as filler); chocolate chips for toll-house cookies; already have other veggies (frozen but what the heck); I still need beer and booze - I asked my son to pick up some vodka and I will get the beer, probably Spaten lager. Of course, I also have a bottle of Kirschwasser around here somewhere and that will most likely be the drink of choice to go with the beers after dinner (and maybe before dinner too). If I am lucky, Brendan will bring along some venison from the doe he shot. He got his first ever deer this year, in AR; gotta love it especially if it winds up on the dinner table for Thanksgiving!

Now I need to look up how long it takes to thaw a 17 plus pound turkey in the fridge.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Are The Impeachment Hearings Over?

Has President Trump been hung or otherwise executed yet? Are the Demoncrats finally satisfied? Can we move on with our lives? The answer to all of those questions probably is a resounding no because even if the hearings are somehow over in the House, they will continue in the Senate if their is a House vote for impeachment. I truly believe that if the leftists, libturds and a great majority of democrats had their way, President Trump would be long buried already or more likely his body would have been desecrated and left somewhere to rot in public view along with the bodies of his family members and those in his administration loyal to him and to the Constitutional Republic known as the U.S. of A!

At times, I almost feel as if it might be a good thing if he was not president but only in as much as this shit from the left would come to an end but whom am I kidding - I know it won't stop until their is a takeover of our country by leftist tyrants and then there will be a civil war (or should be one). No, I do not really hope for Donald trump to be out of the White House, in fact I am looking forward to voting for him again and to putting an end to the incessant extremism of the leftists in this country who would topple him (those in both the Democrat and Republican parties). This man has done more to improve our nation and the lives of every citizen in it than any president within my life time - much more by far. All those on the left have done as of late is to try to destroy him for his having made our country a truly better place to live and enjoy our liberties, rights and freedom.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, November 22, 2019

I've Always Wanted A Beretta Shotgun...

..and someday, if I hit the lottery, maybe I'll be lucky enough to own one like this:

It's a Beretta SO10EELL, available in 410 bore, 12/20/28 gauge. In the three larger gauges, its MSRP is a mere $95,880.00, in 410 it goes up a bit to $99,900.00. It comes with the opportunity for the customer to specify the engraving pattern of his choice and then about 300 hours of painstaking skill to make it look as good - or maybe even better tough I don't know how - than the one pictured. That is one exquisitely crafted and beautiful gun.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

It Gives Vodka A Bad Name...

...but it does get the point across pretty well. 

A hat tip to Mike G for the pic.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Air Speed Velocity Of An Unladen Swallow - Just In Case You Were Wondering

The air speed velocity of an unladen swallow, of the European variety, has been approximated to be 20.1 mph. That of the African Swallow (actually the South African Swallow) has not been determined and that's the bottom line in answer to the all time question of all questions!

If you were wondering about the second question of all time question of questions - whether or not a swallow can carry a coconut: Hypothetically, a European Swallow would be able carry a coconut (the world's smallest was somewhat over 3 ounces) from the tropics to England.

Just in case you doubt me, here is the so called evidence:

You just gotta love the information available on the Internet! Better yet, you have got to love Monty Python and their blockbuster movie Monty Python And The Holy Grail. The lasting effect this movie has had on folks has been tremendous as evidenced by someone answering the questions - of an unladen swallow's air speed velocity and answering the question as to whether or not a swallow could carry a coconut - in July 2019, some 44 years after the movie first debuted in 1975. If you have not seen it and want a laugh - watch it; if at least one or two things in it don't make you laugh hysterically - something is wrong with you.

All the best,
Glenn B 

The air speed velocity of an unladen swallow, of the European variety, has been approximated to be 20.1 mph. That of the African Swallow (actually the South African Swallow) has not been determined and that's the bottom line in answer to the question of all questions!


If you were wondering about the second question of all questions - whether or not a swallow can carry a coconut: Hypothetically, a European Swallow would be able carry a coconut (the world's smallest was just over 3 ounces) from the tropics to England.

Just in case you doubt me, here is the so called evidence:


Sunday, November 17, 2019

Police Respond To Bullshit...

...or should I say rabbit droppings. What a waste of law enforcement resources, the officer's time, the suspects' time all for what - to answer a totally ridiculous complaint over what the officer called someone being weirded out because of a RABBIT. 

If they want to investigate anyone, they should be seeking to investigate the person who made the call with the goal of charging that person with making a bogus 911 (or other call) to the police about this. I am pretty sure this would not happen in my current state of residence Texas (except maybe it might happen in Austin from what I've heard about that burg) but it comes as absolutely no surprise that it happened in my former state of residence NY (Cuomoistan). Personally, I think the officer was less than sensible in asking them for ID when he instead should have been seeking out the asshole who made the complaint, ID'ing that person and reaming her a new one to assure such a call is not placed by that arsehat again in the future. Then again, I suppose though, maybe he was just following orders or protocol and if so I suppose one can feel sorry for him having to handle a case of rabbit pellets - oh what a world!

I mean - can you actually imagine having the mindset that led to some douche bag calling the police about the rabbit! It's got to be a libturd thing, that is thinking the police need to be called to protect you from someone and their pet rabbit.
All the best, 
Glenn B

Friday, November 15, 2019

Think Drugs Or Booze May Have Play A Part?

I think there is a good chance that both drugs and booze were in play when this video was made. Then again, maybe it was just the gene pool; this guy is a potential candidate for a future Darwin Award.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, November 14, 2019

I Always Thought He Was Saying Secret Asian Man...

...even though I knew he was singing "Secret Agent Man"! It's just that I heard it as Asian not agent - that's been a problem with me since I was a young kid, not so much a hearing problem but I think a perception problem of what I am hearing. Anyway, it's always been one of my favorite songs, at first for the show Secret Agent:

...and now for this video Secret ASIAN Man:

Of course the babes in the show and in the video have nothing to do with my liking either one (yeah right)!

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Today Is That Day...

...and I almost missed it except for Fred M having posted the video on his Facebook page. A hat tip to him for reminding me it's Felix Unger Day!

One of the best classic television series of all time to date!

All the best,
Glenn B

A Blog-List Update

Long overdue has been an update to my blog-list and I suppose that even though I added one new blog to it today - a general overhaul remains long overdue. Eh, later for that. For now let me present you with te latest addition to the blog-roll:

Filthie's Thunderbox

An interesting and commiserating view from north of our borders and to be more specific from the western side of our northern border. Yes, humanity in Canada is under attack by the libturd left just as here in the US of A.

By the way, I listed the blog under the header:  Take A Shot With These Shootist Bloggers, Not At Them

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

I Found An Intruder In My Apartment...

...two days ago. Actually Skye, my mongrel, found him and she was trying to catch it when I noticed it. After a bit of a chase by both of us, I was able to grab hold of it and prevent Skye from catching and gobbling it down. Then the ungrateful bastard turned around and chomped down on my finger. As you can see, it refused to let go.

 Hell, it even held on when I opened the patio door and placed my afflicted finger next to a bush. After maybe 30 seconds outside though, it got the idea, released its grip and scampered off.

Cold enough to freeze the morning dew, what a temperature drop.
The funny thing is, last night, I found him again (and yes this time I saw him first) as he scampered into my living room from the kitchen. At first, I tried to catch it again but after almost knocking a bunch of stuff off of my work table, I figured what the heck, I'd let it stay. Hopefully Skye won't spot it, chase it, grab it and devour it. If that does not happen, the eating of the anole that is, then I will have done the little bugger a big favor because while it was in the low to mid sixties here yesterday morning, it was 24 degrees Fahrenheit when Skye and I went for our morning walk today at about 0730. (How I wish that was our regular walk time, she usually has me up at o600 give or take 15 minutes or so and this morning she got me up at 4 so she could go out to pee. but at least she wakes me instead of dousing the carpet.)

Anyway, the anole stands a decent chance at surviving now that it is inside - that is if Skye does not catch it. I have to wonder how it got inside in the first place. It is the fifth time I've found a lizard in the apartment; the first three times they were small geckos and the last two they were anoles. Add to that the five or six wasps I have found in here and the conclusion is there is an easy way in for them somewhere. I figure under my front door that is somewhat rotted at the bottom, in through the a/c vent or in through the dryer vent. of course, they could come in when I sometimes leave my back door open for fresh air or maybe even just when I open and close either the front or back doors when coming and going. At least I will not have to worry about bugs for now; anyway, it's more than  likely the anole will starve as I have not seen any bugs except those wasps, a few ants now and then and two roaches (big ones) when I first moved in. That is, it may starve unless I can catch the little booger. if I catch it, I will set up a temporary terrarium for it and take care of it over the winter. Some crickets and wax worms now and then from a local pet shop will do it just fine.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, November 11, 2019

Happy Veterans' Day

My thanks to all of you who have served in our military, especially to those of you who are veterans of foreign wars. I hope your day today is an especially nice one.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Real Man Versus Wussy

I don't know that President Trump actually used the word bitch but the implication was certainly there. Undoubtedly, the way he approached and handled it was much better than the way Obummer President Obama did it with bin laden. Obummer President Obama gave bin laden a burial at sea to not piss of the Islamists! Amazing how Obummer President Obama bowed to just about anyone in the world except to the citizenry of the US of A. On the other hand, President Trump has made it clear - he is out to get not just this leader but to destroy ISIS.

Then there is this difference between Obama and Trump - the "I" factor - just listen to how many times in this speech, about killing bin laden, Obama takes credit by sayin 'I did this' or 'I did that':

Obummer President Obama essentially said "I" got bin laden and said it that way more than once. That 'I did it thing' was his way of claiming credit for almost everything that just about anyone else in his administration did that he thought deserved credit. Of course, he gave that credit only, or the great majority of times, to himself. 

Now listen to the difference when a real man gives credit:


While President Trump takes credit for the economy (and so he should) I do not think I have heard President Trump ever repeatedly touting 'I' (as in how he) got this bum but rather has been giving credit to our military as he well should do. yes, he did repeatedly say this demon was one of his priorities but the credit he gave was to us, we, the USA our military and so on.

All the best,
Glenn B

Looks Almost Real Enough To Me - Man Are They Idiots

Watch the video at the link below. Then either laugh your arse off or barf if you are squeamish at the sight of blood while watching two idiots playing a new form of Russian roulette! Mind you, it apparently is a video of someone shooting someone else so it may not be for everyone to watch (then again it may well be faked). 

Listen to me folks, just because I posted the video here does not mean I advocate this type of sick behavior - if real or faked. I posted it here to give an example of how sick the scum out there can be (please don't tell me you think them to be fine upstanding citizens). Let's face it - if real it is obvious why they are sick arsehats. However, if faked, they are sick scum for posting it where kids may view it then try to copy it in real life thinking somehow it was cool. 

I strongly suggest that if you ever feel like you want to do this or something similar - you should seek mental health help immediately. This is not a good thing, not a fun thing, and certainly is only something a mentally ill person, or someone whacked out on drugs, would do.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

I Voted... Texas today - first time vote after moving here. Almost missed my chance but realized in the nick of time that the polls were about to close. Got to my polling place with about 3 minutes to spare and got my ballot in the box.

So, I have cast my first ballot here in Texas and am quite happy about that. I wold have been kicking myself in mine arse had I missed the opportunity only to wait until next year. I feel that voting is one of our most important responsibilities as citizens. I believe our other great responsibility is taking the liberty to exercise what I find is our most important right - keeping and bearing arms. Both go a long way to keep down the tyrant but ultimately only one will put him down when he raises his ugly head and tyranny reigns.  

All the best,
Glenn B

Great Galloping Gobs of Gasoline

I don't know what triggered it but the gas station right across the street from my apartment complex raised the price of a gallon of gas by 0.13 cents per gallon today. Yesterday it was $2.179 (effectively $2,.18) per gallon - today the price is 2.309 (effectively $2.31) per gallon. Now, for my Toyota Corolla that means about $135.oo more per year if it stays there and if I by jst about two full tanks per week. I can't imagine what that means for a large SUV or pick-up truck.

What is Hades made the price jump that much overnight is beyond me; suppose I should check the news and see if Saudi Arabia had some wells bombed again. Then again, I just saw gas for $2.099 at Murphy's and I topped off my tank just in case theirs goes up as well.

All the best,
Glenn B

Even Better Than The Great Oz - And He's No Fake

Trump Thunderstruck from Mr Smith on Vimeo.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, November 3, 2019

The Not So Great White Hunter...

...looked far:

...then looked wide:

...but all he saw amounted to the byproduct of a lump on a log and...

...a warning of what would happen should he devour them.

 Man, was it hot as hell for deer hunting considering he was dressed for colder weather. As for that deer, for all the hunter knew, the deer died of heatstroke and this was all that remained after just a few hours in the sun. The hunt started off at about 34 degrees F on Saturday morning, the first day of the regular deer season in Texas. Then the temp went up almost 30 degrees to 63 (in the shade) and probably several degrees warmer in the sun. The hunter hunted a few hours in the morning, saw  total of a single deer hoof print. He had to find a place with more sign at least; so, he moved to another place in the same WMA - one he had scouted last week. At the second place, he saw a lot of deer tracks, a couple of scrapes and some Raisinets deer droppings but that was it. The only wildlife the hunter saw were crows - a lot of them, and some sort of weird looking frog. It seemed the crows were following him as he walked through the woods; he got to thin king maybe they weren't crows, maybe they were vultures seeing a potential opportunity.

The hunter sat down and rested his aching back (great time for the back to act up) and passed out in the mid afternoon sun. He awoke maybe an our at most later and was hot as hell and sweaty. He decided to call it quits. He'll be back at it in December when it should be somewhat cooler. Being dressed for 34 degrees, then winding up in the sixties was too much for him even though he took off almost everything he had been wearing to stay warm earlier. He's going to have to get used to it if he stays in TX.

All the best,
Glenn B